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  • Charron

    2 years ago

    Ex-juicers Log: 15 April 2017

    I am so depressed. As some of you know I have been putting quite a lot of time, money, and effort into 'perfecting' juicing for me and for my family. I have made adaptations to recipes in consideration of my hypothyroidism, which was a significant chore since a lot of the information available is conflicting. Now, it seems, I also have to factor in PCOS and Hashimoto's. Again, there is a significant amount of conflicting information but the most consistent bit says a low-carb diet is essential for natural healing. Unfortunately, that rules out the possibility of juicing.
    I have been astounded at the amount of carbs there are in celery, zucchini, peppers, etc, never mind carrots or apples. The lack of fibre (the cornerstone purpose of juicing) is even worse, apparently, and can increase insulin resistance and cause blood sugar spikes increasing the probability of my developing type 2 diabetes. Bizarre, eh? So many people turn to juicing to help cure their diabetes, and for me it could cause it.
    I still plan to stock juices in my store, and I will still make juices for my dad, mom, sister and potentially for my brother-in-law but it seems my juicing adventure is over. One sort-of good thing I've learned, though, is the PCOS symptoms are near-identical to the menopause symptoms I've been experiencing, so if I can get a handle on that we may still be able to have a third child like we had hoped to.
    I'll take what I've learned and try to adapt it to smoothies to balance out the protein and fats I'll have to be eating. That's gonna be a weird thing to adapt to after all this time learning and juicing. lol The health benefits of high density raw foods are obvious so I can't call my time here wasted. I'll likely still be lurking here and in the FB group, and I really really appreciate all the advice and support y'all have provided. Thanks.

  • Charron

    2 years ago

    Juicer's Log: 9 April 2017

    Another very busy day at work. The weather was just about perfect so the demand for ice cream, and for propane refills, was high. I'm pretty tired lol Didn't have any juice today, and I'm still pretty bummed about yesterday. Being as sick as we all have been, I wasn't paying attention to the date. I had several jars of unmixed juice expire. My compost got a nutrient boost =( Tomorrow is another day, and we do have a fair amount of produce waiting to become delicious juice. There are also several sprouted veggies that need to be potted up. I have a bumper crop of beet greens, and romaine, celery, carrot tops, and a basil plant ready to be cloned. My garden this year will look a little bit different than it has in the past, and that makes my juicer's heart happy. ;)

    I have to drive to an appointment for the wee one at mid-day tomorrow... around an hour's worth of travel one way. Traditionally we'd stop at McDonalds on our way, but I think that's a tradition I'm going to break. Hopefully I'll have time in the morning to throw together some liquid brekkie.

    The nieces are still keen on joining the juicing team, and now my mother has expressed interest. She doesn't want to drink them, necessarily, but she is keen to see the juicing process. Hopefully she'll come around to the idea, but if not at least it's an extra pair of hands for the washing and chopping and juicing and cleaning lol

  • Charron

    2 years ago

    Juicer's log: 2 April 2017

    Wow. Got pretty slammed at work this afternoon and evening. To be fair, it was the first actual nice day of the season... so lots of people wanted ice cream =) It would have been nice to have the juices on the shelf (the fridge where they will go is right next to the ice cream counter lol) but I don't have the labels made for them yet.
    I am happy to say that the 7 day shelf life of the vacuum sealed juices has proven to be good. Not a single one was funky; they all tasted just a good as when they were new. I did have half of a jar of pure carrot juice turn... but it was not vac sealed. An oversight, but still.
    The spreadsheet is nearly finished. I am hoping to have it completely done by friday so I can use it to make my shopping list. I will be employing my nieces to help prep and juice and mix the recipes on friday evening. We should have juices for sale by saturday. =) I don't REALLY expect to sell a lot of them, but I was very pleased to see my dad pack a box of juices to take home last friday. I mostly wanted to create juices to have on hand for my family to drink: caring for our health through convenience lol I've not heard feedback on what he took as yet (and there were two recipes included that he'd not yet tried... one was VERY green lol) but he'll be back tomorrow so I'll make a gentle inquiry.
    So, to summarize: this week I'll need to make labels, finish the spreadsheet, and choose which three recipes will be our inaugural juices in the cooler. To make that decision I'll probably wait until thursday and see which fruits and veg I can get on sale, and juice accordingly. I'm debating offering the 'joint health' juice since it's pretty pricey to make (based on the cost of fresh turmeric and pineapple) though I did juice more pineapple and found I got a lot more yield this time. It really really does make a difference in yield how soon you juice something after bringing it home. Fresher is definitely better.

