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  • Reboot to start day after Thanksgiving, join me

    Started by beidenshink, Last reply by jerrywells on 2018-12-13 09:34:46

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    Hey Guys,

    I'm starting a reboot the day after Tgivings. I'd love to start today but obviously the day after the holiday makes more sense. I'd love to put a group together to support and drive each other to succeed. Let me give you my situation: I don't have too much weight to lose, maybe 15 lbs. However, I have awful allergies resulting in post nasal drip that makes my life a living hell. I've seen a ton of doctors, tried a ton of meds. They first thought it was allergies to pollen, then dust mites, then possibly acid reflux was the cause. I can't sleep at night, I have a constant lump in my throat. In addition, I have migraines, sore joints, irritable bowels, and a complete lack of energy. This is upsetting because Im 32, decent height and weight (5'11 and 197lbs), and have been an athletic energetic person my entire life. My friends would get mad at me because I could eat cheese steaks, Mcdonald's, drink alcohol, etc., and there was no visible effect. Well obviously those days are over. About 5 years ago all these ailments started, and they get worse on a monthly basis. I've been completely void of fruits and veggies my entire life. Often joking with people that I never ate a salad until I was about 22, which was actually true. I remember fighting my mom to the death not to eat the green beans on my plate when i was a child. I'm at the end of my rope though, I know exactly how Joe felt in the movie, I FEEL like a sick person. I haven't felt good getting out of bed in maybe 4 years. This is no way to live. Like everyone I'm worried about the reaction from friends and family, and a support group will really help all of us. I was thinking about 30 or 60 days, however, again like Joe, I'm too the point where I'm planning on not stopping until my sickness goes away. My email is if anyone wants to kick around ideas, or just post to the forum. Thanks, Brian


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