• Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: I've joined to reset my lifestyle. I want to move more, get away from processed foods, & be healthier.
  • Favorite Juice? Australian Gold
  • Food temptation? Salty, slightly oily things

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  • monimoni

    4 years ago

    I doing very well just planned day 23-29 menu and shopping list. Just going to head to the store to pick up my veggies and fruits.

    How are thing going for you?

  • monimoni

    4 years ago

    Appreciated your honesty and openness about your challenges, especially sleep insomina is a challenging friend, which leads to other poor choices concerning food and exercise. Isn't it exciting to have the support we do here at rebooting to help us make those positive changes.

  • Athena

    4 years ago

    Very true, monimoni. I'm most grateful not only for the Reboot itself, but also knowing there's a group of individuals who share many of the same issues & thus understand my concerns & experiences, that I can tap into whenever needed. I hope your juicing experience is going well!


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