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  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: Today I & the hubs are recommitting to juicing. I've been a juicer for the past couple of years. But because the hubs cholesterol numbers came back very high, I am recommitting and helping him get healthier. My best friend in life has finally asked for my help. Up until now, he thought juicing was for sissies & wanted nothing to do with it, no matter what I tried to do. Unfortunately, he & our family was given a dose of reality. I want my partner, by best friend for ever, how ever long forever is. He is to young to die (55 years old), and I am to young to be a widow. There is no room for negotiations any longer. Period.
  • Favorite Juice? carrot, lemon, yellow beet, red pepper & tomatoe
  • Food temptation? Hubs-Anything Bakery, Me -Potatoe Chips
  • Birthday: Jul 21

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  • Today is the day!

    Started by dzyjne, Last reply by hawkeyeui93 on 2012-07-30 09:27:02

    Number of Replies: 10

    Today is the first day of my new life! I have my veggies, fruits etc...a fabulous juicer and am ready to reboot my life!! I have very excited to begin!! I am 51 years old and wish to drop 50 pounds the right way! Hello everyone from the U.S.!

  • Day 2 and lovin it!

    Started by dzyjne, Last reply by dzyjne on 2012-08-03 12:55:19

    Number of Replies: 21

    Well, its day 2 of my juice fast and I love it! I watched the video once again and it inspires me even more!!

  • Day 3!

    Started by dzyjne, Last reply by dzyjne on 2012-08-01 18:57:13

    Number of Replies: 11

    Its day 3 and all is good in the land of the juice!

  • Day 4 and still lovin it!!

    Started by dzyjne, Last reply by dzyjne on 2012-08-02 08:50:07

    Number of Replies: 1

    Today I begin my exercise routine. I wanted to see during the first 3 days how my body would adjust to just juicing. I will first start with the Treadmill! Then on to the eliptical later this weekend...My husband made the comment to me last evening, "wow its 10:30 pm and you?re not asleep!" (my usual late evening routine on the sofa watching television). This morning he mentioned, he didn?t even hear me that?s progress!! Juice on world! Here I come!!

  • Day 7 and 5 lbs gone!

    Started by dzyjne, Last reply by CBBC on 2012-08-14 01:11:19

    Number of Replies: 8

    Im on day 7 of my 15 day plan and I love it! I am combining exercise with the plan and so far so great!! This is the most weight I have lost in one week without feeling deprived or felt life I was starving! I plan to go beyond day 15 and incorporate this into my everyday life. Favorite drinks so far, watermelon, lime with a green apple and the green drink. Ive gone to the store twice to purchase kale and both times, the check out person has asked why so much kale? My reply..I juice it up!

  • The best place I have found to buy veggies

    Started by dzyjne, Last reply by DanMiller BettyRae on 2012-09-07 15:29:09

    Number of Replies: 5

    Hi there everyone!
    I have found through trial and error over the last month the best place I believe for green veggies and a few fruits. It seems when I go to my local market, which includes the health food store, my veggies seem to wilt, mold and spoil within a few days. I have found a place that supplies restaurants with quality cucumbers, firm tomatoes, carrots; lettuce, onions, etc., that literally do not spoil before I use them! My trips to the grocer are about every 10 days or so as a result!! The store! Gordon Food Service! Better known as GFS! Love!! love!!, love!! them!! Tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, onions, strawberries, spinach in large bags and quantities-they last all most 2 weeks without spoilage, wilting or mold!! Visit their website to learn where a location is near you!! While they dont sell kale, Im sure you will love GFS as much as I do!!


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