Donna St. Marie

  • About: I have an outgoing personality and enjoy working out at the gym. I also enjoy going to the movies and now that I am retired, I can do the things that I have put on hold while I was working.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: So that I can start making healthier food choices..finally!
  • Favorite Juice? The Mean Green Juice..
  • Food temptation? Popcorn

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  • Donna St. Marie

    3 years ago

    Hi...i'm back! Still exercising and eating healthy....actually, it's the only way to go...take care!

  • Donna St. Marie

    5 years ago

    Feeling invigorated! Hi~ feeling the best that I have ever felt in a very long time...walking, working out at the neighborhood park district, and drinking my mean green juice! The best part is knowing that I am doing this for myself....and myself only....becoming healthier.....and another side perk is the weight loss! Who could ask for anything more?



  • Starting on or around May 1, 2014

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    Looking for anyone starting on about May 1, 2014, willing to give and receive support.


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