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  • About: I live in Norwood, MA married with two children. My oldest daughter is in college at culinary school and my youngest son is in H.S. I'm 48 years old and I recently lost 110 lbs. I work full time, but am very active in the community. I am a soccer referee and a board member. I have a great support system with my wife and friends As an older man I am feeling more aches and pain lately, and I kick myself every day for letting the last 20 years of being overweight steal the most precious times I could have had spending time with my children. Every time one of them asked me to go out and shoot some hoops or kick the soccer ball around, my response was I'm too tired. Boy if I could take those years back! But now I realize if I don't do something now, they might not even have a dad any more. I said it's now or never, I believe it's not too late and I'm determined to work through it and hopefully, when I get to my goal I won't be feeling those aches & pains and I'll be able to spend more time with my children, like I should have for the last 20 years. And hopefully, I'll be around to have the fun I should of had with my children, but with my grand kids if any are in the future. Thanks and good luck to all who are determined to live a healthier life. Peter
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: Because I want to cleanse my body and use my energy for moving around easily and not lifting the fork to my mout.
  • Favorite Juice? V8
  • Food temptation? Cakes
  • Birthday: Jun 11

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  • LorEng

    5 years ago

    Great story! I am inspired by looking at your photos. I, too, want to be around to see my 16-year-old grow up. The thought of missing out on the years he has ahead of him is a HUGE motivator! I look forward to the days when he has a family of his own. I want to be around - and HEALTHY - to enjoy it all.

    We can't take back the years we've missed, but we can make the most of each day we have from now on. Knowing that we "shoulda, coulda, woulda" will make our victories just that much more meaningful!

    Best of luck, health, and happiness to you and your family this coming and following years! Years you WILL get to see because of the positive changes you've made!

  • Choose to be Great

    5 years ago

    Hi Paul!! Your story is truly inspiring, I am the same age but have a 4 and 8 year old. I am glad to see that you are also in MA somehow it makes the journey more real to know that someone not to far from home accomplished what I am about to try.


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