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  • LauraLynn

    1 week ago

    Day 3 of Juice only and feelin good.. have a headache but pushing through it. Last night was very hangry and got through it so hope tonight is a little easier as nighttime has always been the hardest to keep on track for me.

  • Justine

    4 days ago

    How are you doing, LauraLynn - still juicing? I'm nearing the end of my 6th day of juicing so if you are still on it, we're around the same time. Only 4 more days for me. The hunger doesn't bother me so much. What I find challenging is the relentless food prep, lol.

  • Rob57

    1 week ago

    Hi all. It's been quite some time since I've visited the site and am now getting ready for another Reboot. My weight has fluctuated minimally but I want to shed a bit more to reach my goal. My juicer has been my trusty ally over the last year. Need to, however, amp up the juice intake. Looking forward to reading everyones posts and progress.

  • sydney480

    2 weeks ago

    I live in Langley and looking for buddies. Im starting in the morning. Im also taking this week off work to start. I have fibromyalgia and in constant pain

  • AnneinVic

    2 weeks ago

    Hi I live in Victoria BC and am on my 3rd day of juicing. I joined so I’d be able to read about others’ experiences. I’m really hoping I can heal my body, get off blood pressure meds and eliminate my constant back pain. Thanks for starting this Canadian community. :)

  • Flygirl50

    1 week ago

    I'm in Victoria too. How is your juicing going. How long are you planning to go? I just got my juicer and book today and will start tomorrow

  • barcegirl

    2 months ago

    Hi - I live in Oakville - I just bought a juicer - I will start next Friday. I am taking a few days off work to jump start this process - is there a juice that anyone recommends for the start?

  • Stella

    2 months ago

    This one is my favorite -

    Its sweet, and i have it for breakfast most mornings! :) And that website is great place to find recipes, and additional information like calories, veg/Fruit ratio, sugar content, etc. Enjoy!

  • scooper1626

    2 months ago

    Hi all! In Peterborough, Ontario. Which reboot app would that be, Brenda?

  • Brenda

    2 months ago

    Hi all! I live in Yukon and am on Day 2 of a 30 day reboot! So far so good! Anybody else using the Reboot app?

  • Jeremy

    2 months ago

    Afternoon Group,

    Does anyone know of a juice bar in Hull / Gatineau? Visited the Boite a Grains, however they didn't have any fresh juices available. There was a place on Saint-Raymond called Jus Vence, but it closed down =(

    Thank you


  • BeeJayKay

    3 months ago

    Hello All, I've been away for awhile but I'm back and send my hellos from Ottawa!


  • Lea Love

    3 months ago

    Hi Team,

    I'm looking for community in the Fraser Valley area of BC. I want to start a juicing plan, and exercise and would love support. Even meet ups would be awesome!



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