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  • About: Hi my name is David and I am 40 years old I am 5'8" tall and weigh 260lbs and I feel horrible all the time. I want my life back but I am worried I will fail because of the strong erg to eat bad foods and I am very picky I hope I can do this.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: I am inspired by Joe and especially Phil.
  • Favorite Juice? Fruit
  • Food temptation? Fast food

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  • Athboy Rebooter

    5 years ago

    hi david , how did your day go today...i started at 273lbs so it will be fun to see what the scales tells me tomorrow thursday i didn't weigh today..you are on day 2 i think? these few days are the hardest my friend, i am now on day 10 and no hunger at all and have gotten used to the taste of the juice, just take it one day at a time,,when you get through one day look forward to the next, the evening was the hardest i found as i be sitting watching tv and a food add would come on and i would say i better make a sambo..and then the sudden STOP!!! lol actually i don't have the go for normal food now..it is like a dream it playing on my mind when i wake up and an hour later, i can not remember any of it...cooking in my kitchen was 10 days ago and seems like 6 months , i gave all my food to my brother so no Temptations lying round...bring your juice near you on you coffee table when watching tv and if you get the urge then drink a glass of it...when i dont like something i drink it all in one go [glass] so i wont have to sip it if i dont like it..but now i like it , i lost some weight from my tummy where i had most of it so i am happy with that...you in sunny California , wow well for you , some day i wish to see the Monument Valley in Utah, Grand Canyon in Nevada,and Montana and maybe ill stop by your house for a juice..lol ok enough about me..share with me how your day went. !! juice on, Ray

  • David

    5 years ago

    hi ray, i am doing okay today i have had some hunger pangs but i am pushing through them I'm sure it will get worse before it gets better. That's funny about food commercials I was doing the same thing last night and every channel had food on it it was driving me crazy but I moved on and made all of my juices after that for today. That is great how are feeling after ten days that gives me a lot of hope. The funny thing is today all of my co-workers are at a function where they are eating turkey sandwiches I am so glad i'm not there right now :) anyway if you are ever in San Diego Cali hit me up we can have juice together.


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    Go to juice right away

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    Download the 30day guide without paying

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    Substitution for Coconut Water

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    Is there a substitution for Coconut water

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    Food after Reboot is done

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    Diet After reboot

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    Measure Body Fat

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    Is okay to chew gum?

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    Why Hot Lemon Water

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    I am having a hard time

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