Elias Fenn

  • About: I began on Friday, April 3rd, 2015. I just want a healthier life.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: It is important for me to remember exactly who I was and how I was living when I first came here almost a year ago, overweight - depressed - hopeless - over emotional - body hurt - mind hurt - afraid of there being no way out - alone with my problem - no idea how to eat healthy. I was a total mess. I have to remind myself not to take our Sunshine Clubbe, our juicing path, and healthy eating for granted. Once things become more "routine" I think it is easy to take things for granted - like, "This is great, but what comes next?" For me that is sometimes part of how my tricky mind wants to distract me from what's already working. Get me looking around for "better ideas" and then I forget about what was working perfectly in the first place. Very grateful for the better life I have today!! I realized that the food I choose to eat or not eat doesn't have to be because - It is good for me or bad for me - I can have it or I'm not supposed to - It's my food or it's not my food - I'm on my plan or I'm off my plan. It really can't be any of those things because for me at least they all bring up a rebellious feeling. The better way for me to think about it is whether they are actually going to make me feel good or not so good - physically, mentally, emotionally. Instead, focus on whether it seems healthy - and how it will make me feel can make the effect of my juice or food more real.
  • Favorite Juice? Carrot, lettuce, nectarine, apple = amazing!
  • Food temptation? Anything my wife cooks. :)

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  • Elias Fenn

    1 year ago

    Well in 3 months I gained back 15 pounds. Gaaawk. Don't like that. Could have been much worse I suppose but I still don't like it. Today I'm on day 1/2 and I'm vegan / juice for now.

  • zeke8828

    1 year ago

    You dog u!!. How's everything Elias?

  • Elias Fenn

    1 year ago

    Hey there, Zeke - good to see you again. How's life - how's juicing?

  • Elias Fenn

    2 years ago

    June 16 - P3+ D2 - 258 - down 18.

    It's weird without the drops - just staying with the 900 cals / 30 carbs. IF eating at noon - 4p - 8p. It's working so far and I was able to do dance yesterday.

    Happy Friday, juiceheads! Grateful for the end of the week - grateful that I have a great juicing clubbe to come to for inspiration whenever I need. Grateful for wanting to take better care of my health - it's a journey and one that I'm getting better at one day at a time. Peace...

  • Elias Fenn

    2 years ago

    June 15th - P3+ D1 - 259 - down 17. Life is easier right now. Just trying to keep it simple.

    No drops today - staying at 900 cals / 30 carbs for 3 days then I am able to double cals.

    From today...

    Day is going well so far - got my nutrition planned for the day that things are going well. I was future tripping out (in not a good way) about a "maybe job thing" that may or may not be (obviously I want it) - where would I be without the positive people in my life who talked me through and now (for today at least) I'm focusing on what I already have and the many things I can be grateful for.

    From yesterday...

    Very busy day today - but I'm doing great on nutrition - and I'm not using being "busy" as an excuse to eat a bunch of stuff that is harmful to me. That was one of the biggest excuses I had back in the day. "Oh, I'm busy, I'll just grab something". "Oh, I'm tired, I need this to keep me going." What a bunch of craziness - honestly, it's delusional - a certain form of insanity. I was literally killing myself with toxic food and drink. The worst of it was about 10 years ago when I had no idea what I was doing. Then I slowly began to wake up and make changes - today = not perfect, but I'm doing better today than ever before.

  • Elias Fenn

    2 years ago

    June 10 - day 36 - 257 - down 19 - down 45 since the Sunshine Clubbe 2 years ago. Yeah these last 4 days have been kind to me (down 7). It has all been because I'm staying exactly with this HCG 2.0 plan (taking a break off juicing after 2 years). It's all low carb high protein which my body is responding too well. Not forever - but for today. On my good days I have 1000 calories of protein and up to 30 carbs of veggies. Although the last few days I've had 1,300 cals of protein and 10 carbs veggies. Whatever - it's working. I don't want to stray further from the path than that. No time to go rogue! Ha!

    Here's an earlier FB post. Great start to the weekend :) This morning turned out to be another 1.5 pounds lost and as I looked at the number I had a strange feeling - happiness - pride - security. I know without a doubt that 2.0 is working (no hunger, better nutrition, better support) and today I am able to stay with the recommended food plan without too much trouble. A week ago I was moments away from giving up ( I was saved by several awesome people in our group ) now in the last 6 days I've lost 9 pounds and am only 4 days away from completing my 40. Peace and blessings...

  • Elias Fenn

    2 years ago

    June 6 - day 32 - 264 down 12. Had a setback recently when I go discouraged and then ate the farm. I'm back on track and things are ok today. So easy to get discouraged and throw in the towel. But today, I'm doing well.

    Here's an earlier FB post. I was discouraged also - funny thing is that in 20 days I "only" lost 15 pounds. Then I "stalled" for 5 days and it became 20 pounds in 20 days. I was more frustrated - felt like a failure - and just said f*** this s*** - this isn't worth the trouble. So what did I do then? I went back to my old crappy food and gained 6 pounds in a week. Gaaak!!! Talk about self destruction. That is the messed up thinking that got me into trouble in the first place. Anyway - sanity prevailed and I'm back now with 2 days clean eating under my belt and I've already let go 2 of the 6 pounds I gained. HCG with low calorie/carbs works for me. For so many of us it is our minds that get us into trouble - and keep us in trouble - and it's our minds who are convincing us that we should give up and go back to our old ways. Keep the faith we're doing better than you realize!

