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  • About: I'm a 27 going on 28 year old, stay at home mom with a one year old. I've only lost weight twice my entire life and have doubled the amount put back on in half the amount of time. When I get motivated, I can make results happen but the motivated spells have gone longer and longer in between. I've lost weight twice my entire life. Once I stuck to just a reduced diet and a lot of exercise and had phenomenal success with that in just three months. Quit being so determined and before I knew it, a year later, had gained all fifty plus pounds back. I've tried Metabolic when I was going to get married. I had gained so much weight in less than a year form when I bought my dress, that I couldn't zip it up hardly at all. This program went on for 50 days and I did cut the weight and inches consistently to look good enough on my wedding day but once again, after such a restrictive diet, getting pregnant shortly after, having a c-section with a hard time healing (still having issues 11 months later that effects working out), Depovera shot mixed with depression, led to the biggest weight gain of my life...and now, here I am. I want to get this weight off to be able to become committed to getting fit without pain and never become this obese again. Enough is enough.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: I joined because I don't have anyone in my life that understands this process. Everyone seems to think I'm crazy and doing something unsafe. My husband tried it with me a few times but has not continued this long. I'm at my last resort health wise. I'm 5"8 and started at 280ish, the highest I've ever been. After six days and a ton of water weight that I didn't know I had, I am now weigh 268.2 in the mornings. I'm trying to go at least 30 days because I stay home everyday with my one year old daughter and therefore, shouldn't have any excuses not to (so my mind tells me). I would like to receive advice from people who have plateaued with their weight and what they did to get the scale moving again. If anyone has recommended recipes that aren't too strange I'd love to hear them. Assuming I make my goals, I am afraid of the upkeep that follows. When that gets closer, I welcome any simply ways to continue this new healthy lifestyle without feeling like I'm on a "diet" the rest of my life. I feel like I am learning how to eat and drink for the first time and I'm lost. I will most likely never turn vegan or vegetarian so how do you adjust for that without eating chicken and tuna every day the rest of your life??
  • Favorite Juice? Austrailian Gold: 1/2 pineappple, 1 gold pepper, 1 green pepper (I added), 1 lemon
  • Food temptation? Anything. Breads mainly

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  • Ann

    3 years ago

    Hi Dreiter, It appears that you are weighing yourself every day. If so, I would stop and do it once a week. That may be difficult, but you will cut down on the stress you are putting on yourself and probably lose more weight :) which is of course the goal. Stress is huge when trying to get healthier, it can actually make your plan backfire. So get rid of as much stress as you can. I had one week with ZERO weight loss and wanted to give up. But that's what I usually would do, so I just decided to keep going and then I lost another 4 pounds the following week. I am now down 25 pounds after 5 weeks of juicing (although I was doing a salad and juicing, now I have switched to just juicing)

    I also vary the juices I have everyday. My two that are everyday are green and carrot juice. Then I will do one or two of the following: apple only juice (any variety), Orange & grapefruit juice (1 bag of oranges & 2 large red grapefruit), beetroot with grapes and blueberries juice. I have tried cantaloupe only juice (okay, not my favorite) But I just keep trying new ones. Oh, one of the ones I loved was pineapple and strawberries juice. I put in the entire pineapple and 2 quarts of strawberries. It was awesome!

    Best of luck to you!

  • Dreiter

    3 years ago

    March 5, 2016 will be 50 days primarily juicing. I'm going on vacation to Vegas March 12-16 and want to readjust my digestive system to eating again so I figure two weeks should be safe right?Then, my plan is to come back and do another 21 days to help get closer to my weight loss goal. Currently on day 13, started at 280ish and now at 265. My goal is to get under 200, ideally 170. Is this obtainable at this rate? Usually been losing a half a pound a day.

  • Dreiter

    3 years ago

    Almost done with day 11 whoa. Come on 2 weeks! Feeling a lot better about it all today. Even trying to get my sister and nephew to try it for their sakes.

  • Dreiter

    3 years ago

    Completed day seven yesterday. Woke up to weigh today for day eight and absolutely no weight loss. Feel just really angry and depressed at the same time.

  • Dreiter

    3 years ago

    Been losing a pound a day on day four and five but only .4 for day six. ???


  • Light headedness

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    Normal after five days??

  • Reboot # 2

    Started by Dreiter, Last reply by Dreiter on 2016-01-28 21:11:38

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    Doing another reboot after get back from vacation


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    This group is inspired by all the amazing people I have met in this community who, like me, have or had 100 lbs or more to lose when starting this journey with our wonderful Joe Cross:) There are special challenges in this world for those of us who are "morbidly obese" and there are some incredibly inspirational people around here conquering those challenges every day. Come be inspired and inspiring!

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    New to Juicing? Veteran Juicer? All are welcome. Calling out to anyone who would like to join us in losing those extra pounds, keeping it off and celebrating this life like you have always dreamed of. You will find this group very approachable & friendly (most importantly non judgmental and supportive) with many veteran juicers as well as newbies, all in it together...juicing our way to good health and happiness! Here at Sunshine Clubbe we consider this a journey for life, not just another "diet plan" which will end one day. We are working towards a lifestyle change, so that we do not go back to our old eating habits and put back all the lost weight. We Sunshiners believe in spreading warmth...care...kindness...love and peace. We know we can do it. Lets do it together!!!

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    Lose 40 pounds or more in 2016. Plus go on to live a healthy lifestyle eating and exercising. Join our group to do a 5 to 30 day reboot. And continue on with this group for the support, sharing recipes and exercise encouragement for living a healthy lifestyle after your reboot. We can do this, 2016 is our year! -Lindy


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    Please join me for daily check-ins, support, & motivation. I am starting my self-transformation with this 60 day Juice Only Reboot then will transition into plant-based diet. Start anytime and let's post our progress. Count down with me!

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