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  • Rebooters from Germany

    9 members

    03/02/2019 08:01 PM

    Looking for people from Germany, who are rebooting or did it.

  • Gardening for A Juice Inspired Life

    9 members

    03/29/2018 05:37 AM

    Are you ready? Let's create some space in containers, or yards, to grow our own fruits and vegetables for juicing! We know the benefits of growing our own food, so no lecture needed from me! Let's relax, make exercise fun by gardening. Please share cooking, and juicing tips. Perhaps in the future, we can create a seed library and webinars...

  • 1-7-17 60 day challenge no better day to start....

    2 members

    01/12/2017 09:40 AM

    Diabetes/weight loss/positive support

  • District-Maryland-Virginia (DMV) Reboot

    4 members

    04/08/2017 10:18 PM

    In the fast-paced, cut throat, everybody is #1 DMV, community is more often than not...lacking. If you are looking for support as you Reboot, please consider joining this group.

  • Monthly Weight Loss Challenge Feb. 2017

    10 members

    09/12/2017 11:26 AM

    Welcome to join us for monthly competition on weight loss! we don't believe in quick fix, we believe in gradually getting into our best shape that nature has designed for us through consuming veggies and fruits. Here's our calculation formula: Feb. 28 weight / Feb. 1 weight= % weight lost

  • New Year New You

    7 members

    03/11/2017 05:50 AM

    Hi Everyone, I'm about to start at least a 10 day reboot starting Sunday January 1st 2017. I'm using a guided process by following the recipes in the "10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse" by author JJ Smith. I wanted to see if anyone would like to join me on this journey. You don't have to follow the recipes I'm using but have to be willing to commit to at least 10 days. Once we're done we can each individually decide to continue or stop your choice.

  • Success and nothing less

    2 members

    12/22/2016 10:36 AM

    Hello, I am starting a 60day reboot tomorrow.. all are welcomed.

  • New Year's 60-Day Juice Fast

    70 members

    07/04/2018 02:36 PM

    It's time to get my butt in gear and lose these extra pounds. Join me in this "NO FOOD TALK" group for a 60-Day Juice Fast beginning on January 1.

  • Bend OR reboot group

    2 members

    01/02/2017 12:23 PM

    Live in Central Oregon on the fringe of the Cascades? This group set up to support others who would like to gain health, lose weight, and gain energy to participate fully in all the awesome activities the region offers.

  • 60 Day starting November 22

    7 members

    01/08/2017 01:46 PM

    I'm starting a 60 day reboot today, November 22nd, 2016, and could really use some support. I'm essentially in the same position Joe was, different disease, but same weight to lose. Please feel free to join regardless of what day you're on.

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