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  • dholwerda

    4 years ago

    Accountability Video Blog Is where i keep people updated on how I am doing in this Journey. The video is for me, other can just view it. I do them so I can keep on track and make this more then a secret thing. Uploading updates lets me physically see my progress and mentally make more then just about my own little world. Helps me keep my sights on the big picture.


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  • Men of the JUICE

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    This is a group for men and MEN only.......sorry laddies,were getting busy to get and stay looking great for ya!

  • Gentlemen Juicers

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    A site just for men - how non-PC!! But truth be told, we men have different challenges -not only how we deal with them and but how we share them with each other. Let's face it, we guys are wired just a little bit differently! Feel free to join this group as we journey through our individual juicing stories and share a few laughs along the way. Community support is key to the success of what we're doing!

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