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  • Day 23 Encouragement

    Started by bharrell61, Last reply by jivetownjimmy on 2013-01-28 12:56:46

    Number of Replies: 25

    As the title indicates, I am on day 23. As most others in this forum I got the bug from watching the Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead documentary. A sixty day challenge sounded great while watching the program but has been an entirely different thing to actually perform. I chose to set no goal but take it day by day which was an enormous challenge by itself.

    These forums have seldom been helpful, but occasionally I read something from someone that encourages me and I push through one more day. There are so MANY "Join Me For 60 Days" threads chock full of individuals who enthusiastically sign up, myself included. Then I don't hear from those folks again. I want to post at least once something that might help someone else out.

    I was not am am not doing this for weight loss. I desperately need it, but I am Fat, Sick, and Completely Exhausted with another New Year's diet resolution that always fails eventually. This isn't a diet, it is a Reboot. I have to change WHAT I eat and increase my health. Over the last few years I have suffered from anxiety and depression which I controlled with medication while it worked. I have been drug free for over a year and sinking steadily back into the muck.

    I was about to go to the Doc and get back on the meds in December. I have a great job, great wife, great kids, parents still alive, etc but found no satisfaction in any of those blessings. I have long read that diet and exercise could change all of that, but how do you make that kind of a shift? I did not want to move, much less exercise and who am I kidding about "eating healthy" overnight? The Reboot seemed like a good solution to help me turn that corner.

    Long story short, after one week of misery followed by a second week of lethargy, I am now feeling better than I can ever remember. That is not even slightly an exaggeration. January is Hell month for me and my brutal Mountain Cedar allergies. When I started this program I was already full of mucus with the worst yet to come. This year is one of the worst on record with my coworkers dropping like flies. Wait for it.... I am crystal clear! I avoid ever being outdoors in January which is a bummer because that is the time to rake up those leaves in Texas. I am outside everyday over the last week, because I am walking constantly. I have energy out the proverbial wazoo. I have never ever ever slept as well as I do now. Insomnia is gone and I am having to guess that maybe my sleep apnea is not an issue since I am waking up feeling incredibly rested.

    There are other benefits but those are the biggies. And yes I am down 28lbs, but I won't allow myself to get caught up in that. I already have my meal plan drawn out for the for two weeks when I come off of this, but now I am now fantasizing about when I get to eat anymore. I am afraid that this might end when I start eating again and I want to dwell in the state I am in forever. Don't think I'm not missing the food, but the peace and contentment outweigh it now. Everyone around me has commented on how easy going I am now, which is an enormous change from the high strung guy they knew. I just don't get angry about anything anymore, even in traffic.

    I hope that lengthy blather helps someone out there. Especially those of you who feel alone in this. Each day gets brighter.


  • Halfway Home- 30 days completed

    Started by bharrell61, Last reply by bharrell61 on 2013-02-02 13:55:13

    Number of Replies: 6

    Feeling celebratory today as I have reached a big milestone in this journey. I have previously posted the early misery that this program put me through and the dramatic changes that have taken place, but now I am cruising on easy street. I don't dread the next 30 days at all, in fact I am becoming more worried that I only have 30 days left. I cannot remember ever feeling so alive or happy to be so. Energy is through the roof, allergies completely gone, and the clearest mind on the planet. I am getting such deep restorative sleep that I am anxious to pop up out of bed and get going. To sum it all up, I have found a life of serenity and peace. Lost 35lbs too. Part of that is because I am walking all the time now. I figured I should buy a pedometer to keep track of that and am over 10000 steps per day. This from a guy who started out 30 days ago groaning about walking to the end of the driveway and back.

    Hence why I am fearful of messing with the formula. The reboot has been utterly life changing and the best decision I have ever made. I WILL shift into a very healthy eating regime after the reboot, but I am praying that it yields the same results. It can't possibly get any better than I feel now.

    For those of you struggling through the early stages, know that this is ahead. I have heard that millionaires claim that the first million is the hardest to make, and from then on it is easy. I have no earthly idea about that, but I do know that the first couple of weeks were nearly impossible but each day since has been invigorating. I know that the remaining 30 days will pass faster than I want them too. I can even go out to restaurants with people now, drink water, and not care. I love the smell of the food, but it is enjoyable and not torture.

    Cheers to those of us sipping juice and water during the Super Bowl! Too bad we won't get to enjoy the bloating and heartburn this year, which usually follows me into Monday at work.

    My best wishes to the fellow juicers. It can be done and has been done by many weaker than you. One day at a time until you gain momentum. Then enjoy the ride.

    Brian H

  • 37 Days of Juicing has made me OVERWEIGHT

    Started by bharrell61, Last reply by esjayeff on 2013-02-11 18:38:46

    Number of Replies: 13

    The title is correct. I was just checking my BMI and I am now officially overweight. According the chart, at 5'10'' I am now 207lbs and no longer OBESE! I called the wife and she is already excited at the prospect of introducing me at parties as her overweight husband. Will the benefits of this program ever stop? Woo Hoo...

