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  • Dick

    30 minutes ago

    Day 14 Results: Starting Weight: 297.6 lbs. New Me Weight: 278.6lbs. Total Loss: 19 lbs.

    Amazed it’s two weeks on the reboot express.... surprised as always by the ups and downs,...loving the paradigm change,...psyched to be investigating all the upcoming food options available when I introduce real solids,....invigorated by the extra energy.....focused on continued growth ......proud to have Big Mike as my juice partner on the other side of the globe and always amazed how a bond can form from a common interest....perplexed by the haters,.....

    Memorial Day- the busiest car buying weekend of the year. Yesterday was busy as hell and I was “busier than a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest”! I love that saying! Lol. Man did I have energy. But the downside was that after my morning caffeine and juice buzz at 8:00, I didn't have another juice until 6:30! Phew I was hurrin’ For certain!

    I’m beginning to feel the desire to weave in a plant based meal soon, not just a tomato based soup, green detox soup or my kraut.....Something substantial and soul satisfying. We’ll see. But right now this express is first and foremost on my mind as is the weight loss. I’m loving it and in synch with Big Mike all the way. With the big cookout weekend just about in the rear view mirror, it’s dull steam stop July 4 weekend! Man, the challenges are lined up like a SAD gauntlet!!

    Still looking at some of the meat options I’ve been presented with and truth be told, still am feeling the desire when I see and smell some of the food around the dealership. I think most of those pangs will subside when I start eating my plant based menu again and find those exciting and tasty substitutes. My go to site is the Food Monster tab on Absolutely phenomenal everyday and seasonal/holiday themed recipes.

    I’m frustrated by my wife who experienced ongoing gut pains, sometimes excruciating. I know (as does she) that it’s diet related but refuses to make a wholesale change to her diet. When she dabbles with a healthy meal, she feels almost immediate results but just can’t commit to a lifestyle change. Her small-minded opinion is “I’m skinny so I’m eating healthy”....even though she’s validated that a better diet without meats, sugars and high fats almost immediately benefits can lead a horse to veggies

    Mike, gripping read of your last blog. We’ve all faced the fat shamers (or whatever the terminology may be). I deal with one at work every day. Interestingly enough, he’s a guy who’s dropped 120 on the all meat keto. He’s a good guy but oh so insecure. He walks around looking for regulars justification to his looks now (he’s still a doughy guy though but thinks he’s Adonis). He actually thinks he looks like Superman/Clark Kent now and has even starting slick his hair, putting that weird curl in it like Superman has, and wearing black horn dimmed glasses like Clark. He’s been showing me these tight fitting nylon T-shirt with the Superman logo on them he wears when he works out. Truth be told, he still looks more like Jack Black than Clark Kent! Funny how your opinion of what one sees in the mirror can differ from reality. But he always loves to put others down now (even more so than before) in an attempt to further elevate himself mentally. On a personal level, he constantly grabs at my love handles, likes to ‘flick’ at my man boobs, just a jerk in that sense... I’ve gone from ignoring him to giving him a stiff forearm now and then. And like you, I’m a pretty big guy under my layer of insulation and can easily send a message with a well placed shove (a throwback to my wrestling days) but he doesn’t get it. I’ve point blank told him he’s insecure with a mean streak. He’s a guy I can set in his place pretty easily with a few sharp words and he gets easily butt hurt. Hmmmmm... now that I think about it, maybe he isn’t that good of a guy after all! Lol!! But he is one of my managers so I put up with him. (car salesmen and managers can be an odd bunch-. People still wonder how I, previously a research scientist, am now a cars salesman. Maybe that I’m 1/2 normal is the reason why I’m the top salesman the last two years at the dealership. Lolol)

    Ok. Two coffees down and it’s time to ‘fire up the Breville’ (as opposed to ‘fire up the grill’). I think I’m due for a quick viewing of FSND in the next few days.

    Juice to reduce and keep living la vie da jugo!!

  • Big Mike

    13 hours ago

    Day 14: And MORE STEAM than I had on Day 1.

