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  • Dick

    10 hours ago

    Quick recap of my see-saw start/finish weights the past 12 years:

    Wayback Weight 2007: 341.2 lbs (251.2)

    Reboot 2014: 302.4 (250.0)

    Reboot May 2019: 297.6 (265.6)

    Day 0 Reboot: 265.6 lbs (goal 230)

    First of all, Dale and Freddie, thanks for the encouraging words and help in getting me on the right mind set for this juice only RE-reboot. It’s obvious that I’ve been on a roller coaster ride the past couple months, going strong & experiencing great success on the juice only path only to stagnate and eventually go backwards the last few weeks. Time to put on the brakes and refocus (which i took the time to do so yesterday). On a positive note, I did succeed in turning off the SAD food intake and become a plant based eater once again after a couple years of dancing with the food devil.

    Last night, I prepped my favorite morning beet/carrot/orange and a lot of my modified mean green. I’m not sure about continuing with my plant-protein shake but at this stage I’m going to stick with it since I’ve been meat free and feel I should continue that intake. I also need to freshen up the veggie bin too.

    It was encouraging on my last day of plant based eating yesterday to drop a pound at weigh in this morning , so I head into this new juice-only phase with a positive attitude. Away we go!

  • Buckmaster

    20 hours ago

    Sorry to hear of your struggles Dick.

    when I am trying to cut weight I must avoid all non-raw foods. My best results are when I am full juicing, but I did get some great results from a hybrid plan where I had single raw meal plus juice twice daily.

    I feel that we have been conditioned to "need" foods that were never intended to eat. Somewhere we were taught to eat all those filler foods. My realization is that we only need whole foods based on fresh veggies, fruits, and I my case... meat.

    For me, losing weight takes some sort of major change in diet. Keeping it off means eating as raw as possible and adding activity to increase fuel burn. I don't think there is much more to it all. When I did 104 days of juice last year I spent a lot of time thinking and planning on what I would eat when I returned to solid food. I saved dozens of recipes and planned on eating lots of items that mimicked the bad foods I used to eat. then it hit me that I needed to break the cycle of believing I needed to substitute foods and learn to love the food as it is grown. This is where it gets tough for many people, giving up bread, drinks, most snacks, and accepting that we were conditioned to eat these things, conditioned by big business.

    The fuel value of food is what I rate before eating. the more an item is handled/processed/cooked/combined, the worse it is for me.

    The bottom line here is that full juicing is the fastest way to weight loss, and at least for me it is also a way to completely turn off the desire to eat solid food. It may seem tough and it is actually a big challenge....but it is also the quickest way to lose weight that I have ever known....thanks to Joe Cross for his sharing his success!!!

  • Freddie

    20 hours ago

    I totally agree with you Buck. When I let in processed anything, I start to see the scale tick up. When I keep it whole food and vegan, and "raw" (but I do heat up / cook stuff) I have the most weight loss success. Definitely Juice Only has the most effective results, but I have also done quite well with One Meal a Day plans, with Smoothie for lunch and a vegan dinner plans, and with Juice. I can also tell you the other key for me to "keeping it off" and not increasing on the scale, is closing my kitchen after dinner. If I don't allow myself to eat from when I leave the table until morning, the weight gain stays away. Evening "snacking" has caused so much of my weight gain over the years and is something I have to work hard to keep control of.

    @Dick - I started this juice only run because I had false started many things leading up to it, and then dropping off of plan and struggling. I find when I struggle most, forcing a Juice Only is my only successful way to get back on track. Joe Cross aptly called it a Reboot.

    Day 13 update - Stayed perfectly on plan, have juices in the fridge and ready for tomorrow, and I'm off to bed soon. Haven't done the numbers in a few days so here they are:

    Day 1 (2014) - 250lbs

    Day 1 (This Juice Run) - 205.8 lbs.

    Day 13 (Today) - 194.0 lbs

    Lost so far on this JO - 11.8 lbs.

    Stay Healthy Gentlemen.

  • Dick

    1 day ago

    Day 61 - Starting Weight: 297.6 lbs. New Me Weight: 26.6 lbs - total lost 31.0 lbs).

    See my continued that weight gain trend? So do I and I feel like a helpless bystander. This is really bothering me that no matter how I start my day with best intentions, I continue to sabotage myself with my diet. I’m in that danger zone of not eating meat but eating a lot of processed and empty calorie foods. Yesterday and the previous day, juice didn’t make it over my lips although Ive got all my veggies in house to make what I need. Work brought in Boston Market chicken and yeah, I avoided the chicken and my lunch consisted of a ‘safe’ selections. But not really. Salad, steamed veggies (probably covered in butter I’m guessing) and their famous and deadly creamer spinach. Creamed spinach so good it would buckle your knees. Lol. And that it did. Got home and had a better than beef burger and Brussels sprouts and topped it off with a low carb protein bar. Only 120 calories but....

    So, I am at a crossroad. Fighting the fight and losing. Eating solids and not able to pull myself up to the juice table. And only a few weeks ago I was 1.6 lbs away from the 250s and this morning I’m 6.6 away. My only consolation is that I’m still over 30 lbs lost if that’s of value.....

    I just can’t seem to get back on track and motivate myself to go all juice and that’s where I need to be. I’ll coast through today with my remaining juice and protein drink. I must somehow get my sh*t together and back in the game. But I must tell you I have absolutely 0% drive right now. I am throwing myself at the mercy of the court! Lol. Any ideas of how to RE-motivate myself? I know it’s all on me. Mike, you eluded to the fact that you haven’t been juicing too much either and looking to soon start a juice run. I think tomorrow’s the day for me. I will be 100% defeated if I fall under 30 lbs lost.