  • Day 50 of 60

    Started by bharrell61, Last reply by bharrell61 on 2013-02-22 13:15:03

    Number of Replies: 18

    Reaching the 50 day mark has been something I have been looking forward to for a very long time, to be on the home stretch. My teeth are already starting to twitch with the excitement of touching food again.

    I won't go through the litany of how great the fast has been for my life again. I will tell anyone who is starting out to please understand that this was far from easy. For all the great benefits, there were still the days of weakness and doubt to battle through. I succeeded in resisting the temptations, to this point anyhow, and you can to by focusing on the reasons you are doing this. I started this to get my life back, and it is back in a big way. I have no regrets, although I still shudder a little when thinking about those difficult first days.

    I am down 47lbs and will be shocked if I reach 50lbs. The weight loss has been moving at 1-3lbs per week since day 30. It hasn't moved in the last 4 days at all. I don't really care though. I am walking 5-7 miles per day and going to start running next.

    I wish all you the best and I hope that this provides some hope to anyone struggling. You will not regret your decision to persevere. For some of us the alternative is just too bleak.

  • Day 56 of 60

    Started by bharrell61, Last reply by mojo6677 on 2013-02-28 09:22:54

    Number of Replies: 8

    It is so strange to see those two numbers so close together now. Day 60 seemed like a pipe dream for so long. I am going crazy the closer I get to the end. One day I am considering extending the fast because I feel safe there. The next day I am considering ending it early because I feel like there is nothing else left to accomplish. The fact is, I am comfortable with this lifestyle now and the rewards have been endless. Then I have to face the truth that this is not a lifestyle or even a diet, it is a reboot. A temporary hiatus from food to clean out my system.

    For those of you struggling in the earlier stages of the reboot, please know that it gets better. Not just better, but much better. I spent most of my fast not allowing my mind to even consider the 60 day mark as a reality. I would have failed very early if I had. Now I am fixated on it for other reasons. I will be fine though. Babies would avoid the birthing process if they had the choice, but they do not understand what the world holds for them.

    An update on my present condition. I am down 49lbs and am at a very comfortable 196lbs 5'11''. At my Dr. appt on Friday I got my blood work back and it was awesome. Blood sugar well down into the normal range, cholesterol finally low, and blood pressure at 104/72. The doc was thrilled at my results, at least until I told her how I got there. She is a skeptic, but could not argue the results. I did have some bad numbers though, HDL and electrolytes were too low while ketones were too high. Not surprising on any of that.

    My body can feel the healthy condition it is in. I am walking at least 2 hours a day and have a pretty new mountain bike on order for the next step in my exercise routing. (Those things are stupid expensive these days) I find it hilarious that I have an exercise routine at all. I love getting up and moving now and that is the strangest thing ever.

    I have had a total life transformation in 8 weeks. That is a very very short time with an polar shift in my quality of life. Please consider that when you are having those bad days when you cannot remember why you started this madness. Push through that bad day and know what lies ahead. It is not easy, it is in fact agony at times, but then things change. Stay the course and your body will answer the call.

    Best wishes.

  • Day 60 of 60 - The finish line

    Started by bharrell61, Last reply by Cesspool on 2013-05-14 18:18:41

    Number of Replies: 28

    Today is my last day and it feels surreal. During my journey I would read other people's posts who were at this point and ponder how incredible it must feel. Now that it is me I can report that it is pretty cool.

    Of course now the hard part begins, but now that I have transformed my body/mind I am ready to begin the transformation of my lifestyle in regards to food. I have spent the last couple of months downloading healthy recipes and am fully engaged in an exercise routine. I am ready to return to the "real world."

    A little history for those who have not already heard. 60 days ago I was mired in a deep depression and facing going back to medication. I couldn't get the motivation to move and hurt when I did. Basically a miserable existence that I was wishing would hasten along to a conclusion. I desperately wanted to try a diet and exercise approach to dealing with it, but that approach has failed me every other time I have tried it. How do you just start eating right and exercising when feeling so bad about life? The reboot seemed like it might be the answer.

    It was. Today I am a completely different man. I have lost exactly 50lbs and am almost thin. My blood pressure is 104/72. My cholesterol and blood sugar are way down. All that being great, the most important part for me is that I love my life. I am content and at peace. Life feels awesome.

    I will be doing another 5 to 10 day reboot every quarter. I will also have a juice as a supplement each day. I can say that I will never do another 60 days again. I had accomplished my goals by day 30 and probably should have stopped. I was afraid of losing my new mental health though. 90% of the weight loss was in those first 30 days.

    I did my shopping today for next week and I feel like a kid on Christmas eve. Thank you to everyone in this forum. This was my lifeline and without it I would have failed. That is no exaggeration whatsoever. I wish all of you the very best and hope you will reach your goals. I will miss not being a member of the club, but will still check in to see how you are doing.

  • Day 62 of 60 - Follow up

    Started by bharrell61, Last reply by Cali Girl on 2013-03-12 22:40:42

    Number of Replies: 5

    Today is my second day eating again and it has been awesome. DISCLAIMER: Please know that it is not my intention to become a stumbling block to anyone's progress so I will be discreet in my references to food.