  • Charron

    2 years ago

    Juicer's Log: 29 March 2017

    Again... a long time since I last posted here. Yes, I have been juicing, but not nearly as much as I should be. Yes, I have also been eating, but very reasonable portions and healthy fare. Strep throat infections have been working their way through our little famb. I caught it first (no idea from where) and a week later hubs came down with it. A week later the elder wee one is confirmed to have it. Antibiotics for everyone =/ but happily the wee one is responding to them much more quickly than either of us adults did. In fact, after a few days of feeling like I was rid of it (and after the 10 day antibiotic run) my throat has returned to raw and uncomfortable.
    I don't like feeling sick, so my motivation to juice has been given a good kick in the pants. I've tried a few new recipes over the past couple days. I now know I don't like cilantro in my V-whatever lol I'll stick to parsley for the next batch. I still think the cilantro will taste good in a potato-based juice but I've not yet tried it. Potatoes are on the schedule for tomorrow.
    On a very happy note, my dad will be on day four of a very mild juice experience as of tomorrow =) and my sister near-demanded her first full juice this morning. They both reached the point of being fed up with their health, and it just so happens I've got some juices kickin' around ;) lol The first attempt at juicing experimentation with the nieces was not ideal, but the interest they are showing is very good. I just need to steer them towards more veg, less fruit. I think bell peppers might be key to some recipes they'll enjoy (and maybe some zucchini... such a sneaky, subtle flavour it has lol ) since the carrot juice as a base didn't really fly. The tomato juice was a big hit with the younger one, Tempy, so I suspect a savoury blend will be good for her. The elder one, Sha'uri, just wants sweet stuff so far, and she's stuck in a too-polite-to-be-honest mode. It's tough to get useful feedback from her, though she wants to be very hands-on in the juicing process. Maybe I'll just get her to help me mono-juice a bunch of things and then let her mix her own recipes. She's very intuitive but doesn't like to follow rules lol so it might be best to just give her the access and let her take the reigns.
    I am content with my research project so far. It is time to make a spreadsheet so I can plug in the ingredients and amounts for the recipes, and then throw in some formulas so I know how much produce to buy to make 10 jar batches (if that is what proves most efficient). It is pretty much the last step (aside from labelling) before I'm ready to start offering the juices for sale. This last stretch has taken longer than I would have liked (being sick didn't help) but I see the light at the end of the tunnel =)

  • Charron

    2 years ago

    Juicer's log: 22 March 2017

    Wow, it's been a while since I posted. Not so good for accountability. On a good note, though, the vacuum jar sealers arrived in the mail today =) just in time for a power outage lol No vacuum packer, no juicer, no recipes (since they are on the computer) So I haven't tried them yet. I'm 'at work' now, which is really only about 20' from my kitchen so I'll see if I can sneak away a few times to measure and mix the recipes.
    On a very happy note, this morning my dad turned down the offer of eggs, and of chicken stew, but happily accepted a juice! Yay! He seems more and more interested in the concept. He said he's going to get mom to sit down and watch a movie or two so she can see it's not snake oil ;) Baby steps, but in the right direction...

  • Charron

    2 years ago

    Juicer's log: 17 March 2017

    Happy St. Paddy's day, and happy birthday to my older sister.
    I have exhausted all of the potential local sources for the mason jar vacuum sealer attachments. No one had them in stock. =/ So, back up plan is initiated: I ordered them online from Walmart. I'll have to wait until next Wednesday for them to arrive, which does not make me happy but it is what it is. I'm just going to go ahead and juice everything I have and freeze the surplus.
    On a positive note, my sister casually mentioned to a customer that I may be stocking juices in the store soon and the customer got very excited. =) Cool. I honestly was just going to put them out on the off chance that they'd appeal (and have them on hand for my own, and my family's, use). If I develop a customer base for them, even better.
    I picked up some romaine today specifically for juicing. Until the dandelion greens are available I need a back-up green recipe and romaine seems to be the thing to use. I have a few recipes... I'll just have to give em a whirl and see which are the most tasty. This evening will be for juicing. The kids are occupied, my sister has the store, and I should be fully not-contagious anymore. So, here we go. =)