    Odd thought, but people are still coming up to me and asking how much I’ve lost and how good I’m looking. Odd that although flattering, im now almost embarrassed and somewhat guilty feeling that I’ve gained weight. Interesting how different I feel from 3 weeks ago.

    I’m hoping me airing out my dirty laundry will how clear my mind and help me refocus. This is tough. Remaining here on GJ site and reading your gents blogs is helpful and makes me somewhat envious as to how your staying on track.

    Let’s see if I can limp through today and gather up the moxie to start all over again. And I think I’m going to scrap my day sixty-something and start at day 1. I just need a complete reset. Send out those positive vibes guys. I’m ready to re-re-Reboot tomorrow (well today with my attitude adjustment from my check up from the neck up and then I’m going for 100% juice for at least 7 days. Monday it is! Think about joining me Mike. OK?

  • Buckmaster

    1 day ago

    Sunday morning: Black coffee and 2.5 bananas. Didn't have bananas yesterday so I had to catch up!

    Didn't get a lot accomplished on the bathroom yesterday, it took a while to get back into the groove on the project. In preparation for the big family reunion vacation I had cleaned up all the tools and materials so I had to find it all again.

    Today I work on the drain lines and maybe get time in on the water supply lines.

    I am a bit envious of Freddie in the vein of how one feels when fully juiced. That feeling of empowerment when the micronutrients are in full force and no hunger exists.

    RAW power to all!

  • Freddie

    1 day ago

    Stopping by to give updates for Day 11 and Day 12 (Today)

    Day 11 & 12 were flawless Juice only days. On Day 11 the office ordered Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza for lunch. There was food everywhere. I drank my Green Juice and stayed away from everything. Went to bed feeling quite good.

    Day 12 was flawless as well today. I took the kids to the swimming pool and chased them around in the water and on the waterslides for 3 hours. Stayed completely on plan, but I'll tell you that 3 hours in a leisure center is a lot on juice only. I am gassed. But I got in my 3L of water as well, and am looking forward to wrapping up the Next few days. Going to go until Thursday (Day 17). Adding in 2 days for the day that I made a few slips.

    Stay Healthy Gentlemen.

  • Big Mike

    1 day ago

    Day 62

    Nothing really special to say or do today, but I just want to report something, and stay true to myself, and stay true to you. Truth be told: not a day goes by that I don’t think about health and general wellness, mindfulness and happiness. And my mind is fully dilated, my antenna up, my Bluetooth and WiFi on, all roaming for something anything good to add to my life. I’m glad I was open to Joe’s idea, and that I didn’t just blow it off. I know there are those who would watch a film like FSAND and it would go in one eye and or ear and not long after, go out the other. So with the same sense of openness to new and sometimes crazy areas, I venture. If they work as well as FSAND, well then I become a believer. It’s that simple. So if you gents hear of any interesting trends, in particular, those methods related to health, fitness, mindfulness and so on, please do tell, and I’ll at least give it a shot

  • Buckmaster

    2 days ago

    Brief update:

    Saturday morning 10:02am. Slept in as planned. Morning black coffee and oatmeal with raisins, butter and honey. I need fuel to work on the bathroom project today.

    Lost another 1.5 lb overnight. the afternoon workout yesterday was particularly hard for me. I felt off, but did it anyway. I need it. I made it to the gym 3 days and that was the plan.

    I'm thoroughly enjoying all your updates here and hearing about your daily events. I'm not alone in the quest for stable healthy weight and high quality jet fuel to live on.

    Speaking of "Alone", does anyone here watch that show? I am fascinated by it.

    Good day to you all, and keep it RAW!

  • Big Mike

    2 days ago

    Day 61

    Note: This is gonna be a short one. Gotta get outta the kit here soon, shower up and ride downtown to meet some visiting friends, friends that used to live here, but now live in England. He’s British and she’s Japanese. They both are doing fine, but I did notice that the British friend did put on weight when he moved back to England. Not an extreme amount, but enough to notice. I cringe to think what I’d weigh if I moved back to the States. The fact that you gents, all living in our Land of Plenty can battle the bulge and fend off the cornucopia of daily SAD offerings is testament to not only your resilience, but your commitment to a healthier way of living. I commend you all. In Japan, there are healthy options everywhere—some bad ones as well, to be fair—but mostly fresh and healthy is the standard here. Yet I still struggle with my weight. Go figure. Anyway, we’re doing it, and doing it daily. Even thinking about it is half way to realizing your dream, so every day, I think about (and work on) better ways to live my life. And I think you guys do to. Dale, good going on the weight loss and exercise. All of you: do it to it! Juice to Reduce! —Mike more coming soon...

  • Buckmaster

    3 days ago

    Morning Gents: Beautiful Pennsylvania morning again.I wonder how I lived in the city so that I wake up to the sounds of nature, or silence, or a combination of the two daily. My 3-season paradise supplies a daily recharge that is badly needed to offset the daily work routine. Hot black coffee and songbirds...maybe I should stay home a bit longer this morning?

    Lost 2 lbs overnight.

    I will focus on reducing my nut intake (which is so easy to overdo), and find another protein besides eggs, which I've had for 3 days in a row along with the salads.

    Need Raw Food now....the bananas are calling me.

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