• About: Hello to Everyone ! I'm a young adult who has come to realize that adulthood ain't that easy . I've been overweight nearly my whole life and what started the weight gain is my favorite food : fast food . I was always a very insecure and secluded young girl . I thought of myself as very ugly , different and unwanted . Along with my maturity , my grace and self esteem has increased dramatically . I'm very good hearted and goofy . Making people smile is 9 times out of 10 a part of what makes my day a good one .
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: I've began my juice fast on September 8th and am currently on my 11th day . Like a lot of others , I became inspired by the journey that Joe Cross and Phil Staples had taken to live a better and healthier lifestyle . I find myself becoming lonely on this journey and missing what I crave the most : food . I spent over $1300 on Culver's alone by Agust this year and that doesn't count the miscellaneous stops to other fast food joints . I developed an addiction to my favorite fast foods and perhaps even food in general . I want to be here with like minded people . I have hope that this can serve as an island of competency that would gear me towards success . And once that transpires , 8 can go on to help others go about on traveling the road less traveled . It will all pay off in the end . UPDATE: I had juiced another time for 11 days and lost a total of 31 lbs . Unfortunately, I have gone from 219lbs (my lowest in years) back up to 243.2lbs . Today (01/27/17) , I am down to 236lbs ! I'm not sure how long I plan to go . I do have a dean of completing a 30 day juice fast ! We shall see !
  • Favorite Juice? Cucumber
  • Food temptation? Culver's

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