• About: Hi. I am mother of four and a proud housewife. We've recently moved to Bosnia and it has been a hard change to make. I lived in Cambridge, UK for 10 years where I was a thriving homeschooler and community builder. I am a bit lonely being the 'pastor's wife' but in this case, my husband is an Imam. I'm learning a lot about myself and our marriage since emigrating. Emigration is a lesson in humility. I'd love to lose weight, to be healthy, have control and flatter my husband.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: My husband says if I lose my excess weight, we'll move back to England where I was a thriving homeschooler and community builder. I really miss old blightey. I think i needed something to just lose weight fast and put me into gear. I have been holding on to this weight for a while telling myself I will lose it. It meant a protection and being heard for me but I have other ways to get heard now. I don't need the protection as I feel safer. I want to please God and please my husband and get back to the UK! I've tried rebooting for 7 days before and i think this can work
  • Food temptation? Cakes with icing - OH!!!

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