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  • Joanne

    4 years ago

    I'm handing it over...the recipe: Oven about 180oc

    4 x red peppers, washed and cut in half lengthway - debunk the seeds etc place in an oven proof dish open side up.

    a handful of cherry tomatoes..sliced in half and delicately placed into your cut peppers & grate some freshly grated black pepper over and if liked a bit of dried chilli flakes

    Pesto: (rough quantities)

    2 x garlic cloves (derobed) and crush into your whizzer up thing (I love smoked garlic), then add 2 x wholemeal pitta breads -whizzed up to small bread crumbs in your whizzer up thing then add the juice of 1 whole lemon, good handful of fresh basil leaves and 90ml of water - whizz it all up together, you are looking for a fairly loose mixture, because the pittas soak up alot of water you might need to add more. Once your happy with your 'pesto' spoon it all graceful like into your peppers, then add some crumbled feta over your peppers. Cover with some foil and roast for a good 20 mins - remove foil and cook for a bit longer to potentially brown the feta a bit..keep an eye..as the 'pesto' can dry out a little..which is why it's good to have it a shade runny to begin with.

    Bring out of oven - admire your handywork and serve with a salad...yum (well it looks yum, 100% juicing means I just get to look longingly at it but my husband and son love it)

  • Joanne

    4 years ago

    Haven't had your flight details yet...lol ! Hope you're having a good day. So happy to hear you are worship leading - Praise Jesus!

    I could do with prayers...sermon to be written for Sunday,then another for next week, then next bible teaching, and I've been requested to preach at another Church today by the minister there - I went for my walk with Bridget and whilst I walked..I said "Lord, thank you for this new opportunity" Summer of 2013 I asked Him for an increase in my preaching ministry and teaching ministry - left it with Him..the bible group I teach was birthed it's called "Engage" (with God, with His Word, with each other and beyond)..and in the March of 2014 I got a call completely out of the blue asking if I would preach at a different denomination church - and now today okay it's the same denomination church but a different one...I am praying that the congregation will ask for me to come back - my own denomination (Methodist) accept my preaching in the circuit of churches in our area, accept in my own home church - where many members refuse to come and worship the living God when I am planned..where I live I grew up from the age of 4 (but I left at 20 and returned 12 years ago) - they say a prophet is not welcome in their own home town - I experience that so much. I'm a straight down the line preacher because I love God and I love His people my brothers and sisters - I will be held accountable for my preaching gift - being faithful in it - despite rejection at my home church is paramount - if I had the problem elsewhere I would seriously think it was my preaching, but it can't be!

    Be blessed, grace and peace to your and your husband in Jesus Christ of Nazeraths' Name.

  • ajan3

    4 years ago

    oh wow! Well aren't you the coolest?!?! When you are called to minister, He will provide. I grew up Methodist. I sing in a non denominational church and it's great! Well I'm so blessed to know you on this forum! Keep preaching the Word! Even if just reach one, that's one more for kingdom! Amen! God bless you and your family...enjoy and juice on.


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    Hey all! Who's working out and juicing??

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    Getting rebooted for a tropical destination wedding in August!

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    Thinking twice about my method


  • Pounds and Proverbs

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    Pounds and Proverbs is a place, for those of us that have pounds to lose, to post words of wisdom that keep us moving forward in this journey to take back our health. Please, no theological debates.... keep that in a private message amongst yourselves. I see Joe Cross as the Evangelist to Health that Billy Graham is to Spiritual Health. I thank God for Joe Cross! ~Janet S.

  • Work out and Juice it

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    Hi fellow Juicers! I was on this website trying to find a workout and juicing group! I could not find one so I decided I'd try to start one. I think it's important to be active and healthy at the same time. What kind of movement activities or exercises are you doing while juicing? What kinds of juices do you find give you energy to workout? What are you juicing today?

  • The Healthy Bunch

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    This group is all about sharing our progress and thoughts and of course supporting each other along the road to getting a healthier life. Everybody is welcome to join us!

  • 30/30 JUICE & GOD

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    I am going on what I call a 30/30 Juice & God diet. Starting June 1 - 30 for 30 days I will only juice (oh boy!) and spend 30 minuets a day reading the Bible (poooof dusting off the Good ol' Book). I want to "reboot" both physical body and Spiritual. I want to connect to people and find a support group who are going on a juice fast and/ or would like to read Bible during this journey. I am 5'1 (no shorty jokes I like that part about me lol) and weight is 182.5 (grrr head down). I will take whatever weight comes off this round of fasting but ultimately my goal is to loose 60lbs and have COMPLETE BODY -SOUL HEALTHLY. Is that possible? I want fitness and God with me for life and I am in the process of making lifestyle choices. I have had a long LOVE AFFAIR and am still weak in the knees over CHOCOLATE. Sweets is for sure my weakness. I go to a big church here in Cincinnati, Ohio called Crossroads. We just finished a journey called THE BRAVE. My small group and this series helped direct me to what my next steps are and THIS IS IT. As scary as it is for me I feel good about this an know it will be hard. I have my loving husband Viktor of almost 7 yrs cheering me on but I know I will need all the help I can get. Looking for people who are looking to JUICE & READ BIBLE. Anyone really who wants to give suggestions, advice, encouragement and support. In meantime, I am prepping for day 1 - Can't wait to meet you.

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