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  • AliAlixy1

    2 weeks ago

    I did TEN days-reboot...actually, I didn't even know there was this community site until just now....but, that aside, I did a full 10 days and feel awesome. I treated myself to a homemade organic burger on spinach just cause I felt like I wanted one. Didn't know about this advice until after the fact about "easing back into food"..well, that aside - did it. And, I realize now why you should "ease into it"....I plan on continuing to juice - just feel so much healthier. Otherwise, I have to say - I did great on my reboot....didn't have fatigue/headaches...even did 1 hr 4 days/week of Orange Theory Fitness training so amped up my weightloss.....For all questioning to do this: DO IT! you won't regret it!!!

  • justlyn

    1 week ago

    That's a fantastic accomplishment!!! Good luck as you transition back into whole foods again :-)

  • Sweetwun

    3 weeks ago


    I am on day 50 of my reboot and feel great lost 30 lbs. and in ten days I will be going off the reboot in part. I intend to still juice often but enjoy some tastes of food that i missed during the reboot. (Yes, that includes gradually adding foods, such as salads etc).

    I am planning on hitting the reboot again after 3-4 weeks off of completely juicing. I still intend to lose 30 lbs more. Would I most likely lose weight more quickly at the beginning of the restarting of this , similar to the one I am currently on. Where i dropped 24 lbs the first 30 days but it has been SLLOOOOOWW going the last couple of weeks?

    Thanks in advance for everyone’s input.


  • justlyn

    2 weeks ago

    @Sweetwun WOW good run on the 50 days (55 today... as this was posted 5 days ago :-)) That is INCREDIBLE!!! How have you felt while on your cleanse? The longest i went was 30 days last April. I 'finally' got around to committing to a 3 day cleanse after months of thinking about it and... I just finished Day 7 today LOL So... it looks like I'm going to go for longer... am thinking 30 days and will take it from there.

    I would like to think that re-introducing solids back into your diet for the 3-4 weeks will be enough to trick your body into responding to the next reboot in the same manner as it did for the first one. People often get stuck at the same weight 'plateau' while following other ways of fueling their body, and its often recommended they change things up, aka add calories or try a new exercise for a few weeks, etc., and then the scale starts moving again.

    I lost 20lbs during my 30 day cleanse last year, but had re-introduced 1 meal a day that consisted of my pulp crackers with homemade hummus and fresh vegetables around day 17 as I was needed to wean back into solids before a 2 week vacation to St. Lucia. I'm not going anywhere this spring, so... I'm thinking strictly juicing for 30 days and am excited to see what my results will be this time around.

    Did you introduce protein powder daily yet? If not, maybe that's all you need to do to get things moving nicely again.'

    Cheers & Happy Juicing!


  • Leslie

    1 month ago

    I thought I would come here to share a link on the Plant-based lifestyle summit coming up, It is free to join so if interested on what to do after a reboot, You may enjoy this! Plant based lifestyle summit i Signed up right away I could use the help!

  • maxgal

    2 months ago

    Hello all,

    I'm fairly new to this website. I just joined another group ("juicing challenge for beginners") yesterday, and this group seems a nice complement to that one. So I am copying my yesterday's post from there into here, because it talks about "real food" in addition to juice, and because it's a bit of a pep talk...

    For those of you who, like me, are a little leery of a juice-only reboot, but still would like some mutual support...

    I finally broke down and got a juicer when I found some ideas on using the pulp. I hate the idea of even putting the pulp in the green bin for composting, because it's perfectly good food -- and it's the roughage! And I go for really simple. So what I've done so far are:

    (1) Salad: Do a beet & ginger juice, or a carrot & ginger juice, then mix the pulp with olive oil and lemon juice and maybe some parsley.

    (2) Crackers: Do a carrot & ginger juice, then mix the pulp with flax seeds that have been soaked overnight in water, and either (a) soy sauce (the traditionally made organic stuff, not the supermarket industrial dreck), or (b) unsweetened shredded coconut. Spread the mix on electric dehydrator trays (use parchment paper!) and dry it for about 12-18 hours, so it's crispy & crunchy. I'd also like to try this one with some greenies added to the carrots, probably something like kale or mustard greens.

    And about this group: I think it's a great thing, with all types of people from all over the place, cheering us all on. And I try not to be strict about stuff in general, because life is hard enough. So it really doesn't matter if you do juice-only, juices & blend-ups, salads, soups... I figure the point is, we're all OK, and we're all in this together.

    So that's it.

    And I hope to read other encouraging words & feel lots of good vibes from everyone -- after all, it's a New Year right around the corner, complete with a full moon on January 1... :)


  • Dave NL

    3 months ago

    Hi, I'm in my 30 day reboot. What is the best way to back to regular food?? Any suggestions?

  • Leslie

    3 months ago

    I think the best way to transition out is to continue juicing and eat one meal a day. Eat only things that you would juice for a few days and give your digestive system at least 3 days to acclimate, you could probably add in fruits and veg that you can;t juice like avocado and banana during these 3 days. Decide what diet you plan to follow over that time and find some recipes that sound good to you. Then begin by eating other items and add them in slowly so you can determine if certain things react in your body that cause inflammation, Here is a link to a site that has good information on ending a cleanse. Ending a juice cleanse

  • [...]

    4 months ago

    Okay so I have been using for quite some time now and I am so amazed by the results. I would honestly recommend this to anyone trying to lose weight! Give it a look and lemme know what you think!

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  • Shari

    4 months ago

    After gaining back way too much wight after my last juice fast in the spring, I decided to try something new for the colder months since I want to have something hot to eat/drink each day during those months. I am having two juices a day in the morning and my first food in the middle of the afternoon. I started yesterday and lost 1.2 pounds the first day. Of course, you can't binge on the food when you have it or it won't work. I just eat a reasonable amount. It will work better on work days since those are pretty scheduled, but weekends will be a challenge and family/work holiday functions too.

    I also made up a new juice if anyone wants to try it. It will make about 30 ounces. I use 1 cup coconut water, 1 medium to large beetroot, 3/8 pineapple, and 2-3 inches of ginger. Let me know what you think about this one.

  • Shari

    4 months ago

    That should read 2 medium to large beetroots, not 1. The edit function is not here anymore.

  • Dahlia

    4 months ago

    Hello Shari, Leslie, and WorldWide

    It is wonderful that you have posted this week. Last winter this group actively shared strategies for success and interesting studies, videos, and recipes relating to health issues. It was a great learning experience.

    Today I made low sugar raspberry chia fruit jam Jam recipe here

    This week my goal is to eliminate Sugar. The chia jam recipe works well without the sweetener. I added a squirt of lemon when I took it off the stove. It will taste lovely on homemade sourdough bread when I bake it tomorrow. Last week I eliminated wine, which was easy to do. I had a rough week, lots of pain. I managed to continue walking and went to my training classes and today I feel better. One day at a time! Juicing went by the wayside.

    It is clean up time in the garden, and I need to spend a few days digging, moving, and feeding the overgrown plants.

    Life should be quieter in ten days and I will post more often.

  • Leslie

    4 months ago

    I am on day 22 of my juice fast, 13 lbs down. going another 8 days.

  • Dahlia

    4 months ago

    Go girl!

  • Shari

    4 months ago

    That's a good rate of loss. Good luck with the rest of the juice fast!

  • WorldWide

    5 months ago

    Family that has been following Dr. Fuhrman's Eat to live for 3 years: She's in her mid 40's

  • Dahlia

    4 months ago

    Thanks for posting. She is concise and to the point.

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