    I just want to report in about what I experienced yesterday. As per the directions on the site, I ate nothing but raw fruits and veggies yesterday. To my complete shock, it all tasted amazing. I do not remember ever enjoying the taste of food so much, and I normally despise raw vegetables. My taste buds definitely got a huge reboot.

    Enough of that. The second surprise was how little I could eat before feeling gorged. 62 days ago I could easily polish off a large pizza and still have room for more. Yesterday my lunch was about 8 baby carrots, an apple, some almonds, and a celery stick. I had also packed an orange, a pear, two pickles, and a bunch more carrots and celery that I couldn't begin to consider eating. I was stuffed. I nibbled on the carrots later in the day but when I got home I still couldn't eat anymore. Around 10pm I had some squash and the pear I couldn't eat at lunch. I know that I have to eat more than this because my caloric intake is way down from when I was fasting.

    Third surprise. I never had any intention of becoming a raw plant food eater as a lifestyle after this fast. My fridge is loaded with chicken and fish that I was going to dive into starting on Thursday. I have been having intense fantasies about eating meat for weeks. I can honestly say that I am apathetic about meat now. The apples, pears, oranges, and grapefruit are sooo much more exciting. I WILL eat meat again soon, but it doesn't really fire me up. It will be a small part of my plate and I will have the rest loaded with the good stuff. I am going to take it easy today so that I have room for a real veggie meal tonight that I have tons of ingredients for.

    I can now see that I had no idea of what the reboot was all about when I was fasting. NOW I can really appreciate the changes that have happened. It was a much larger transformation that I ever intended, but I love my new life. If you are struggling to rationalize why you should continue on this quest, please consider my experiences. It is a hard road to travel, but the rewards are too great to miss.

  • Confession Time

    Started by bharrell61, Last reply by judithh on 2013-04-01 19:58:05

    Number of Replies: 2

    I completed my 60 day reboot a month ago and have been eating a phenomenal regime of fruits, veggies, nuts, and occasionally fish/chicken. What I have not done is drink a single juice since the reboot. I hate to admit that fact, but I was really burnt out. I am actually looking forward to doing another 10 day juice fast in June, but I feel like I was paroled from the making, drinking, and cleaning up after of my juices.

    I resolved to incorporate a daily juice again last week, but.... each day I would get the juicer out and set it on the counter so that it would be unavoidable. It was only unavoidable to my wife who got very angry at me because every night it was in her way while preparing supper. She would put it away, I would pull it back out, etc. That plan kind of failed.

    My hope is that admitting that I have this problem serve as inspiration. I was perfect for 60 days but not one drop since. I hate the negative direction the relationship with my juicer has taken and feel like it is always staring at me. I enjoy going to the Dentist more than the mean green, but tonight I will face my demons head on.

  • Another Constipation Question

    Started by bharrell61, Last reply by Claire Georgiou - ND on 2013-02-10 21:01:18

    Number of Replies: 2

    I hate to hit you with yet another constipation question, but I have searched past postings on this topic and cannot find an answer to my specific question.

    I am on day 38 and have had a total of 7 BMs. None of them have been anything to brag about. I don't feel bloated or anything, I just don't have any urge to go. Is this anything to worry about? I tried a mild laxative around day 10 which caused some mild diarrhea but still not much output. Is it possible that I am just absorbing everything and staying on empty?

    I drink between 50-60 ounces of juice per day. The vast majority of it is vegetable (kale, spinich, swiss chard, celery, carrots, cucumbers, romaine, cabbage, wheat grass,ginger, bell peppers, parsley, cilantro, sweet potatos, etc) In the mornings I primarily juice two grapefruit and four carrots. I also consistently drink a minimum of 96 ounces of water and walk at least 5 miles every day. My weight is down 38lbs, but I am still at 207 and in no danger of blowing away.

    I have never been a regular kind of guy, but this is quite a drought. I feel better than I ever had in my life and am not experiencing any noticeable effects from this situation, it just sounds worrisome. Any advice would be appreciated.

  • Prune Juice??

    Started by bharrell61, Last reply by gogreenstaylean on 2013-02-13 19:39:58

    Number of Replies: 2

    I read the article on constipation during the reboot and it recommends drinking warm prune juice. I have googled that I cannot juice the prunes but have to stew them. Can I assume that you are recommending prune juice from the store? If that is the case is there anything I need to look for on the label?

    Thanks for all your help.

  • After the 60 day fast

    Started by bharrell61, Last reply by lobowolfpete on 2013-03-12 15:14:41

    Number of Replies: 5

    I completed my 60 day fast on Sunday and have begun to gain weight at the rate of about 2lbs per day. I am not concerned with gaining some weight back but I do not want to go crazy either. I have not incorporated meat into my diet yet and 90% of my food is raw fruits, veggies, and nuts. I am also eating whole grain oatmeal for breakfast and have added legumes. My real concern is that I am feeling run down now. I have been consistently walking at least 5 miles per day for over a month. My walks have been the highlight of my day. For the last two days I have had to force myself to take the walks and I am dragging the whole time. Is this normal when breaking a fast? Do you have any recommendations for my nutritional intake?

    Thank you


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