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  • Location: E1C 6N3
  • About: I guess I'm the classic cliche. Married with three kids and feel like I've hit the wall. Mid life crisis I guess but I can't afford to go out and buy a Harley Davidson. Job is stressful, generally feel like crap all the time. No energy for my kids and family. No energy or enthusiasm for anything really. Something's gotta change. Sick & tired of feeling sick & tired.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: Sick & Tired of being Sick & Tired.
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  • Food temptation? Chips & Beer
  • Birthday: Apr 24

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  • Daddy FattyPants

    5 years ago
    Hey I just earned the badge Moving Machine badge - Juice On!
  • Taylor0204

    5 years ago

    How is it going?

  • Daddy FattyPants

    5 years ago

    Going good. Dropped another couple of pounds. Still juicing during the day and then a plant based meal in the evening. Snacking on nuts and fruit. I find the Weekends tough. This past weekend was tough, what with all the Olympic Hockey.

    Hope all is well with you. Staying on Track?

  • Daddy FattyPants

    5 years ago
    Hey I just earned the badge Green Machine badge - Juice On!
  • Going Green

    5 years ago

    Mid Life crisis ? Yup , that seems to be the theme here at Reboot.

    I watched Joe's movie, and both my husband and I saw much of ourselves in it. No energy for months, working long hours, and of course eating late ( and not overly healthy). I am proud to say that we actually bought and juiced over 10 pounds of carrots the first week- I don't think I've ever eaten a 2 pound bag in a month ( unless I made carrot cake !!!) Healthy changes, even if it is small steps. We juice in the morning- one for the trip to work ( usually fruit based or smoothie) and a second ( vegi mostly) for lunch . Now my husband cant go without eating solids ( diabetic) so he has lunch and adds more roughage to it. We have dinner , but 3/4 of the plate is veg again. Now trying to get our son to eat anything green- well we may as well have 6 heads- but he will make his own smoothie for breaky.

    You can't do this alone, we all can't.

    So feel free to vent anytime

    Good luck !


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