Anna Banana

  • Location: t2e0s6
  • About: I train and eat clean everyday already, by eating clean I mean Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Sugar Free eating lifestyle; therefore, I am looking forward to seeing if this juice fast will help me further and remove my ailments for good. I live a very active and holistic lifestyle. I am a Reiki Master, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life coach among many other things, while my partner is a personal trainer and nutritionist. We are both excited to see what this will do for me, going beyond the healthy lifestyle we already live. Currently I am trying to finish my Masters in Psychology and obtain my 500 RYT in Yoga. This experience will help me see if this is something I would also offer helping clients as well.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: I am seeking to be rid of my costochondritis and hypoglycemia if possible. Getting leaner from this would be a bonus.
  • Favorite Juice? Kale, avocado, mixed berries shake
  • Food temptation? desserts

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