    But... evidently, my efforts have not paid off in the “waist disposal” department. I was having a nice day at my daughter’s jr. high annual athletics meet where she shattered the all-time school record for the 100-meter dash. I can’t explain how happy and proud that made me feel, gents. And my daughter was happy, too, beaming from ear to ear. Great day!

    Great until I got fat shamed, that is. Towards the end of the day-long event, I come up to a father of my daughter’s classmate—another foreign father—and a guy I hadn’t seen in some time. And, in front of his wife, and other friends, he proceeds to reach for my stomach and love handles (which to me is the gestural equivalent to fighting words), and goes on teasing me about the weight he senses I’ve gained since the previous time we’ve met. And so I decide to go for his midsection, too, and do the same to him. (I just don’t grin and bare these shit tests anymore.) And, judging by his contorting of his torso in effort to dodge my groping hands, I sense he doesn’t like the taste of his own medicine. And if that wasn’t a strong enough hint to back the blank off, he comes at me with this retort: “Hey, it’s just that last time I saw you, you were like this, and now you’re like thissss...” as he measures off his estimated increase in my girth with his hands in the karate chop position. And I fire back with, “Well, you know, Ken (not his real name), we all get older, we can’t stay young and perfect forever. Unless we’re you, that is. But thanks for pointing it out. That’s nice, real nice.” And my delivery was unmistakably sarcastic, words he immediately registered as such. Then, chucking nervously, he tried to patch things up with me, but in my mind I just wanted to turn my heels and walk away. (I’m not a violent man, but in my mind I was punching him in his festering gob.) And to make things worse, he kept bro hugging me and offering repeated hand shakes which I reluctantly gave. And I thought to myself, ok he’s got it; he’s going to change the topic. But what does he do? He goes at me again! This time with this snarky remark: “You still going to the (public) gym?” a sarcastic question given the fact that he just fat shamed me. But I dignify his question anyway with, “No, I don’t because everyone there teases me about my stomach.” And so by my count that’s two warning shots I’ve given him to back the phuck off. And then I couldn’t believe it, his wife pipes in with, “You know, Mike, we’re at the age now we’ve really got to take care of our heath.” or some similar condescending remark, and by this time I just want to lay into both of them with, “do you have any phucking idea how seriously I take my health?” But I don’t, and instead I just look at them incredulously, and think to myself, “Why, good Buddha, does my day have to end like this?” And then it dawned on me! Ken is jealous. This occurred to me in the following moment. While we were talking, my daughter’s basketball coach runs up to me to congratulate me on my daughter’s breaking of the school’s 100-meter dash record, right? And so I humbly accept her kudos, right? OK, so then the young coach says she’s needed elsewhere and bounds off, politely, leaving me with just Ken and his wife. And the timing couldn’t have been better, and I love my daughter’s coach for what she did in that moment because that sure changed the tone of my talk with Ken and his wife! To Ken and his wife, I didn’t gloat in the least, but instead privately relished in the coach’s praise for my daughter. Then Ken, at this point resembles a slug that’s been sprinkled with salt, like he’s going to bubble up into a seizure of slime like the Wicked Witch of the East (“I’m melting...”), as he proceeds to make excuses as to why his daughter is not breaking school records. I’m sure given his own athletic prowess, he wishes that his daughter would. And again, I give him an incredulous look that could only be interpreted to mean, “just be cool dude, be cool, and stop trying to plot everybody on your He-man Scale of Perfection.” Gosh, parents can be both overly competitive and cruel. And what does that teach our kids? To be no different, IMO.

    Damn, I hate fat shamers. Insecure bastards weren’t loved enough as children and have to spend their whole lives bringing people down. “Why is it that some people just can’t leave other people alone?” (Frank McCourt, Teacher Man)

    Have you ever met anyone who makes you feel bad about your weight, weight they feel is in the “wrong” places? If so, how do you deal with these arseholes?

    Sorry for the rant, gents, but I just don’t know who else to tell this story to. Thanks for reading.

    Juice to Reduce!


  • Dick

    1 day ago

    Day 13 Results: Starting Weight: 297.6 lbs. New Me Weight: 279.0 lbs. Total Loss: 18.6 lbs of unhealthy ugly fat!!

