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  • Darrell

    3 years ago

    Can't reply to questions on my 60 day reboot story published back in 2012. The site will not allow me to login and stay logged in. Kicks me out...sorry. If anyones interested you can ask me here and I'll respond by message/email.

  • Darrell

    4 years ago

    Wow, what a horrible start to 2015. First I get the flu for a whole week...recover from that and the second week of January I woke up in the middle of the night with a horrible toothache. I'm finally back to "almost" normal...

    So close to my goal weight. I've transitioned into a mostly smoothie diet but still juicing too. Second day of drinking smoothies (which I've never done before). I researched a lot of blenders and finally pulled the trigger on a Vitamix. Not cheap but it's absolutely fantastic.....new territory for me and I'm trying to get up to speed on recipes.


  • eesrox

    4 years ago

    Hi Darrell,

    Any advice for a newbie...I'm struggling to get enough juice consumed in a day. I can tolerate most of the flavors but I just don't have the appetite. I literally gulp them down just to drink them. I'm sure this will pass just wondering how long...concerned it will adversely affect my weight loss. I've got a few pounds to lose! ;)

  • Darrell

    4 years ago

    Hi eesrox,

    It's really important to get at least 4 16 oz (or more) of juice a day. And I'd shoot for at least twice that much of water. I can remember on my 60 fast there were many times i didn't feel like drinking anything including water for a couple of days. Sometimes you have to force yourself. After several days of fasting, at least for me, the hunger feelings go away. This is when you may have to "force feed (drink)" yourself.

  • Kicky

    4 years ago

    Hi Darrell, I cook for my normal-diet husband too, and I don't mind a bit. I just made him egg McMuffins for lunch while re-heating my delicious homemade veggie chili for myself. Haha, I actually like it when he doesn't want to eat my stuff. I think "Good, more for me," because my foods are way more labor-intensive than his, lol. Congrats on your success!

  • Darrell

    4 years ago

    Day 8: I've been fighting a flu bug all week....finally feeling almost normal again. So, I've been asked about juicing when my wife is eating normal. This may sound weird but this is how I roll.....I cook for her. Right now I have a stew in the slow cooker. The house smells absolutely fantastic. The counter is stacked with kale, spinach and carrots. Apples and oranges in the fridge with some other greens, peppers, cabbage, and other stuff I'll "discover" tonight. So, there ya have it....

  • Darrell

    4 years ago

    Officially into 32 inch waist jeans ! There was a time in the not to distant past I wasn't able to squeeze into a 44 inch waist.

  • Marie

    4 years ago

    Congrats Darrell! Have you been on a juice only reboot? How many days have you completed. That is a huge and healthy change. Happy & Healthy 2015 to you! Marie

  • Kicky

    4 years ago

    Congrats Darrell! I'm impressed!

  • Darrell

    4 years ago

    Day 6 is a wrap. Energy level is skyrocketing which I was waiting for. I've done enough juice fasting that I pretty much know what's coming but it's always nice when it happens. I broke 210 by a few tenths of a pound. Next milestone will be to break 200 pounds.

  • Darrell

    4 years ago

    Day two of 30: After holding at my post 60 days fast weight (222) for over 2 years I started a 30 day fast yesterday. Dang, remembered everything except to weigh myself! So this morning I hop....well, ok, I didn't really hop, on the scale and I weighed exactly 217. On my 16th birthday I weighed 220. Haven't weighed 217 since the 9th grade. Let's see...that was like 44 years ago. Anyhow, my goal is 180 which I won't get to on a 30 day fast....and that's ok.

    Today I'm feeling the coffee withdrawal....knew that was coming. Hunger pains are ALMOST nonexistent....helps to have a clean diet going into a fast.

    A couple of years ago I started a 60 ffast the day after Easter. I knew I'd only be juicing so I ate myself stupid on Easter Sunday....and oh how stupid that was. Wished I knew then what I know now.

    Anyhow, I'll try to update a couple of times a week.

    Daily updates can be found here:


    Juice On !

  • Darrell

    4 years ago

    Day 1 of 30 is in the bag. Not feeling too bad :)

  • tin500

    4 years ago

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  • [...]

    4 years ago


    There is loads of support here if you are here to reboot.

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