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  • Sam

    3 years ago

    hey everyone, ive been on this journey since july 4th, and loving the new me, there's no going bsck now. Vegan and juices for life!

    Anyone else in Devon?

  • Willy21

    4 years ago

    Hi, my name is Will and I live in Brighton, quit sugar and carbs almost 4 weeks ago and am starting my juice journey as of now. Very excited, have about 100-120 pounds to lose..... and that doesn't phase me! Let's do this!! :-)

  • run4change

    4 years ago

    hey all ive started my reboot today. dont know how long gonna try for as long as possible! anyone in manchester who is up for some running while doing the reboot?

  • Markymark

    4 years ago

    hi all just want to say good luck to you all . I know you will make it ! Lol just have a question can you just have the mean green juice and is it worth bulk buying the veggies ? ( sry that's two lol )

  • Wanderlust Dreamer7

    4 years ago


    Just started on Monday, hoping to help motivate and get motivation from other members!

  • SD

    4 years ago

    Hi UK Juicers,

    I am a new addition to the juicing family and want to start my first reboot around mid january. I want to know where to get organic vegetables and coconut water , can someone please help.



  • goingforhealthy

    4 years ago

    You can get them virtually in every supermarket in the UK now. Even Tesco has an organic line of produce. I do think it's easier to find them online rather than in-store, though. Since I'm buying so much produce, I've started doing a combo of home delivery and then I just pop by the local sellers if I need to stock up on anything.

  • Jojo

    4 years ago

    hi all, how is everyone doing sourcing organic veg etc, are you finding it really expensive. Is anyone buying non organic fruit and veg. I have seen a post on one of the groups ( think it was an american post ) saying they wash an on organic veg in some sort of solution?. Needing some advice on what is best to juice this time of year as asthma and allergy sufferer and find it harder in the winter with breathing etc.

  • Juli.Tulip

    5 years ago

    has anyone been able to find swiss chard?? I can't find it anywhere :/ .... I'm intrigued by this veggie lol!

  • Eeyore

    5 years ago

    Can't say I have but haven't really been looking. Looks like beet tops!

  • Juicemonster

    5 years ago

    Starting my jucing today!

    Hey Uk juicers :)

  • Eeyore

    5 years ago

    Good luck Juicemonster, have you juiced before?

  • new-me

    5 years ago

    Hi all day 5 and still going seems easy this time as i try last time in dec i felt cold whole time. Maybe its the sun helping!! haven't weight myself yet , i leave that for another two days.but i do feel gr8 doing hip hop abs everyday and at least another 20 mins aday then sit in sun all day, Frozen green in hand

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