    So the eventual, dreaded swing in the wrong direction. Did nothing different. I’m chalking it up to either my body or my electronic scale acting up. my wife had moved the scale last night and when I slid it into place this morning, wham. the pedestal legs, which are the heart and soul of the scale, clunked and caught in the tile grout. Being a strain style scale (the style and not because of my weight lol),it may just have been compromised. Tomorrow will tell. Again, I’m on course so I’m not alarmed.

    Memorial Day Weekend. Barbecues. They go together like mom and apple pie. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending how one looks at it) I’m in the car business and working all weekend. Plus my daughter flew over to the Bahamas. So that means no cookouts, no temptation, no problems! But still a moment to remember those who Made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.....

    Ok, Gotta blast. Big day ahead. Juice is made, attitude 100%, coffee and green juice coursing through my veins....BOOM! I’m ready to go!! Have a Great day Mike et. al!!

    PS: Mike you asked about a goal. My short term was just to get focused and back in plant based eating. ACCOMPLISHED. Next goal is to drop to 250 ( a loss of 47lbs). IN PROGRESS! that number would bring me back to my lowest weight achieved in 2006 (and also the 100 lb Mark from my all time high). Ultimately, I’d like to get to 230, but let’s hit Tier 2 of my 3 pronged attacking!!

    Juice to reduce by living la vie da jugo!!

  • Big Mike

    10 hours ago

    Hi Dick,

    Good post. You’re rockin! Steadfast and true. Sounds like we have about the same weight goals. I’d love to be 230 or even under, or a lean (muscle-weighted) 230. Let’s keep living and breathing in the good (healthy) life and take this juice train to stations it’s not yet been!

  • Big Mike

    1 day ago

    Day 13: Feelin’ lean as a freshly squeezed Mean Green!

    Met a friend yesterday to receive a large handoff of clothing he no longer wanted—all new stuff, and all my size, or thereabouts. All really nicely made duds: pants, shirts and jackets. It was a generous gesture and a graciously received one at that. I came home and sorted the items into 3 piles: Can Wear Now, Can Wear in 2-3 Weeks, and Can Wear After Liposuction and Excess Skin Removal. There’s one Jacket that Steve McQueen himself would have been happy to have in his wardrobe. It’s like a trucker’s jacket but fits tight like a motorcycle jacket—so much so that I can barely breathe when I zip it up. But I am determined to fit into it properly! And I will, even if it kills. But that means I need to extend my Reboot for another 20 days at least, and squeeze a lot of juice before I can squeeze into it. I think I’ll go until late Juicy June. Let’s hope vanity doesn’t kill me trying! Wearing it now, I see my face and hands turning blue ;-). I’d better take it off!

    Juice to Reduce!


    PS: Dick, You listened to your body and you ate what you ate. And there is no shame in that. In all honesty, I’ve done the same. But, like you, I always get back on track. I’m not filming FSAND 3 here! I’m juicing to my own personal goal, and this Reboot will go on and on until the cows come home, so I’m not putting any undue pressure on myself to ironclad adhere to any one particular regimen. Although I do stay 95% juice. I know now what a full derailment looks like, and I haven’t had one of those yet. But even if I were to hop the tracks, I’d jump back on and never look back. Each time I eat a little something (almost always plant-based, too), I do so deliberately and sparingly. And I enjoy it without guilt. Moreover, I choose viddles that will not inflame. The main problem I have with food—and I think I’ve said this before—is that a lot of it makes my body feel bad afterwards. The wellness of my joints and my energy level in particular suffer when I consume solids, and I just don’t feel as good period. Yesterday, when I met my friend—the one who gave me the clothes—we met at a kitchen cafe. A real cool place called WanderKitchen. Kurosawa San and the folks there know me, and my dietary ways. They’ve seen me at my biggest and smallest. And they’ve never said a thing about it. They’re solely there to nourish the soul: mind and body. And so, I ordered a green salad and I savored every bite. It was my first sit down solid meal in nearly two weeks. Today I’m back to juice only, all wheels on the rails, and again, I’m determined to get into that jacket. And, mark my word, I will be in it by summer. Mind you, in July, I won’t want to wear it, but I’ll fit into that bad boy nonetheless. What’s your goal, Dick, Neal, Zeke, Gentlemen Juicers?

