• Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: I enjoy juicing and need to get a bit healthier. Would like to improve my blood sugar and thyroid issues as well as weight.
  • Favorite Juice? mean green and peach pie
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  • Starting Today? Anyone Want to Join Me?

    Started by Annie1213, Last reply by Scotty6083 on 2013-06-02 08:46:05

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    Goodmorning! Looking for anyone who is just starting or has just started this past week to share posts and support for the next 30 days. I'd like to post my weight loss and any success/challenges that may come up to help keep me accountable. (Although please do not feel it necessary to do the same if you are not comfortable with that.) Would welcome any advice and/or support!
    Starting Weight: 200lbs
    Goal Weight: 160lbs
    Medical Issues: hypothyroidism (so I must be patient!) ; )
    Many thanks,
    Ann Marie

  • Hypothyroid and Medication

    Started by Annie1213, Last reply by Claire Georgiou - ND on 2013-05-17 04:31:30

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    I am starting a reboot today with only juice. I have been juicing for the past few weeks with meals to get myself ready and help me anticipate any roadblocks or logistical issues (3 very busy boys and full schedule with several projects going on right now.) I am on synthroid- 1 pill a day so low dose. Do you have any suggestions or experience with people needing to modify thryroid meds while juicing? I'm kind of hoping to come off of that all together as it is the only medication I take. Any suggestions or input would be appreciated!
    Ann Marei

  • Fish Oil and Supplements

    Started by Annie1213, Last reply by Claire Georgiou - ND on 2013-05-16 21:00:15

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    One more question as I begin this juice reboot. Do you recommend for or against fish oil and supplements? I have been taking about 2 tsps per day in my green smoothing along with Vitamin B, D and probiotic. I ran out of the calcium magnesium supplement I used to take but thought I'd ask about supplements before I bought more. Up until today I threw everything into my green smoothie to get it all down. (Not a big fan of taking pills and have a strong gag reflux.) Should I try to continue with the supplements while juicing or try to mix it into the juice or just forgo altogether?
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Ann Marie

  • coconut oil

    Started by Annie1213, Last reply by Annie1213 on 2013-05-27 07:43:10

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    I have a few questions. I am beginning day 7 and feeling pretty good. I read that coconut oil is good for a sluggish thyroid as well as an antifungal. What is the best way to integrate that into the juice? I have also read that caprylic oil is also a good anti fungal. Can I just put a few drops in the juice? What would you recommend?
    Many thanks,
    Ann Marie


  • Raya's Warriors

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    Just completed a guided 60 Day Diabetic Reboot with our coach Rhaya. Group members wanted to continue with the program and stay in touch with one another. Giving support when its needed an exchanging stories & tips. Open to one and all.

  • February 12th Guided Reboot (60 Days Diabetes)

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    February 12th - April 11th, 2015

*Individual results may vary. Reboots are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any medical or health condition. Reboots are not recommended for everyone, and before commencing a Reboot or any other nutritional or dietary regimen, you should consult with your qualified health care provider in order to assess any potential benefits or risks to you with consideration of your personal medical situation. You should also continue to work closely with your qualified health care provider if you intend to engage in a long-term Reboot. Our Guided Reboot Programs are not advised for women who are pregnant or nursing.