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  • About: I am a retired hospital chaplain, Unitarian Universalist congregational minister; former investigative reporter & congressional correspondent; former advertising copywriter & features photographer . Currently, I am a certified hypnotist, medical hypnotherapist, Quantum Touch practitioner and certified Dream Coach & DC Group Leader; Art of Spirituality workshop leader, & freelance writer. Clay artist & exploring mixed media art. Born & raised in New York City's Upper Westside. Adventuring thru life with my husband, 2 sons & grandtwins.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting; I finally understood that at my core I had a phobia about being "in a body," and would experience growing anxiety as the dieting brought unwanted attraction to my body. I was living from the neck up in a 5'9+" body; a personality immersed in spirituality, intellectual pursuits, an extrovert who excelled at teaching, preaching & entertaining. I knew, by training, that phobias are very treatable, so I embarked on a process of extinguishing my body-loathing. I began at almost 300 lbs. I committed to having the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery on 2/13/03. In March, 2003 I began weight-bearing training with a ct. fitness trainer at a nearby gym 1hr. twice a week & cardio work outs :30, 3xweek. I lost my interest/cravings for food and ate a protein-focused diet with veggies & fruit. I will have a taste of a particular dessert if I'm curious, but that doesn't lead to a craving. I stabilized at size 10-12. BUT, with all the nutritional supplements I take, I have, in the last 4 years, watched my midriff thicken, plaque psoriasis worsen, nails become brittle & ridged, depression & social isolation become chronic, and going to sleep later and later. I have asked my physicians about this and they usually say it's part of aging; but, I have countered that my body is trying to get help. At most they focus on stress reduction techniques, which I use. Now, despite calcium & raw vit. D, my bone scan last month showed osteopoenia in my hips!!! I was sending up a prayer/intention for finding the antidote to my unhealthy feeling. 2 days ago, our son in Colorado dropped in via Skype holding a glass of green liquid and telling me about this documentary he'd watched on Netflix, "FAT, SICK & NEARLY DEAD," about how juicing was making people healthy. Luke is physically fit, but he'd returned home with a head cold/hangover after 5 days of heavy NYC clubbing with his musician friends (he's a drummer & drumset teacher) so he stqrted juicing and his head felt clearer, mind sharper, energy stronger, and he'd even lost a couple of pounds shoveling snow off his driveway. I immediately came to this website and watched the movie. YES! this was an answer, a way back to health. So here I am! Today, I hauled out of our garage a Nutribullit juicer still sealed in its original box. I'm getting ready to print out all the books I've downloaded. Tomorrow, I intend to have my first juiced meal!
  • Favorite Juice? Will let you know!
  • Food temptation? Maybe, Cape Cod reduced fat potato chips late at night; but it's not like the pre-RNY days, I'll pour some in a 10oz bowl & that's it because i eat very slowly & get full!

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  • Bariatric surgery reeboot

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    For anyone who has had weight loss surgery and ready to adopt the philosophical approach of Joe Cross. Also for general support with eating healthier post surgery.

  • First time juicers

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    Trying juicing for the first time. Looking for new juicers to take the challenge with me.


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