  • Dick

    2 days ago

    Day 12 Results: Starting Weight: 297.6 lbs. New Me Weight: 277.4 lbs. Total Loss: 20.2 lbs of unhealthy ugly fat!!

    And on the 12th day, i hit two major milestones. 1) I cracked the 20 lb threshold. 2) I I broke down. A good milestone and one not-so-good. But under the circumstances I stayed plant based so again I’m not busted up. And what I consumed is actually interesting. So I started with a juice but we had to leave the house on my off day. Didn’t take juice but assumed I’d buy. When time I bought a fantastic juice of kale, spinach, apple and lemon. 28 oz with 200 calorie. No problem. But it wa alike that juice contained a hunger causing pill. From that moment I had an insatiable appetite. We went shopping and while driving my wife consumed a bag of bbq chips and a jam &cheese sub...the smell in the car was like catnip to a cat!! I got home and the floodgates opened. But what I consumed was interesting: first my tomato based soup with chopped veggie Gardinia mix cooked in with a lot of hot sauce. Didn’t suffice. Next up. Sauerkraut. Closer to satisfaction. Finally.....spicy pickles. WTF....And finally at the movies, a handful of popped corn. Couldn’t resist. When I got home, it was a nice chunk of ice cold sweet watermelon. But I stayed true to plant based eating, which was easy but I did go solid. What’s interesting is that this reboot I’ve had a constant craving for spicy, salty and vinegary.....hmmm. Mike (and of course anyone else reading this) have you had any craving on this reboot or dipped your toe into any solid food yet?

    But here’s a new day, juice is through the breville and I’m drinking my java with almond milk. After yesterday, I feel ready to hit the reboot hard. In reality, I stayed true to plant base, still reduced and cracked the 20 lb number. How could I feel nothing but pumped up with no remorse what so ever!

    I also found the juice I drank from Jamba Juice was awesome with Apple and lemon. No celery for a change and light on the kale. What a refreshing drink. But $10 for a drink that at home would have probably cost me $3.50 to make two at home . That’s the price of convenience I guess.

    Ok. Have a great day!! Keep living “la vie da jugo!!

    BTW,. I almost blew a fuse mentally! I usually write this blog on my phone which results in errors. I reread the post once it’s up. I saw a couple misstrokes of the keys so I went to hit edit and my giant sized finger hit delete!!! POOF!! Gone. Almost choked on my coffee!!! Fortunately I didn’t panic and in the space where the message states ‘post deleted’, out of desperation I hit the edit button. Viola! The deleted post reappeared! Phew. I’ve forgottwn the times I’ve nuked truly Shakespeaeian posts over the years and was relieved to have found a way to circumvent this blasted post eating website. Juice on!!

  • Big Mike

    2 days ago

    Day 12: Time to delve into it.

    First off: Dick! Awesome stuff. You are a legendary Juicer, and I think Joe should recognize that fact. I’m serious. You’re living it, doing it, juicing it, and losing it (while staying sane ;-) And you’re the most reliable juice fast mate I know. Always a pleasure and honor to do these Reboots with you. If I didn’t have you to Reboot with—man—this whole business would be pretty boring. Thanks for the nice words. But I too find your brand of blogging just the sort of thing I want to read with my cuppa coffee, which is what I’m doing right now. And I don’t want it to stop. I want this Reboot to take us all to the Promise Land! I don’t know what’s gotten into me recently, but I just don’t want this Reboot to stop. I love it. There have been many major shifts in my life of late, but hands-down, juicing has been the best shift I’ve made in ages. It’s the thing that has most improved my QOL and overall health. And juicing with you has made me feel like I’m not some sort of freak. We all know how much (twisted) phycology surrounds food and human eating rituals. Society is cruel when it comes to this. But I’m starting to just ignore our food culture, and eat/drink to the beat of our Gentlemen Juicers’ drum instead. Knowing I have a buddy in Florida who’s adopted this dietary lifestyle is comforting to say the least. I don’t need any other support or reassurance. You feel great, I feel great, and so let everyone tease us about our dietary habits. I’m not out to convert anybody or start a movement. I just want to be a living example to myself. That’s all. And if that example resonates with others around me, well that’s fine, too. I would welcome anyone into the world of juicing. It’s a nice world to be in.

