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  • First day of my 60 Day plan

    Started by Chantelle125, Last reply by Ditsydaisy on 2016-01-18 11:48:06

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    My Story

  • First day of my 60day plan

    Started by Chantelle125, Last reply by Chantelle125 on 2016-01-15 06:44:16

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    I have been given the chance to concentrate just on making myself a better mum/person for 6months So NO EXCUSES

  • Is there any fruit or veggies I shouldn't have too much of

    Started by Chantelle125, Last reply by Chantelle125 on 2016-01-16 05:05:37

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    Onto my second full day

  • Medication and reboot juice diet

    Started by Chantelle125, Last reply by Chantelle125 on 2016-02-13 00:32:43

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    Medication required food drinking juice instead but have pain


  • Australia Juicers Please Stand Up

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    Latest activity: 07/07/2017 10:33 PM

    START Juice Fast start : July 31 ( or Aug 1st for some) I' m hoping many Aussie members will join me, a newbie for a 7 incremental steps to my Ultimate 60 day Juice Fast Goal Challenge . I would love support and for us to hold each other up for support juice fast. 5 day juice fast, then 10, 15 , 30 40, 45, 60 day juice fast. Mandatory checking in at least once daily and reply to each others questions and give support when needed

  • 60 Days of Support, Fun and Fitness

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    Latest activity: 01/26/2016 01:05 PM

    60 days of power juicing right here. Join the group to share or get support. We will juice, support each other, increase water and exercise one day at a time and we'll do it together. Anyone up for the challenge? Let's lose unwanted pounds and have fun doing it, yes, right through the holidays. I used to be so self-conscious of people knowing I juice instead of eat. Eat to live. Nothing more. Not for entertainment or boredom. Breaking shame and the bondage of weight. Here's to juicing on!

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