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  • Concerned about too much vitamin K

    Started by ALFie, Last reply by ALFie on 2015-02-01 00:28:43

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    Which leafy green can I substute for kale, on a medication that I Ned to limit the vitamin K or add vitamin E to balance it out.

  • Too much vitamin K can be harmful for those juicing

    Started by ALFie, Last reply by ALFie on 2015-02-10 10:55:05

    Number of Replies: 10

    Specific recipe for those who are on blood thinners

  • Post reboot problems

    Started by ALFie, Last reply by ALFie on 2015-03-30 00:46:38

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    completed 60 day reboot, problem digesting food properly



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    New Rebooters that are in/near San Francisco, Bay Area so we can meet on weekly basis as well! I am in Sunnyvale California to be precise...

  • Post Reboot Life - Eating WFPB

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    A group for those who have completed a reboot and are looking to eat a whole food, plant based diet. Feel free to share favorite recipes, success tips, and new goals

  • Cholesterol and Juicing

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    My experience juicing and how it affected my Cholesterol. Please add psyllium husk to help your body get rid of the LDL in your body. Juicing will not do it alone.

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