• Location: France
  • About: I'm Amandine, I'm 29 and I'm French. I live in the south of France.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: Eating is like a drug and I dive a little more each day in suffering, but today I decide to start my weight loss journey, I go to 105 kilos (231 lbs). This is a very hard fight I will wage against grease, against myself and against the society that considers me as unsightly. In fact I would just have the right to exist without one talks to me about my weight systematically.! I am a woman who hates, I always hid my discomfort behind my jovial air and a big smile every day I wear a face mask to others not to attract the pity of people. Food is a necessity in life, diet remains a primary need, but also a pleasure that brings people together, because it is common to all cultures. However, some people suffer from food addiction, which then becomes a dangerous defect. This is my case. The addiction to food (that is, the irresistible tendency to repeat the act of eating) is no different from being addicted to tobacco or alcohol. In the same way that heavy smokers or alcoholics, who can not resist the tobacco or alcohol, I am powerless over my addiction to the food, to the urgent need to eat exesive quantity (despite efforts to avoid this). This addictive pathology leads to obesity and poor health as well as a psychological hold. People like us must take control of our eating habits.
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  • Birthday: May 30

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