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  • Day two Reboot (12/12/12)

    Started by EtherRael, Last reply by EtherRael on 2012-12-15 17:15:02

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    I am glad to be part of the community, and am looking forward to a more lean and mean me. First night experienced a mild headache, but woke refreshed and drank down my breakfast juice in a hurry. The lunch one also went down quickly. I am writing this post while drinking my day two meal.

    So far I feel good and although just hearing food mentioned in the background on the TV makes my ears perk, I have remained cheat free from what is prescribed; fruit and veggies.

    Here is what I have found interesting and maybe helpful to those of you that are still in the beginning stages of your own Reboot. First off, adding small amounts of SEA SALT not ionized, and a sugar free, zero additive pepper sauce will add just enough texture and body to your non-mostly fruit juices.

    Also, I am very amused to now see my fridge look like a small garden with all the variety of different greens, and fruits about. I never thought I would say that my "fridge is full of veggies".

    Another thing that helps me when I feel strong cravings is to drink room temperature water. At least 16-20 oz.(500ml) Also, one of the quickest ways to fall off your reboot is not having items prepared for use when you are hungry. It will be the time you are most likely to cheat and just grab something quick to satiate your appetite. I suggest the following; Make your dinner juice in evening, but make enough so that you have a half serving or more for the next day. Also do your breakfast juice in the evening. Have it poured in your favorite container and waiting for you when you wake in the morning. If time allows make your lunch and go about your day. The added juice from the night prior can be used as a mid-day snack or in a pinch and if you have enough just make it your lunch. Repeat all that again during the leisure time of your evening.

    Juicing can be least with me it is. So I like to try to make a lot of juice at one time then store it for use later. That eliminates a lot of the excuses for why you could not keep it going.

    Since I am a NOOB at this, if anything I stated above is incorrect or maybe suspect on a proper way to Reboot, by all means let me know.

    Look forward to keeping you all posted on my journey, and blessings out to all of you!


  • Using Kale, and Having it taste good

    Started by EtherRael, Last reply by EtherRael on 2012-12-17 23:15:44

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    Okay, I've seen a lot of people post their dislike for Kale so here is MY recipe that will knock your socks off and will inspire you to use it more often in different ways.

    Juice the following:

    2-Kale leaves and stems
    1- Granny Smith Apple
    1- Pear
    1- cup of pressed baby spinach (pressed meaning you need to push with fingers till it fills a cup)
    1-handful of grapes
    3-large chunks of pineapple
    1/2- cup of coconut water


    If you do not have coconut water do not sweat it, tastes same with or without. I just add to get more Vitamin C and Electrolytes.

    Please try it as the recipe states you won't regret it. Will yield about 20 oz. of juice.



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