• Location: 34203
  • About: I'm a 23 year old retaim sales associate, who is overweight and tired of being sick, so he is taking action to change his life.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: My sister showed me Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, and it made me take a look at my life and surrondings, which led to me buying a juicer, to which I needed recipes for.
  • Favorite Juice? Mean green with a mixture of kale and spinach with carrot added
  • Food temptation? Chipotle
  • Birthday: Aug 29

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  • chrisrook

    5 years ago

    So, day who knows what of juice in my life. Yesterday was a cheat day for me. I passed my state exam for real estate in my first go round, so my family bought me food from my favorite greek restaurant, so that was my first taste of meat in over a week and a half. Seem to have settled on a juice called tropical envy for my all day lately. It has beets, cucumber, celery, carrot, and carrots in it. Nicely balanced, not on the earthy side, but not too sweet. Just right. Also, my fiance announced to me today that she wants to give juicing a try! So, we're gonna ease her into it and see how she handles it before throwing her into a juice only reboot.

  • chrisrook

    5 years ago

    Okay, so update from yesterday. Monday's are my bke day, so I went out and did 19.22 miles at 1 hour 22 minutes yesterday. Not my best, but certainly picking up my speed. I have seen the fastest increase in my speed when I just juice than anything else I have tried in the past. On top of that, I hit my goal of another 3lbs for last week! Total weight loss over 2 weeks is 13lb, bringing me down to 237! My goal is 160-180 mark, but I told myself that once I hit 200, i'm gonna go get one od the tattoos I have been wanting. Figure it'd be a good incentive to get in shape. Sometimes, we need to prize ourselves for hitting our goals, no matter if they're the big ones or small ones.

  • chrisrook

    5 years ago

    So, decided i'm gonna try and keep myself accountable better. Besides a 4 day reboot I did last week, I have been doing 3 or so juices a day with 1 micronutrient meal at the end of the day. So, starting tomorrow, i'm gonna try and go to straight juice again. The past 2 days "meals" have been hummus and pretzel crackers. Nice filling 200 calories snacks, but not the straight juice I need to take. I have been juicing for 2 weeks now, and have lost at least 10 lbs. Mondays are my weigh in days, so i'll report back with what I lost tomorrow. I'm hoping for an extra 3lbs, making for a full 13lb weight loss.


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    newbie with a new love

  • Couples reboot

    Started by chrisrook, Last reply by turet on 2014-01-10 15:40:24

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    Talking about the reboot with my fiance


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    People who live down south rebooting and changing their lives. Great way to connect with others

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