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  • About: I am a 33yo mother of one beautiful 11yo daughter. I have been morbidly obese since my middle teens aside from a couple years in my early twenties when I actually got most of the weight off. I am currently working a part time job at a veterinary clinic, going to school to become an elementary school teacher and trying to balance raising my daughter, family and friends, job and school at the same time. I have a lot on my plate, but I'm trying to create a better future for my daughter and I. I love my family and my friends, and kids, and dogs, and cats. I also love to travel and experience new things, but there hasn't been much of that since I've been in school. I've also struggled with depression for most of my life, and I also have developed type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and sleep apnea.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: My mother has been into juicing since long before Joe's movie came out. She's slowly got me interested in it and for the past few years I am a believer. I have a masticating juicer but not a lot of time. But, I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired! I have very little energy for anything, I'm tired a lot and it's hard to do normal things. I'm sick of it. I just want to be healthy and happy for my daughter and I. I want to be able to do things with her, and not feel restricted and embarrassed because of my size. I need to make a change. It's hard to find the time to clean the house, plan meals, and prepare and cook, but I need to make time for my health and my life. If I continue down the road I'm on I could end up dead in a few years. This website seems to have the easiest way to find resources and the most resources. Although with all the information on here I'm not sure where to start. I definitely need some help and support. I guess I just have to dig in and start somewhere.Hopefully I can work up to a 5 day reboot and go from there. My biggest hurdle will definitely be kicking my soda habit, planning and preparing so I'm not tempted by convenience, and eating out at all the lovely restaurants I love. ~Fruit, Veg, & Happiness!~
  • Favorite Juice? Don't know yet.
  • Food temptation? Sushi & Potato Chips / But not at the same time!

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  • Chay Chay

    5 years ago
    Hey I just earned the badge I'm on a Reboot badge - Juice On!
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    5 years ago

    hi Chay CHay, how are you! Am down 5 kg now as i wake on the 6 th day with just over two inches off my mid section. Will write by email as ipad sometimes goes awry. :)

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    5 years ago

    Ok will try to recall here what i wrote before. I live with teachers who have their children here with them. All good. Also when i was living in BAngkok, teachers also brought their families... It makes it easier.... Just something to think about if you decide to go this way in the future.

    Living overseas has been so fruitful in many ways and i love hanging out with the locals learning new things. Its all about acceptance understanding and awareness... Travelling certainly breaks dow a lot of myths as well.

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  • Chay Chay

    5 years ago

    That is absolutely amazing! I will definitely have to look into that when I am done with school. I love traveling especially outside the US but have not been as able to do so since I had my daughter. All the more reason why I will be so happy to get a real job and start saving up for some traveling. One of my passions is geography and global cultures. Of coarse most teachers, myself included, love to learn new things. Learning is a passion I think. I can't get enough of the posts and blogs on this site as well. I love learning about things I'm interested in anyway. Traveling, juicing, teaching, lol.

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    5 years ago

    cc, i just wrote a big email to u and it disappeared?!

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  • Chay Chay

    5 years ago

    Oh no! I don't have it either :(

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    5 years ago

    hi ms CC,

    I am actually a SEN teacher myself. In Australia when I completed my degree I geared it towards LD. I have been teaching overseas for 15 years in various positions both as a teacher, and in management. I am now stationed in Dubai. I teach kindergarten or as they say here, prep. At this stage i am not inclined to return to management, although in kindy you more than make up for it, i.e. All the long hours. Also am on a number of committees. All in all, it takes a lot of energy -as you will find out-so starting this juice reboot has to date been the best thing for me, especially now as I am getting older.

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  • Chay Chay

    5 years ago

    That's amazing and exciting. I can only imagine the energy it takes, I hope this reboot is very successful for you. I student taught in a first grade room this semester. The kids are so cute and I love reading to them with my literacy lessons. What I really want to do is teach fourth or fifth grade in an inclusive setting, but I'm sure I'll take whatever job I can get. I would love to travel and teach but I can't really move around my daughter, oh well. Do you teach to them in English or in their native language?


  • Starting Over - Again!

    Started by Chay Chay, Last reply by Cat999 on 2014-03-24 13:39:09

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    This time I'm really going to do it! I just have to commit!


  • Saying GOODBYE to 100lbs or more!!!

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    This group is inspired by all the amazing people I have met in this community who, like me, have or had 100 lbs or more to lose when starting this journey with our wonderful Joe Cross:) There are special challenges in this world for those of us who are "morbidly obese" and there are some incredibly inspirational people around here conquering those challenges every day. Come be inspired and inspiring!

  • Juicing & Plant-Based Whole Food Society - Eat & Drink Plants!

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    Thanks for your interest and support. My intention is to create a group that goes beyond a classic 3/10/15/30/60 day reboot regimen into a reboot juicing/eating lifestyle shift. No need to re-gain pounds and re-do hard-earned rebooting efforts. I have reversed all disease, diabetes, chronic ailments, and have maintained and sustained a 150 pound weight loss with Daily Reboot Green & Rainbow Vegetable Juicing and a Plant-Based WholeFood eating lifestyle. (WFPB - means whole food plant-based ingredients, plant-based foods as close to their natural state as possible). . Please see the original feature at Reboot with Joe success profile at: .