    Second: Neal! Absolutely, stay on board, or by sidelines. Good to have you here. There’s absolutely no pressure to juice. What you’ve done, what you’re doing, and the way you write about it fits right in with us. And I think Dick would agree. We’re all on the same page and with the same goal in sight: to stay healthy and live vibrant, desease-free lives. And all the effort and passion put into that pursuit all matters. ALL of it. All the hacks, the tips, the tricks, the whatever, somehow it all creates new possibilities. And to be sure there are future possibilities we haven’t dreamed of yet. That’s exciting.

    Let’s keep on sharing and keep on going and going and going... there’s no end to our wellness. And if there is, I’m sure we’ll find ourselves levitating over a lotus pond as the Heavens shine down on us! To that end...

    Juice to Reduce!


  • Dick

    2 days ago

    Day 11 Results: Starting Weight: 297.6 lbs. New Me Weight: 277.8 lbs. Total Loss: 19.8 lbs!. I knew there was a good weight drop day coming! Just shy of twenty pounds.

    Who would of thought that two weeks ago when I was shoveling in cruise buffet fare onto my plate 5x a day I’d be living “la vie da jugo”!!

    Feeling good. Surprised at the sustained energy levels. Yesterday I worked 5 hrs longer than I was scheduled and ran out of juice. I was trapped at work with only my clients, me and the vending machine. I didn’t buckle. I did Bring my clients who were late at the dealership to the machine for a snack and I took a moment to survey the landscape....nothing but a display of garbage to eat. Hard to believe that I could ever make a selection out of that selection of highly processed crap. Plus a few ‘healthy’ ones like fried veggies sticks...basically potato chips in the shape of colored veggie sticks. My Lord.

    So today is my one day off for the week. As always a bit of a challenge since I am not buffered by my job and have the freedom to roam about the temptation and garbage food wasteland.

    I am so impressed by Mike’s attitude and wish I had the same. Although absolutely committed to the reboot and thrilled by the results, I’m not as pumped and positive as Mike is. I appreciate he bringing his motivational and positive thoughts our juice blog. Alternative thoughts in addition to (and in contrast to) my more analytically skewed thoughts and observations help drive me. Plus just us taking the time to reflect on our thought and daily events and putting them down in print is so motivational to keep us focused.

    I do a lot of walking at work. I told my wife this morning that my feet don’t hurt as much as in the past. Walking 10k steps a day on all types of terrain with dress shoes takes its toll. Now I’m carrying 20 fewer lbs that are clearly reducing g the stress on my feet and I feel the difference. It’s like I no longer carrying the weight of a case of water ( as an example of the equivalent weight) with me where ever I go!

    So time to juice. I’m fighting the urge to do my otherwise weekly trip to the Thai restaurant with my wife that we’ve done for years on my day off. Soon, I’ll be plant based and mixing my meals to continue my weight loss. And I will find lots of alternative items on the menu to enjoy with her again. And Funny, I am visualizing all the great plant based meals I can create again and truly see how my options are greater than what I had settled into. But for now, focus...focus....focus.


  • Neal 2017

    3 days ago

    Hello Gentlemen Juicers,

    Where to begin? First, congrats on getting getting the juicing group back together. It reminds me of Jake's famous line in the Blues Brothers, "We're putting the band back together."

    It's seems you guys are determined and well-directed. But I'll be on the sidelines this time around, though I have to admit I'm very tempted: the micro-nutrient buzz is hard to pass up, and I always somehow 'enjoyed' the challenge. I may join next time around. But for now I'll stick to my present routine.

