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  • About: 53 yo, married for 34 yrs, 4 kids, 1 granddaughter, love accounting, architecture, cooking, sewing, Quilting, cake decorator, nutritional enthusiast, lived in Europe for 3 yrs, have been on 4 continents, have rode my bicycle 2/3 of the way across the USA (San Diego - Louisiana)...have 1,000 more miles to go to finish (Louisiana to St Augustine, FL in March 2016)...bringing awareness about the Gogo Grandmothers and orphaned children (from aids) in Malawi, Africa. In Sept 2013, I went to Malawi and met the gogos and children in the 21 villages our church supports. Check his organization out and please donate or become a monthly sponsor ( Just got back from my 10th cruise. Highest weight (2013) was 283. Have lost 26 lbs in the past 2 months. Am currently at 246 lbs and have 68 more pounds to lose to get to goal weight of 177 lbs.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: To fix my thyroid/hashimotos and lose weight. We saw Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead in June 2014. Immediately bought a Breville juicer, Joe's juice apps and began juicing! Have wanted to do a 60 day guided reboot, but the schedules conflicted with my calendar and I was also concerned because some foods need to be modified for thyroid and hashimotos. This 60 day thyroid/Hashimotos reboot is perfect and it's dates coincided with my calendar!!!!
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  • Birthday: Jan 14

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