Juicers with special needs (ASD, SPD, OCD, ETC.)

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  • Kouzelna

    3 years ago

    Hi guys, let me know if the group takes off and if so, if you need someone to represent needs such as depression and bipolar disorder. I would be happy to pitch in, if so.

    Good luck to you guys, this is a great idea!

  • Horses4binki

    3 years ago

    hey, I can relate on the texture, I have found if I strain my juice even after I have juiced it, for me that helps, I don't care for the pulpy texture. I'm dealing with a couple of auto immune things and I'm trying this in an effort to better my health. I have been trying to eat green and vegan, but have been to the point to where I get stuck on what to feed myself then end up being soooo hungry from waiting that I go get something which then in turn makes things worse for me. I hope we can do really well on this.

  • Kickez

    3 years ago

    I wanted to start a group for others who might be facing challenges relating to neurological conditions. I personally have never been diagnosed as having Autism, but both my kids have, and I believe I am as well. Part of ASD is sensory issues. All my life I have struggled with knowing when and how much to eat (and being brought up on processed foods had to learn what to eat and break very bad habits). I have difficulties knowing when im full, eat too often, forgetting to eat and becoming over hungry and over eating. Some foods are a problem because I can't stand the texture. I would appreciate hearing from others who can relate!

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