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  • Anna

    2 years ago

    Donna ~ this was me at the age of 59 when my husband and I first moved to Texas at my mom's house. Even though we drove down from Alaska, and I didn't work out for over a month, my weight still held. (I'm 103 here.) I got to this weight working out on a regular basis. When I hurt my back, I was ordered by my doctor to stop all exercise for several months. It was mainly strength training that got me back to the weight I was when young so I have to get back to exercising like I did. The combination of strength training and eating a vegan diet kept me small. I wish I had a book for you to follow, but it was the trainer's routine she gave me to do at gym that really helped.

  • Donna

    1 year ago

    You are an inspiration! I just might have to look into getting a trainer, at least in the beginning.


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