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  • First Day: Some questions

    Started by Ali, Last reply by Jon on 2013-09-26 13:20:39

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    Ok, saw the documentary twice and decided to go in for a 60day with my wife and some friends. My wife is only doing a two week but i'm going all the way.

    Day one is easy peasy so far. I'm starting with Days 6-15 of the 15 day plan (basically skipping the transition in). The fridge is stocked with enough veggies for the next 5 days and my wife and I have a breville je98XL. So far so good. I think the juicer is great for fruit, but so-so for green veggies.

    I made the Apple Ginger Carrot juice this morning but used too much ginger. I wont' make that mistake again!

    I have a couple of questions I'm hoping you all can help with. It took a LONG time to make all the juice for the day this morning. I made the apple ginger carrot, cleaned everything up then made the mean green juice.

    Question #1: Would it be ok to make the juice the night before? It took me about an hour this morning and that's just too long.
    Question #2: I'm using plastic squeezy bottles (camelbak) to lug the juice to work. Anyone have recommendations on portable glass bottles that are easy to clean?

  • Day 3 of 60: Progress & Questions

    Started by Ali, Last reply by lindsay.butler.7186 on 2013-09-29 22:13:53

    Number of Replies: 2

    Hey all, Day 3 and so far so good. I was a bit hungry and grumpy yesterday but that's because I wasn't drinking the coconut water. Picked some up today and that's helped a lot. Also, it was tough cleaning up dinner after the kids. man those burritos looked good :D Really though, it wasn't that bad.

    Quick question: I picked up some voss sparkling water because i'm cheap and wanted to get the glass bottles. I'm wondering if it's ok to mix the juice with voss water?

  • Need a replacement for "Garden Variety"

    Started by Ali, Last reply by Ali on 2013-10-27 21:27:08

    Number of Replies: 9

    Need a replacement for "Garden Variety"

  • Google+ Juicing Community

    Started by Ali, Last reply by Ali on 2013-10-24 09:43:59

    Number of Replies: 0

    Google+ Juicing Community


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