    And the Two Year Anniversary Success Profile at:

    There is also some behind the scenes footage, a video testimonial and a Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead commercial spot to view at --->

    I completely understand and empathize where you all might be coming from - I have so been there and done that. The hardest part is just making the decision to commit to your self. It seems that once you make the decision to overcome confusing eating habits and make a change....the quick results and new found energy pumps you up to follow through, prevail and find success.

    After watching my beloved Joe Cross & personal saviour Phil Staples in and with further reading of Dr. Fuhrman's "Eat to Live", "The China Study and WHOLE" by T. Colin Campbell and, watching the recommended "Forks Over Knives' documentary, I discovered that eating plant-based wholefoods and drinking green vegetable juices will in fact aid you to overcome highly addictive hyper-palatable foods like animal-derived products, dairy, fats & sugar and to overcome poor eating habits like; the excessive consumption of animal protein products, oil & cholesterol, refined sugar, high sodium and other nutrient deficient junk food, all which led to my obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and my wife's battle with osteo-arthritis and auto-immune diseases.

    Be sure to review all the posts below starting on page one through to the present... there are videos, viewpoints, comments, pictures and links to aid you in your personal journey to lose weight and gain optimum health with Reboot Vegetable Juicing and a Plant-Based WholeFoodist attitude. I could make a number of suggestions while undertaking a reboot juice feast regimen or simply incorporating more fruits & veggies (whether juiced, blended or eaten whole) into your daily meal planning. First of all – Be Kind to Your Self! It took many years and lots of poor food choices to become overweight – It will take some time to lose it. Your body must be allowed to come into balance with phytonutrient dense plant-based foods. There will be plateaus during your weight loss journey – you’ll think nothing is happening, but it is. ************Avoid the scale to avoid disillusionment.......... Clean out your pantry to avoid temptation.****************

    The weight will come off with reboot vegetable juicing and a plant-based food choice – but must be allowed to integrate and work with your level of conscious nutrition.

    Free yourself from added eating stress and change the way you approach it. Forget dieting and just start a process of "Incorporating ~ Eliminating". Start incorporating a larger quantity of (cooked or raw, juiced or blended) plant-based whole foods like: green and rainbow color fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans-peas-legumes, nuts & seeds . Start eliminating and weeding out the SAD diet foods like: drive-through junk & hyperpalatable fast food, animal products (meats, seafood, shellfish, eggs), animal-derived products (dairy, butter, cheese, ice cream, whey, casein, lard), oil fat/sugar/sodium-laden processed, refined and packaged foods. .........>There is over 40 years of research supporting that a WholeFood–PlantBased (WFPB) eating lifestyle will rejuvenate & regenerate your whole body, will alleviate chronic annoying symptoms, and reverses degenerative diseases like: obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Reboot Juicing is a tool to discover and compliments a shift to including more plants into your daily eating habit.

    ------> Not only is plant-based whole foods the healthiest way of eating that has ever been studied, but it’s far more effective in promoting health and preventing disease than prescription drugs, surgery, vitamin and herbal supplementation, and genetic manipulation. A PlantBased Reboot Juicing lifestyle entails; No counting calories, No drowning in minutiae about what to eat or what not to eat --- just simplify and make wise health-promoting choices........ DRINK Vegetable Juices & EAT Plants!

    This group is open to all exploring extreme weight loss with reboot vegetable juices and incorporating more plant-based nutrition. I have found that combining Reboot Juicing with a Plant-based whole food eating lifestyle has worked for extreme sustained weight loss and achieving optimum health - the results have been phenomenal.

    Follow my posts or chat your questions or comments here on this Reboot with Joe community "Juicing & Plant-based Society" group or, join the FaceBook discussion at:


    I'd be more than happy to share more tips and techniques and address any specific concerns. For a more personal story-line, please see my website/blog on my complete reboot journey attaining extreme weight loss and optimum health:

    .....> I love talking Juice and health-promoting plant-based eating. Relax & Enjoy - Eat & Drink Plants!

    ---------> Healthy Regards to all, Dan Miller & Elisabeth Rae ---> Proud & Honored Reboot Ambassadors


    Just click on my name to check out my profile wall for more postings, videos, and viewpoints.... or follow this link with a copy/paste ------> . .

  • The Big New Year’s Reboot

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    Jumpstart your January by joining me and my Reboot Team for a free 3-Day Guided Reboot beginning January 6th. I can’t wait to kick off 2014 with you and make it the year of the healthiest, happiest you! You can find all of the Big New Year Reboot information through my posts and updates on the comment wall below or at here: (

  • Reboot for the month of April. NO "FOOD TALK"

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    Let's start spring with a swift kick and do a reboot for the month of April. Our group began in March; some started and some left...but many stayed. This group is for anyone who wants to do a full juice fast. That means no solids are eaten OR talked about. If you feel that you need to be eating while juicing, there are other groups that have that as their focus. If you slip while on your reboot, just tell us that you slipped without going into specifics...and continue on. "Start by doing what's necessary, then do what's possible. Suddenly you're doing the impossible." St. Francis of Assisi

*Individual results may vary. Reboots are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any medical or health condition. Reboots are not recommended for everyone, and before commencing a Reboot or any other nutritional or dietary regimen, you should consult with your qualified health care provider in order to assess any potential benefits or risks to you with consideration of your personal medical situation. You should also continue to work closely with your qualified health care provider if you intend to engage in a long-term Reboot. Our Guided Reboot Programs are not advised for women who are pregnant or nursing.