Debbie T

  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: I need to be accountable for my weight loss. The guided reboot was the best gift I have given myself. My results with the first was amazing and praying the 30 day reboot proves to be just as amazing.
  • Favorite Juice? Un-beet-able
  • Food temptation? pizza

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  • Lindy

    3 years ago

    I took that picture in August 2015. I had filed for a divorce from my husband and restarted my Raw diet. We reconciled in October, however we have now filed for divorce in the courts and it will be final January 27th. I enjoy the Raw diet and want to remain on it as a lifestyle. I have recovered from all of my medical issues and on no meds now. I decided to start a 30 day reboot, and stay on my Raw/Warm Raw to lose the weight that I have gained through all of the stress of the last few months. I have a before picture I took around 1st of January I will match it up with an after picture when I reach my goal. I plan after my juicing to go back to a full raw/warm raw diet, I have taught myself to cook all of the wonderful dishes and enjoy them very much. I have also enjoyed creating hundreds of Raw recipes. I was on a Raw Diet for over 2 years and loved every day of it. After 4 deaths in our family since 2012, it has been pretty stressful. I'm left to care for my hundred-year-old grandmother and my 77-year-old mother that is in ill health. I'm sure it's a big contribution to my marital status now, however if I can be there for him in his times of need (Which are to numerous to count) he certainly should have been here for my times of need. Oh well! Life goes on!

  • Debbie T

    3 years ago

    You are one strong woman! You inspire me! To deal with all you've got going and holding your head high and keeping your health on tract also! I bow down to you! Really, marriage is the hardest commitment Ive ever made and its hard to let it go! Even when the cards are stacked against you. Sometimes you just need to rid ALL toxicity from your life. And YES, life goes on and opens so many other doors. So I raise my juice to you Lindy!! Juice on Girl!


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