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    5 years ago

    Oh, hey! I just realized I've already gone from "obese" to "overweight" on the BMI scale. If anyone wants to see where they're at just click on:

    I'm not sure it's all that helpful, since it rates me at a normal weight between 132 and 171, but nonetheless I'm happy to see I'm headed in the right direction, lol!

  • First Things First

    5 years ago

    Just made the "Carrot Cake" from the juicing recipes here. Fantastic. Who knew sweet potatoes (actually yams right now) could taste so good juiced! So I have to share:

    6 carrots

    2 sweet potatoes (or yams), peeled

    2 red apples

    dash cinnamon

    It's a bit sweet, but I'm making this once a week for sure! : )

  • First Things First

    5 years ago

    So in seven days, I lost 13 pounds! Crazy. I've been just buying whatever looks colorful and healthy and juicing it all together, thinking I could down anything. But this last batch was particularly awful, so I'm thinking about changing my approach to tried and true recipes. I'm pretty sure some stuff is just not going to taste good juiced, period! So maybe one small glass a day of horrid but healthy, then the rest of the time some tastier juices. Time to search around. I'd love to hear some of YOUR favorites!

  • First Things First

    5 years ago

    Thanks, dreamtobethin-- for checking in on me : ) I'm doing great! It's day four, so not feeling the burst of energy everyone talks about, but I weighed on the morning of day 3 and found I had lost 9 pounds. NINE! Unbelievable. THAT's motivation. I'm so pleased with myself, lol! I decided on a name change that reflects my motivation a little better. There are lots of things I'd like to work on in my life, but I really feel like getting control over my eating is the first step.

  • dreamtobethin

    5 years ago

    Good Luck Belly Flat ! How's it going so far? Let us know.

  • First Things First

    5 years ago

  • First Things First

    5 years ago

    Hi everyone in webland! Today's the day-- after reading Dreamtobethin's journey, I decided to weigh myself (haven't done THAT for years!) and make an official goal. I'm 5' 11", and weigh 220 lbs. Ugh. 75 pounds is my goal. Doesn't seem possible, but some of you'all have done it, so why not me? It's time. Time to get healthy and (I like how Dreamtobethin put it...) come back to the person I am. Thanks in advance for any advice/encouragement!


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  • Daily Support Group

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    Join here if you are looking for daily support and a place to share your experience with juicing!

  • BRING IT! Welcome to a 30 day juice fest!

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    Latest activity: 01/28/2015 01:04 PM

    This is a journey I must travel alone but I would welcome the support of anyone that would like to join me in this endeavor. I juiced for 5 weeks in October of '12 and upon completing this feat I dove, head first, into all the food that I should not eat and ended up with a plethora of medical issues that has hindered my life since then. I have brought most of them under control but need to reboot and make the final commitment to do this and do it right. This will be hard, this will be fun but in the end it will be the best reward you could give yourself.

  • Juicing for Newbies! Starting 02.13.14

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    Starting my first juice cleanse. Would love for some other people who might be starting their first journey join this group so we can keep each other motivated, talk about our experiences, share recipes, etc.! I want my own little juicing community family!

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