    I don't know when it actually happened, but I do recall Mike introducing me to Joe & juicing, and then later on to intermittent fasting, perhaps some two or three years ago. And, to be honest, it was all life changing! Absolutely. Joe & juicing got the weight off, for sure, but more importantly, and this is hard to explain, hard-wired me to change my view of eating on a personal level, and on how I look at the way societies have been duped into poor dietary choices. SAD comes to mind. I no longer accept that status quo for food consumption, rather I eat far less, and am far more selective in my food choices. Statements like "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day" give me pause to chuckle. Likewise, intermittent fasting squares perfectly with my life style. With it, I maintain my weight, have extra time, and feel quite healthy. I might also mention that I have held fast to a morning exercise routine--stretching and light calisthenics for the same past two years.

    To be sure, sticking to such habits is tough. In fact, I had one dietary falling out at the end of last year because I was going through a very stressful time. I gained back 15% of my total body weight, up to almost my heaviest weight ever! Interestingly, though, I was able to shed most of that weight by going on a steamed-vegetable diet with copious amounts of olive oil for five weeks. Broccoli, oh broccoli! Broccoli with cabbage, carrots...

    I enjoy reading your postings, so if you don't mind, like I said, I'll be a sideline supporter following your amazing results, posting the occasional health or life style link, and piping in with a thought or two.

    Hang tough Gentlemen! You'll be singing glory sooner than you realize.



    P.S. I am right at the end of my 16 hour fast, and need to have lunch.

  • Big Mike

    3 days ago

    Day 11: 4 am and my engine’s already revvin’! And so will my Hurom soon here, masticating my fuel for the day. My body feels like a lean and efficient machine. When I pour juice into it, it’s as if the juice goes straight into my cells. It’s amazing, just amazing. My energy levels are high throughout the day, and I feel light and high spirited. With nothing in my gut weighing me down, I feel invincible. This is what I call the “juice high”. I’m supercharged, superjuiced!

    Just a heads up, Dick (et al.), as I near the two week mark, I am planning to add plant-based protein (pea protein powder) to my regimen as prescribed by Joe Cross. I’d also like to start lifting again, though I’ll start out with a fairly light routine and build up over time.

    Let’s keep this train a steamin’ down the line, Dick. For you other gents, jump on anytime!

    Juice to Reduce!


    Other charges: apple cider vinegar (with mother) & water, Itoen kale water, soda or sparkling water, coffee and this: Wim Hof breathing. Not quite ready for cold showers, but going in that direction, possibly daily ice baths in the near future.

  • Dick

    4 days ago

    Day 10 Results: Starting Weight: 297.6 lbs. New Me Weight: 279.8 lbs. Total Loss: 18.0 lbs!.

    It’s not the 18’s breaking that pesky 270’s barrier- now on to the 260s!

    Still struggling with hunger pangs. I spend a lot of time fantasizing over what plant based delights I’ll be preparing and eating once the juice portion of my diet is over. I’ve been scoping out better burgers and ultimate burgers, a cauliflower crust pizza....anything!! Lol

    I think I’m not drinking enough juice. I’d like to incorporate a few more juices for variety but I’m not sure what I want. And truth be told, time is a premium to be screwing around making all kinds of juices.

    Mike, to your question, no one has remarked on my weight loss yet. A 6% weight loss on a 197 lb man with looser fitting clothing isn’t very noticeable. Probably when I hit 25 or so next week. :;)

    That’s it for now. Ack to my three favorite grinds- coffee, juice and work! Have a great day!!

  • Big Mike

    3 days ago

    18 pounds is nearing the weight of a sack of potatoes, Dick. That’s awesome. Another sack and I’m sure you’ll notice, and that’s what really matters. Let’s just stay on this trajectory and see where it takes us. Keep on juicin’ it up, brother!

*Individual results may vary. Reboots are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any medical or health condition. Reboots are not recommended for everyone, and before commencing a Reboot or any other nutritional or dietary regimen, you should consult with your qualified health care provider in order to assess any potential benefits or risks to you with consideration of your personal medical situation. You should also continue to work closely with your qualified health care provider if you intend to engage in a long-term Reboot. Our Guided Reboot Programs are not advised for women who are pregnant or nursing.