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  • Closed Account

    5 years ago

    G'day from Australia - how was Jamaica? Any progress or setbacks?

  • Mateo

    5 years ago

    Has it been two weeks? How was Jamaica. Did you have any juice down there, considering the tropical fruit...Interested in hearing about your vacation.

  • Closed Account

    5 years ago

    Have a great time and I look forward to hearing how you went! :)

  • Bruce_the_juice

    5 years ago

    Off to Jamaica for 10 days

  • amiii

    5 years ago

    You're a huge inspiration for me, just thought I'd let you know! :)

  • Bruce_the_juice

    5 years ago

    Wow, thanks for the comment. Hopefully you reach all of your goals with juicing. All the best Amilii.

  • Bruce_the_juice

    5 years ago

    Today is Jan 28th 2014 and I am into day 49 of a hopefully 60 day detox. Dec 11th 2013 was the start of this amazing journey of losing weight and feeling so much better. Today, I weight 183 lbs compared to 229 lbs when I started. I enjoy reading everyone's success stories and questions. Anyone can do this!!! Anyone that is sick and tired of being sick and tired. I never thought of myself as fat, but I was. I was insulted when my wife would say that I was fat.

    Most people that knew me never realized how much I weighted and I hide that weight fairly well, or so I thought. Too many cruises, and eating fast food left me feeling bloated, exhausted and lazy. I started to make excuses why I couldn't be active and the downward spiral kept going. At 53 I had no ambition to do much of anything, except think about my next meal.

    Oh did I love food!! Food was my god and I served it well. I liked to go out for dinners or on cruises, so that I could enjoy the ritual of eating until I was full. Of course my stomach continued to expand so I could accomdate more of it. Today I am not tempted by food. I feel full drinking my juice and lemon water.

    My wife is super happy to have her skinny man back. We are now both juicing together and she is losing the lbs and inches as well. Keep on juicing. If you get knocked down just get back up again. Qutiing isn't an option with regards to your health.

  • Mateo

    5 years ago

    Bruce the juice it been remarkable reading your posts over your journey, so positive and helpful. Thank you.

  • AhmstFamus

    5 years ago

    Bruce, after your kind response to my post, I decided to browse your profile. I'm so glad I did.

    Your kindness, commitment and success are an inspiration! Thanks for sharing with us.

  • bethg

    5 years ago

    You are doing so well, I greatly admire your determination. I cook everyday and I have to say I never got to the point where it did not bother me, I did a 10 day juice fast and just finished a 6 day one. Usually I juice 2x a day and eat a meal. I want to juice all of Feb, stories like your encourage me that I CAN do it!

  • Bruce_the_juice

    5 years ago

    Of course, you can do it. If getting healthy and losing those extra pounds is your goal, then juicing is the very best way to do it. I use very spicy vegetables that rev up my furnace and help me drop the weight and lose the cravings. Ginger, radishes, parsnip, cilantro....they really help but taste terrible. Of course, you have lost so much weight you know what to do. Just keep doing that and you will succeed. You inspire me.


  • Unusual Back Pain

    Started by Bruce_the_juice, Last reply by mrs dalloway on 2014-07-24 14:55:53

    Number of Replies: 38

    Intense back pain in the middle of my back.

  • Testing for PH balance in the urine.

    Started by Bruce_the_juice, Last reply by Julz P on 2014-01-23 21:51:14

    Number of Replies: 2

    Concerns about my body's PH level being out of wack.

  • Men's issues with losing weight and juicing

    Started by Bruce_the_juice, Last reply by thisguy.oops on 2015-01-24 23:59:11

    Number of Replies: 136

    I want to open up the discussion for men to comment & connect about the battles and success they have experienced


  • The Canuck Rebooters

    Members: 1731

    Latest activity: 05/01/2019 11:34 AM

    A place for Canadians to connect. Created October, 2013. Members across Canada joining together to improve our health. Peruse through our group for tips and encouragement on our journey to well-being. Side effects to joining The Canuck Rebooters may include happiness, strength and amazing health. What are you waiting for, join us!

  • Vancouver Island Canada

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    Latest activity: 06/18/2017 03:23 PM

    Islanders supporting each other out.. if anyone is interested

  • Christians Rebooting through prayer and fasting!

    Members: 152

    Latest activity: 04/01/2018 12:40 AM

    The purpose of this group is to bring like minded Christians together to fast and pray! Post your successes, scriptures, prayers, questions and your not so successful days. We are not here to debate scripture or religion but to encourage our brother and sister through prayer as we work on our gluttonous behavior.

  • FRESH START! - On My Way To 60 Days!

    Members: 54

    Latest activity: 10/19/2015 06:46 PM

    Hello friends, My name is Laura and I started my REBOOT January 1, 2014 but you are WELCOME to join me for a FRESH START at any time. I'm on Day-44 and going strong. I am beyond grateful to have found Joe's Reboot. I spent too many years 'Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead'. With JUICING we can take our lives back! My health challenges is what brought me here. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Hashimoto's Disease, Toxic levels of Electrical Metal Poisoning throughout my organs and about 100 pounds to lose. I take this Reboot very, very seriously. It would be so good to have some friends along for the ride! JUMP IN & JOIN at me at ANYTIME. Good Luck! God bless, JUICYGIRL

  • First Time Fasters

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    Latest activity: 02/06/2017 08:03 AM

    I just started Juice Fasting and Day 1 is almost complete. There were times throughout that were tough. I felt tired and an undescribeable feeling. I am feeling ok now though. Are there any other first time fasters here>

  • 60 Day ALL Juicing Challenge!!!! Come on!!! We Can Do It!!

    Members: 42

    Latest activity: 03/26/2015 04:02 PM

    This group is designed for the individuals who would love to JUST JUICE for the next 60 days! This would be considered a "juice fast." If you are trying to lose at least 40 pounds, this would be the group for motivation and peace! There will also be workouts provided while juicing (speak with your doctors). Before and after pictures are welcomed! Come and join!

  • OVER 60 days completed.

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    Latest activity: 05/03/2014 11:15 PM

    This group is for those people that have already achieved 60 days of fasting or longer. Hoping to have others join that can share their tips about moving forward after losing the weight and going back to introducing solid food to their diets. It seems that very few have lasted that long and so I'm wanting to hear from those that have.

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