• About: I am 56, a vegetarian, full-time working, single mother of three. I row in gig boats. I have had Hashimoto's since 2010. I do pretty well considering my Hashi's but do need to really look after myself - I've been gluten free for three or four years and barely drink any alcohol. I need a good 9-10 hours sleep a night to get through the day.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: I want to feel more energetic and to lose about 14lbs to get back to my pre-Hashi weight. I love juicing. Also I'm fed up of people saying you can't be veggie and get over Hashi's. I have been really fit all my life and am probably still fitter than most 56 yr olds without Hashi's so I know that's not true.
  • Favorite Juice? Kale, lemon, ginger
  • Food temptation? Chocolate!!!
  • Birthday: Apr 18

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  • PeterDavidson

    3 years ago

    My thoughts and best wishes are with you Colleen

    Kind regards Peter

  • Colleen

    3 years ago

    Day one - I weigh 11 stone and although healing my autoimmune disease is the aim I will be interested to see what I weigh at the end of this journey. I was 10stone before getting Hashis.

    Breakfast of Paleo pancakes and fresh fruit was good. Have my nuts, salad and juice all packed to go to work and dinner all ready to cook when I get home tonight. If i stay ahead and organised like this it will help me.


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