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  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: Saw the documentary and want to lose 10 kg, and also trying to get fit again.
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    Latest activity: 06/21/2017 03:58 PM

    This is a Reboot group for those of you who are in Norway. Let's ask questions, share our tips and challenges... Where to buy juicing tools and gadgets? Where to buy the produce needed? What is readily available for juicing? How much are we spending on juicing (in this super expensive country)?

  • Dutch Juicers

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    Latest activity: 01/16/2017 02:56 AM

    Een plaats voor Nederlandse juicers / rebooters. A place for Dutch speaking juicers / rebooters. But everyone is welcome. As we Dutch are very friendly people ;)

  • NL - The Netherlands - Arnhem

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    Latest activity: 04/25/2017 08:44 AM

    Ik zoek beginners die elkaar ook willen ontmoeten. Samen motiveren, uitwisselen - kortom het reƫel maken van de reboot. Heb de film pas 2 dagen geleden gezien (?!) en ben overtuigd van de aanpak van Joe. Mijn plan is om een langere periode te gaan rebooten (30 - 60 dagen) en dat samen met jou te doen. Ik start zelf in ieder geval wel ca. 6 - 7 juni 2015. Natuurlijk mag je altijd ook later aanhaken. Zelf heb ik 15 jaar ervaring met eigen afslankpraktijk - stereotype methodes werkten niet voor blijvend resultaat. Als je alleen berichtjes wil plaatsen, doe dan geen moeite!

  • European Juicers :)

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    Hey everybody :) I thought it would be nice to create a group for us people from Europe because maybe we can relate more to each other because of the products, the experiences, the shops, the whole metric system and just for feeling a little bit more home :) I'd love to see you here soon, just write something to us and I guarantee you'll get an answer :-*

  • Positive Reboot group

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    ?I have tried the juice reboot many times. But I always failed :( However I am not a quitter so this time I have realized that I need to have a positive support group around me! I have realized that I have to do this for myself. Most of all I have realized that this takes positive will power and others that want to reach and obtain their physical, mental and spiritual health goals. This is why I have once more decided to introduce myself to a new Reboot. Through out all my Reboots I have learned so much to become more nutritious and more knowledgeable when it comes to fasting, juicing and understanding health. Come and join me if you feel you need or want to be a part of a group that can be supportive share what works and what we need help on and lets make our goals a reality together! Jackie-

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