  • Charron

    2 years ago

    Juicer's Log: 16 March 2017

    Day two of antibiotics (yuck) and my throat only feels like I've been swallowing thumbtacks, not gargling them. Both of the wee ones show signs of colds but not of strep, thank goodness. It's really hard to stay away from them both but apparently after 24 hours of antibiotics I will no longer be contagious.
    I'm still looking for the regular jar vacuum sealer attachment, and the veg are starting to lose their patience waiting to be juiced... it would be such a shame if, after waiting all that time to be able to afford the produce, it spoils before I'm healthy enough and equipped enough to get it all processed. =/ I'll make a few more hunting phone calls today and hopefully tomorrow will be a busy busy day.
    I do feel I've made a lot of progress in my thyroid juicing research project, and I've nailed down my modus operandi for measuring juicing for consistency. So, while the practical applications have yet to happen I'm as technically prepared as I can be.

  • Charron

    2 years ago

    Juicer's Log: 15 March

    Popped into the medical clinic this morning after the pain in my throat kept me up all night. Can't have that, no time for it. The verdict? Strep. No idea how I got it, but I've got it. 10 days of antibiotics ahead. I can't help but think that if I'd been juicing consistently I'd not be in this position, but, ye know, hindsight and stuff.
    My sister showed some genuine interest in the concept of juicing yesterday. I showed her what I had gathered so far in my thyroid-benefiting juice research; she's considering joining in on our next juicing adventure. That'll be cool, and more convenient. Three of the four of us will be juicing with compromised thyroids so we can keep some consistency in recipes.
    I did see a lady post in the FB group about releasing 45lbs with no thyroid (full thyroidectomy) by using a 30 day plan from JSN. I looked up JSN and couldn't make it past their propaganda page so I'm not sure what they are all about. I did message the lady asking for advice but she has not replied. I guess I'll just keep on with my research and hopefully, in a day or two, launch a family reboot. We can drink to each other's health. =)

  • Charron

    2 years ago

    I just made a surprising discovery; Jo Allen, the 'host' of the FaceBook group "Reboot with Joe Cross: Juicing and Changing Your Life", is also the co-founder of JSN. (Juicing Support Network). I'm not sure how I feel about that. I may have been spoiled by all the interaction and support I get here, for free. I don't think I want to have to pay for the specific information that will finally help me to get healthy, but can I begrudge a price tag put on the time and effort they've put in to gather the information? I'm torn. And cheap. But fat and unhealthy. I dunno. =/

  • Charron

    2 years ago

    Juicer's Log: 14 March 2017

    Reading back I can tell I got plenty of warning lol Yes, it was 'sort of' PMS, or as much as it is anymore. Barely spotting at best but with all the bells and whistles in spades. As much as I would love to have one more child I'm leaning heavily towards just wanting all of this to be over. =/ It has still just been mostly carrot juice when I've juiced but yesterday and today I've been hosting some kind of bacterial (?) infection in my throat complete with golf-ball glands and an inability to swallow. Yesterday, after I took an extra-strength Advil, I had a pure citrus juice; 1 each pink grapefruit, tangerine, lemon and lime. I hope it helped.
    On another note, all the little hints, unsolicited descriptions, offers of sips, etc have finally piqued the interest of my parents. My mom said he and she were going to try a reduced-food diet, and I asked if they wanted to incorporate juicing. My mom asked, 'what exactly IS juicing?' so I gave her a brief run-down. She didn't reject it out of hand, so that's a good sign.
    I had a bit of a hiccup in that the vacuum sealer I borrowed did not have the jar attachment, or I would have made a bunch of juices for them to take to try. As it is, as soon as I am healthy enough to travel I'll go purchase the jar sealer and, hopefully, it'll be game-on for all three of us. They'll do integrated with meal(s) at best, but that's pretty darn good. My dad also has a compromised thyroid, so I'm glad to have taken the time to work out which produce combos will be best for both of us, and my mom can have whatever she likes! lol

  • Charron

    2 years ago

    Juicer's Log: 11 March 2017

    I know... KNOW I am not in the right place right now. The osteoarthritis in my ankle has flared up in a vengeful way, and my knee, which was damaged (took an accidental tackle at the edge of a mosh pit.... yah, whatever) has been threatening to collapse on me all day. I've had some strange outbreak of rash on my face show up today, too. I don't have any allergies. I don't know what it is. My hubs, helpful, said I've been drinking a lot of carrot juice lately and that was probably what it was. I love him, but his opinions sometimes make me feel homicidal. I just don't know.


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