• About: I am a married mom of three grown kids, self employed/semi-retired.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: Hello, I am brand new to juicing. I have high cholesterol and I am allergic to the cholesterol meds. My Dr told me last July that I must start eating right and lose weight ASAP as I'm high risk for stroke. Well, that statement didn't scare me much, I mean....I'm only 45, I don't feel like I'm going to have a stroke....and oh wow! Look at those chocolate cookies! I haven't always been overweight. I was actually underweight. Until 1998 I weighed about 102 lbs I'm 5'5". At that time I also lived on junk food. I joined a gym and started working out faithfully and maintained a healthy weight of 125 lbs until 2001. I was also eating very healthy. In 2001 I was diagnosed with cancer. 2001 & 2002 was a succession of many surgeries, procedures and lots of medication. I beat it, but could never really get back into exercising again. My weight went to 145 lbs and stayed there until 2008 when the cancer reared it's ugly head again :( I went through another round of surgeries, procedures and medication. I beat it again, but since then I've been tired, have all over body pain that comes and goes, and I frequently break out in hives/rashes. In December of 2008 I had a hysterectomy, right after I weighed in at 108 lbs and I was miserable. Once again I was under weight! I vowed to gain back to a healthy weight again. I tend to be an over achiever, as I now need to lose over 50 lbs. in october 2013 my doctor prescribed more pain pills and diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. I didn't accept his prescription, or his diagnosis. Instead I went to see a holistic Dr. My new Dr explained that my diet is what was making me sick and causing my pain. In Feb 2014 I weighed 177 lbs, he put me on a very restrictive candidiasis & gluten cleanse diet. I cannot eat fruit except for green apples and berries, I can have only vegs and meat. No starches, no dairy, no sugar except stevia. I thought I was going to die of hunger. After 3 weeks I felt better, but lost only 5 lbs. I am not good at figuring out a balanced meal, especially with so many restrictions. Each meal was either 'the same old thing' or a huge ordeal to find something that was healthy, and palatable. I joined a local food co-op so that I could buy fresh organic foods, but still nothing seemed to taste good. Then my friend posted on Facebook about Fat, Sick and nearly Dead. I watched the movie and was amazed at the results I saw. The co-op I belong to has had many juicing classes. I haven't attended any yet, but I was interested. After watching the movie, I immediately ordered my Breville juicer online (I live in a rural area) and ordered all my veggies from the co-op. Both the juicer and veggies arrived on Wednesday and I made my fist juice (mean green) it wasn't half bad. I can do this! Today 2/28/14 was my first day of a 30 day juice fast. I love that I don't have to think about what I'm going to eat today. Making and drinking juice is a 'no brainer' for me, unlike finding healthy meals to make. I'm looking forward to a shiny new me! Wish me luck!!

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  • Juicing over 40

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    I will be 49 in a few months and I allowed myself to accept the fact that arthritis was in my knee, lower back pain, couldn't walk far and I was going to have to take blood pressure meds for my stage 3 hypertension. I have seen my sister die of a massive heart attack at age 51. Also both if my parents from cancer the other from complications from Alzheimer's. My family health history sucks. My child is overweight and unhealthy also. I started to do light exercise about 2 mos. ago. My daughter introduced me yo the documentary. Not only have I lost almost 20 pounds, but I have encouraged 2 co workers to juice and they are! We have discussions on getting our fiber. I have never spent so much time in the produce section of a store!

  • Starting a juice fast on march 10th !

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    This is a group for people starting their reboot, juice fast on March 10th or around. Let's get together and support each other along this adventure. :)

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