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  • About: Constant yo-yo battle for me... every year I gain 30 lbs or so back over the winter, then fight like hell to lose it for the summer. Even after losing weight each spring/summer I haven't gotten within 15 pounds of my optimal weight in over 20 years. I usually do a 10-day reboot in the spring to get me going, and manage to lose the 20 - 30 lbs, but almost like clockwork I eventually gain it all back in the fall/winter. I'm just a couple years away from 50, and each year it gets a little harder and a little harder... and I carry most of it around the waist. Heart disease runs in my family, and I'm determined to stop this vicious cycle...
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: After watching Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2, I found Phil's situation heart-breaking. According to the film, finding a positive community can make the difference. This is my attempt to find that community to help me stop the up and down weight ride once and for all.
  • Favorite Juice? Don't really have a favorite I guess.
  • Food temptation? Way too many to list... but ribs and ice cream are tops.
  • Birthday: Oct 08

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  • alxslaven

    4 years ago

    Trip down to see Joe in Pittsburgh was fantastic! He met and exceeded all expectations! Thanks Joe for the for making the 4-and-a-half hour drive down well worth the time, and the new book is great!

  • alxslaven

    4 years ago

    * for making the... :)

  • alxslaven

    4 years ago

    Wife and I are going down to Pittsburgh tomorrow to meet Joe at a Barnes and Noble book signing. Totally psyched! We're also looking forward to our first visit to a Whole Foods while we're down there (we don't have one anywhere around us yet).

    Since starting my fight to get a handle on this yo-yo battle on May 15th (five weeks ago) I'm down 25 pounds and feel fantastic! I've got 10 - 15 pounds to go, and the loss has slowed considerably, but this is a marathon, not a sprint. I don't care if it takes me another year to get down to my goal as long as I keep heading in the right direction! Cliche or not... slow and steady wins the race...


    4 years ago

    Thanks for the tips. I am so excited for your success. Also I like the post about after your reboot. That is what I am getting worried about keeping off the weight and not falling back into bad habits but I will definitely remember what you have written. Also I am soooo jealous you get to meet Joe! Have fun! Thanks again!

  • alxslaven

    4 years ago

    Thanks for the kind words NON. I think most of us know that losing the weight is much easier than keeping it off (and losing the weight isn't THAT easy). Phil Staples is my cautionary tail... I'm pulling so hard for him to come back in Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead 3 and show that he's turned it around again! If there isn't a FSND 3, then I'll just have to stick to pulling for him (and all of us) here on the site and continue to send out positive thoughts and energy. We can do it!

  • alxslaven

    4 years ago

    So I'm almost a week out of my 23-day juice-only reboot and I just feel like I need to share this... both for anyone who may be interested, and for myself.

    This winter/spring I dieted myself down from 232 to 219 before I started my fast. My weight at its highest was 244 lbs and I consider my healthy weight to be somewhere in the 175-185 lbs range (I'm 47 and 5' 11"). Every year losing that "winter weight" has been harder and harder and by the time I got down to 219 I was feeling like I was running up the down escalator. Depression was kicking in hard and I wasn't looking forward to summer vacation at all (I'm a teacher). On a whim, I decided to re-watch Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead 1 & 2... and it did exactly what I was hoping it would do. I decided it was time for another reboot.

    This year was my fourth yearly juice-only reboot but I'd never done more than 10 days. I decided to push it this year and go for 21 (and tacked 2 on at the end because I was feeling good and wanted to end it on a Sunday). I ended the reboot down 22 pounds at 197 and felt great throughout the "cleanse". I drank 4-6 big juices per day and added lemon water and coconut water whenever I felt like it. I made a point to make sure I wasn't restricting calories too much. I also added unflavored high-quality whey protein powder and ground flax seed or chia seeds to all of my juices for the final week. When I finished, I braced myself for that 5 (or more) pound weight gain from going back to solid foods.

    I've been easing back into foods in the best ways possible. Mostly veggies (some cooked but most raw), some fruit, some beans, some nuts (but not too much). I've also been continuing with the protein powder and ensuring each of my meals includes some form of Omega-3s (fish oil, ground flax seeds, chia seeds, walnuts, etc.). It's actually part of a "method" my wife and I found a seminar series for on fmtv and we've really been buying into it. I don't know how much credit I should give to what, but five days after ending my reboot the most I gained was 1 pound (and that was the day after I started eating again). Since then I've been bouncing around the 196 -198 range... which I'm totally happy with. Beyond happy actually... I'm psyched!

    I've decided to stay with the veggies, fruits, beans and nuts for the remainder of June. I'm going to enjoy a burger (or two) at our family 4th of July picnic, then I'm going to continue working the method. I'm sick of the "all or nothing" mentality I've had all my life (if I'm in healthy mode, then I'm 100% in and if I'm in junk food mode I'm 100% in... there is no moderation mode). So what's different this time? Well... I hope that I am. But I need help. We've all been witness to the difference between what happened Joe and what happened to Phil. I'm here trying to find that sense of community. I'm also working on making mental/emotional changes based on the method mentioned above (google Jon Gabriel if you're interested... and no, I have no affiliation with him or the method... I just think it's helping me). By visiting rebootwithjoe every day and reading, writing, and sharing I'm hopeful that my resolve can stay strong and I can make the life-long change for good. I told my wife that this is it. We know that yo-yo dieting isn't good for you, and I've yo-yo'd the 20 - 30 lbs every year for too many years to bother counting. I'm done with it. Either I tame the beast now, or I accept that my body wants to stay in the 220s and live with it. I'm drawing the line.

    I don't expect too many people to read all this. Like I said, this is for me as much as it's for anyone else. By putting it out in the universe I'm giving it power... I hope. I'll update as I move forward, and eventually if the method works then the post will be boring over and over and over. Maybe something like, "...still maintaining 183 pounds and healthy. Been fluctuating between 180 and 185 for six years now so all's well.". That's the plan. Best wishes to everyone on their journey to regain their health! :)


  • alxslaven

    4 years ago

    Forgot to mention that my wife and I are driving down to Pittsburgh (from Rochester NY) to meet Joe at a signing next Friday! So excited! I don't know if he takes the time to allow for pics with him or not but I'm keeping my fingers crossed! His films have really really made a difference in our lives!


  • What about protein?

    Started by alxslaven, Last reply by I am Groot on 2015-06-17 23:29:14

    Number of Replies: 19

    Where are we getting our protein from while we do juice-only reboots?


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