  • Elias Fenn

    2 years ago

    May 23 - Day 18 - 263 - down 13. Very pleased with the slower results.

    Actually, I'm probably more like 261, but I'll let the scale decide for itself over the next few days. Been eating well. Change to HCG 2.0 and went up to 1000 calories protein - 30 carbs veggies and feel fantastic. 500 calories was dumb - not for me. I don't care if the loss is slower this feels like something I can stay with. It's not a desperate struggle to get through the day and I'm grateful for that.

    People at work suck. I may delete this comment in time, but for now it feels good to say.

    I'm going to a noon ACA meeting today - no juicing happening right now, but I'll pick it up again when I get back from camping. I have more energy on juice, but it's just not fitting into my nutrition plan at the moment.

  • Elias Fenn

    2 years ago

    May 10 - P2D6 - 264 - down 12 - this is going to be a grind. :)

    I just have to find my rhythm and stay with it. Actually right now in this moment all is well. It's 9:15 am and I had my hot coco and am feeling awesome! Going to have a full meal in only 45 minutes. Feeling optimistic - even happy - life is good.

    Today =

    Having 20 drops 4 times a day and 64 oz hot tea.

    8am = MCT hot coco
    10am = protein - veggie - fruit
    4pm = protein, veggie, fruit
    7pm = MCT hot coco, wasa, 2 tbsp cottage cheese and onion

    MCT hot coco is 2 cups water, 1 tbsp MCT, 2 tbsp raw cocoa, Stevia, hot sauce, salt. Blend until frothy. Heat until steamy. Yum :) Also, could add more water and a decaf coffee packet - may try that tomorrow.

    p.s. my experiment yesterday of fewer drops more times a day was ridiculous - don't complicate this, dude

  • Elias Fenn

    2 years ago

    Life is good my juicing friends. On an alternate path for a while, but am looking foward to coming back to a reboot friendly life soon I hope. Got to keep things fresh - stay out of ruts - open to new ideas (juicing was a new idea once) - return to what works (juicing) - plan for a long healthy life - surround yourself with great people (YOU!!!). Very grateful for my healthier life. Peace and blessings...

    May 9th - p2d5 - 265 - down 11 - 16 x 5 a day. No loss today, but things feel on track. My time in the Sunshine Clubbe has taught me patience - what a gift. Here is an amazing hot coco recipe I taught myself last night.

    Last night I was mentally up against a wall - p2d4 and I was freaking out without my normal foods. By the grace of god I stopped long enough to put together a plan. 2 cups hot water - 2 tbsp raw cocoa - 7 packets stevia - a couple drops hot sauce - a bit of salt - 1 tbsp MCT oil - blend on high until frothy - heat it on the stove until steamy - what I got was the most amazing cup of spicy dark hot chocolate I've ever had. This morning + cofffee is going to be my new morning ritual coffee mocha. #backinthegame #lifesaver

    2 chicken - 2 apple - 2 lettuce - wasa - cottage cheese - 2 hot coco (with mct oil)

  • Elias Fenn

    2 years ago

    May 9th - 6 of 45 - VLCD4 - 265 (down 11 pounds). 20 x 4 a day. I was hopeful, but this is amazing. Yesterday, my pants actually fit better at the end of the day than from the beginning.

    Why is there so much negative stuff about this on the internet - I have to believe its from people who just haven't actually tried it and are just making up things to say. I have no idea, but at least for today it's working for me. :)

    200 grams of chicken - 1 egg plus 3 egg whites - 3 heads lettuce - 2 tbsp MCT oil - Wasa - 2 tbsp cottage cheese. Essentially, it's protocol but substituting the 2 fruit for the eggs and extra lettuce. Still comes to 500 cals.

    Was feeling really light-headed in the morning at work yesterday so I needed to make a bit of an adjustment. I'm hoping trading eggs for fruit will balance out my energy. That being said I'm not getting hit with ravenous hunger so the amount I'm taking evidently is correct and working.

    2 chicken - 5 lettuce - wasa - cottage cheese - 1 hot coco (with mct oil)

  • Elias Fenn

    2 years ago

    May 8th - 5 of 45 - 269 (down 7 pounds). Okay making progress. Life is good - strange to be on this "non-juice" food plan. Actually, it's f**** weird not eating or drinking juice. Need to have my morning tea as that will help. Glad that it's bringing results, but HCG is not a lifetime plan so I know that whenever I am done I will be immediately transitioning back to reboot friendly and juice. Can I do 45 days? That would be crazy. The thought of losing 30 pounds is what is motivating me - no doubt, but I do miss my juice and veggies a lot. I'm glad for our juicing clubbe that inspires me to live a healthier life. Peace.

    2 chicken - 2 apple - 2 lettuce - 2 melba



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