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  • About: I am 36 years old, husband, and father of two young children. One is almost 3, the other is 10 months old. I live in Colorado Springs Colorado. For 36 years and 4 months, I have put the wrong things into my body. And gradually, my weight rose higher and higher, to my highest at 262. I decided living so my children could see me everyday, was better than them having to look at a picture of who their dad was. Diabetes runs in my family, and if I am going to break the tradition, I needed to change what I put in my body. Yes, I love food, and I'm addicted to it. I love how it tastes, but somethings are worth changing.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: I joined to share my story with like minded individuals, and get support thru this process. I started my juice fast on 11-16-2013. So far in 6 days I have lost 9 pounds. My short term goal, is a 57 day juice fast and loosing between 52-62 pounds. Maybe unrealistic, but we'll see what happens. Goal weight between 190-210. Anything in that range is a major win.
  • Favorite Juice? carrot/melon/cucumber/celery/kale
  • Food temptation? all food

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    Anyone is welcome, but especially if you live in Colorado. Juicing is great!

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