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  • Rhaya

    7 months ago

    Hi there Casey

    are you ok? Are you still with me this Reboot?


  • casey24

    7 months ago

    Hi Rhaya, I'm fine, thank you for asking. I had my A1c test at the end of the reboot & it is down to 7.9. My doctor & myself were quite happy and I'm sure it could have been lower if I left the nuts at night alone (sigh, my downfall). However - I still start everyday with a joe's mean green (it's one of my favourites) & have the same for an afternoon snack. Coconut water for morning snack & lentil or split pea soup for lunch. Pretty boring but they're my fav's. Dinner is always steamed vegetables & a protein - usually coho salmon or a bean burger. I have a standing order for my A1c (every 100 days) so I'm expecting great things with Februarys test. My cholesterol went up a bit (not on meds for it though) so I'm hoping the vegetables at dinnert will lower it. My LDL is 3.83 / HDL is .98 & Triglicerides is 1.65. I'm still taking my 60g of gliklazide with dinner. I've also read keto-tarian by Dr. Cole & think I might give it a try in January, - do you think the fat that it adds will affect my cholesterol?

    You are a great inspiration & I go back & listen to the webinars when I'm feeling down, really glad I took the re-boot & intend to do it again at some point.


  • fruit question

    Started by casey24, Last reply by Soose on 2018-08-16 10:02:14

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    does amount of fruit affect blood sugars in diabetics?



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    JOIN ME!!! I have a challenge for us... Let's do this for 30 days!! If you fall off just get back up!! But see... We WON'T fall off! Let's prove to ourselves that we are capable of doing this. LET'S BE A TEAM! Let's start living a healthier lifestyle. You even being on this site is already a start. I need some motivation and I can motivate you as well. Let's help eachother out. Let's stop trying and start doing. It may be hard but it isn't impossible. WE can work together and push eachother. On our days when we feel like giving up, let's speak up and seek some words of encouragement. I'm starting today but even if you see this post late, STILL join. I will push you and help you reach your goals. If you're not joining, I would appreciate any advice or any words to motivate or inspire me. I'm on day one and I'm fighting! I'll be posting my recipes and experience day by day until WE reach 30 days. If you stop after 30 days, don't go back to old habits! EAT HEALTHIER and excersice. Do it for your own good. Love yourself enough to make this change. Question for you... Do you want to be happier? Do you want to feel more energy? Live longer? Be able to do things you were never able to? THEN START TODAY AND SEE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE. I know you want to look into the mirror and see a difference for once. Trust yourself and give this your all. Change begins with YOU. Remember that hard work pays off and great things require hard work. Btw, a BIG thanks to Joe! You helped me start TODAY and stop making excuses.

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