• About: I'm a 47 year old actor who has seen his weight slowly increase as energy levels decrease. Having watched FS&ND I've become intrigued by the whole concept and today placed a bid on eBay for a decent Sage juicer. I did this after weighing myself and being realistic in facing up to weighing 96.5kg. That makes me about 16kgs or so heavier than is ideal for my health. A couple of friends have recently had heart attacks and I'm determined to change something now before it's too late.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: Support, guidance, recipes, and a sense of belonging.
  • Favorite Juice? Seem to love all of the green ones so far!
  • Food temptation? Crisps (esp Pringles), desserts (all of them)

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  • TeeJay

    3 years ago

    Hi Colin. Hows it going. I like your approach to the juicing of a juice a day, this is what I am going to do. I haven't got a juicer yet only a juice attachment so will see how that goes. Keep in touch and if your having a good day or bad day, let me know!

  • ColinJonathan

    3 years ago

    not had the most healthy of years.

    Stopped going to the gym. Stopped juicing. Gave in to the pressures of eating the junk. The consequences are that I'm now at 99kgs. Now I'll be the first to admit that I carry the weight well but it's time to boost fruit and veg intake and to reintroduce juices back into my daily routine

    I know it won't always be easy dealing with the naysayers, it never is, but I'm lucky as I'm working with a lot of people who are vegan or who never consume processed sugar, some are doing the banana girl diet thing so the fridge in the office is frequently full of vegetarian food. I'm the only one with a juicer.

    Anyway, I'm hurting, my body is suffering, my energy levels have plummeted so I need to do something. It seems stupid, as I've a Sage Nutri Juicer Pro in my kitchen, not to go back and reboot so that's what I'm going to do.

    As a prelude I'll wean myself off dairy (again) and I'll reintroduce a juice a day and will build up to a full reboot.

  • ColinJonathan

    4 years ago

    not been around much as I've been working like a dog. Diet has suffered a bit so I'm back up to 87.6kg. Not so bad really and not beating myself up about it at all.

    Am back on the juice from today for a pesky ten day reboot

  • Juli.Tulip

    4 years ago

    hi- long time! I'm looking for reboot buddies- I'm going to start a 30-day reboot 9th sept...join in if you can (for however long/ whenever you can start!), J

  • ColinJonathan

    4 years ago

    And my re-rebooting got off to a lousy start. My back has been playing up so I've not been able to excercise at all (other than walking a little) and that combined with a few social engagements where I've eaten vegan food only though, has all combined to make me feel sluggish.

    Have to say the weather turning has made me want food more than I did when I was juicing in the height of summer, but I'm digging deep and am determined. I do like my juices but I may have to add a soup of an evening perhaps.

  • katiejay

    4 years ago

    Hi Colin ~ The first few months of my journey were juice for breakfast and lunch with a big bowl of hearty bean soup for supper. It worked very well. I'll be going back to that in mid-October when my current juice fast is finished. I'm going to post a recipe for a hot juice for colder days. It will be on my blog.

    I hope your back smartens up soon.


  • ColinJonathan

    4 years ago

    I've had a week of eating and generally having a juice or smoothie for breakfast and healthy, veggie eating the rest of the time and I'm chomping to get back on another reboot so that's what I'm about to do. I'm not setting a finite goal but I'll probably do ten or fifteen days starting tomorrow.

  • ColinJonathan

    4 years ago

    So today I've been right royally shafted by a co-producer I'd brought on board to help me get a largescale theatre production up and running. Whilst negotiating an extension to the option they swooped in and secured the rights for themselves. I've been working for four years on this project and it's pretty much ready to go and now all of my work will count for nothing.

    Reason why I posted this here though is because my previous pattern would have been to devour an entire family sized cheesecake after a family bag of crisps perhaps.

    Instead of that I made carrot and orange juice and then an apple and blackberry one. Perhaps I've turned a corner.

  • NWJuicebeetle

    4 years ago

    I would say you undoubtedly have! I am sorry you had such a shite day....but I AM happy to hear you did something good for yourself. When the world treats us badly, we need to recognize we must take care of ourselves and that doesn't include a whole cheesecake (one of my favorite "eat the whole thing" items too BTW! Kudos to you!!!

  • katiejay

    4 years ago

    Well, that was quite the kick in the teeth. But - your reaction was great whereas normally it could sunk you. Hang in there.

  • ColinJonathan

    4 years ago

    A rocky few days. I've been craving bread of all things. And yes I've eaten some. Crusty white baguette if I'm honest.

    That segues into a spiral of thoughts about being a failure and being no good, wasting money on a juicer and on the juicy veg and fruit and also feelings of being a huge hypocrite too. None of which are healthy. All of which would usually send me reaching for cake. Particularly cream cake based puddings in fact. Or a banoffee pie. A whole one.

    I suppose I'm posting this because although I can see a difference in how I look and certainly experience a difference in how I feel the 40 odd years of bad dietary choices have not been undone by a few months of healthier eating and juicing.

    I'm fragile emotionally too at time. That's always been the case but juicing has made that part of me perhaps more sensitive. I miss preparing meals. Preparing juice is not the same as cooking nor should I have expected it to be.

    This Friday coming I'm officially off this juice only stint and I'm looking forward to eating like you cannot believe even though I've eaten something every day this week since Sunday.

    My intention is not to weigh myself until Friday afternoon so that I have a reference post juice only. Then I will take a couple of weeks off before just juicing again for a week.

    I'm not looking for sympathy by posting this but just sharing that even though I've lost 3 3/4 stone and can now happily run 10km before heading off to work or live my day we all have bumps on this road.

  • mrs dalloway

    4 years ago

    You ate crap white bread. Its done. Forget about it. Its soooo minor in the scheme of your journey. Onward, cj. This journey isnt about perfection. Its about perserverance & audacity. And trust me sir, you have bucket loads of both. And you know what would be most audacious right now, to reroute the punitive thought patterns. Take just one from your list - i am a failure or i am no good or i am a dump it in the are an actor, think of it as an improv. Now go to the gym to see those people who hadnt seen you for ages & were really chuffed to see you again. If you want to get that negative thought back out of the bin when you return, by all means...because you know you can dump it back again anytime.

    If the dumping visualisation metaphor doesnt work for you, shoot hoops with them, whatever...but one at a time...focus, lob can always retrieve it later if you need to feel shit again.

    Tough love cj. You can handle it xxxxx

  • ColinJonathan

    4 years ago

    And yes I weighed myself today. Day 4 of juice only done. And I'm 89.2kgs.

    Considering I've only ever done 4 days of juice only and the rest have been a combo of juicing and eating and I've had a whole heap of social engagements and setbacks like my juicer breaking down I don't think I'm doing too badly at all considering I was 114kg in January and 102 in March. I know some may think my weight loss is slow but frankly I think it's remarkable. As is the fact that I've energy, my skin has cleared up and is glowing and I feel so damn good!

  • ColinJonathan

    4 years ago

    I know I said I wasn't going to weigh myself and risk getting trapped/seduced by the whole weight watching thing but I couldn't resist this morning. So I stood on the scales and they settled on 89.9kgs. That's 14 and a bit stone or 198lbs in US pounds. That's also the first time in living memory the big figure on the scales has been an 8.


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