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  • On Day 3 of my juice cleanse...

    Started by danafromaustin, Last reply by danafromaustin on 2013-04-10 16:41:58

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    I can't believe how easy this has been overall. I was a fairly healthy eater before, so the detox hasn't been bad, just a bit tired. I started the juice reboot thinking 7 days would be a good start, but now I'm thinking 10 days or more.

    In the past year I've lost 95 pounds by eating low carb and low calorie, but my metabolism was just shot by eating so little, and I found the only way I could loose more (wanted to lose another 20 pounds) or even maintain was to keep eating practically nothing. As a result the scale started to climb again, and when all of my clothes started to feel tight I knew it was time to re-evaluate my diet. I watched the movie Hungry For Change and re-watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead again. As a result I had an epiphany and threw out all of my diet books and diet food, and bought myself a juicer. As of day 3 I'm down 6 pounds (I'm the queen of water retention). My plan after my juice reboot is to eat a mainly plant based diet; no more diet plans for me.


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