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  • Spider

    4 years ago

    Is this group still active?, last posts seem a long time ago.

  • dez444

    4 years ago

    Just starting a reboot this coming Friday to coincide with long weekend, spending day 3 away from work. Wish me luck

  • RapidBill

    4 years ago

    My wife and I did a reboot in July 2013 and carried on juicing with the aim of getting healthier bodies, increased energy and trying to live a little longer. Over the first month I lost about 20Kg's (44lbs) and went on to drop from in excess of 140Kg's (310lbs) down to 103Kgs (227lbs).

    Unfortunately I had got into some bad habits recently and had put on 4 KG's (9lbs) over the last couple of months. So we decided to do a reboot before xmas. So for us that means no solid food, vegetable/fruit juice (at least 85% veggie), and lots of it.

    Day 1 and 2 were hard, and I found that a surprise as we were still doing lots of good juice, organic veggies, etc, all I had started was to add a few scones, and the odd "health bar". We are vegetarian and close to vegan and don't do fast food. Anyway it all got better over the week and I felt the energy coming up. The outcome is that in 6 days I dropped 5Kg's (11lbs) and after Yoga this morning was down to 101.9K's - the lowest I have been for 20 years or so.

    Coincidentally we watched Fat Sick & Nearly Dead 2 last night and i have to recommend that movie. It's really recharged my enthusiasm and was very much to the point as it focuses more on the sustained changes required to make a reboot into a new lifestyle.

  • kiwijuicer66

    5 years ago

    Hey kiwi juicers...anyone still juicing?

    In my last post i said i was concerned about how things would be for me after my 30 day reboot ended...I got to 28 days and had a meal. I'm now just 4kg off my original pre reboot weight and feeling all the same horrible physical and emotional baggage that prompted that reboot back in late Dec 2013.

    Tomorrow I start my 2nd 30 day reboot but this time without the luxury of being on annual Christmas leave so have timed it so that days 3 & 4 are on the weekend and i can be home and close to my bed and the bathroom.

    I remember how well I began to feel from day 5 and that my feeling of well being just got better every day after that. I hold on to that to keep me focused on my goals.

    So I've been putting day 1 off long enough and have no more excuses left to postpone any longer.

    Day 1 tomorrow 3rd April 2014

    Is there anybody out there? ( Floyd )

  • Rosemary

    5 years ago
    Hi Kiwijuicers, I have just found and joined this group. I have been joining other discusssions but still finding my way around website after 30 days juicing! Day 30 today, but Im planning to keep going. Loved the intro, and the updates. I live in Parnell so Im out here!:)
  • kiwijuicer66

    5 years ago

    Hi kiwijuicers, The end of day 22 for me and 10kg lost..i'm actually feeling some fear about going back to eating, a bit scared i put the weight back on. I do plan on a plant based diet initially so I'm sure I'll be fine...xx

  • moreenhj

    5 years ago

    Hi KiwiJuicers, Just joined this group, I live on the south side of the Manukau harbour. Have done a 5 day juice fast "by myself", decided to try another soon and I liked the idea of the "tracker" regards moreenhj

  • CarolS

    5 years ago

    Yep, there seemed to be some teething problems with the tracker, so I gave up fairly early (with the tracker, not the fasting!) - life's too short and the garden needed watering! I find it's just as easy to write things down, old-fashioned eh?

  • CarolS

    5 years ago

    Hi Wendy - sorry I've been off the radar for the last week, and only just got around to catching up with news... what a time you've had of things!

    I was going to research infection fighting veggies but my gut (!) reaction is - anything you can lay your hands on, particularly what's in season. Garlic - my favourite cold-buster is marmite on toast with crushed (fresh) raw garlic. Where in Wtn are you? I've got surplus in the garden, could drop some stuff off to you if you like? Send me a private message if you don't want the world knowing your address!

  • CarolS

    5 years ago

    And what I meant to say was (and you know this!) the most important ingredient in everything you're making for Colin is love....

  • WendyR

    5 years ago

    Good news to be posted at last.

    Colin is out of hospital. Seven days he was in there and two ops, both to clear out a still unidentified infection in his reconstruction wound. All progress has been wiped out.

    We are now facing major catch up with all things.

    He is on an extended course of oral antibiotics', two different types both horse suppository size tabs and it looks like at least 3 months worth or until his body screams "ENOUGH"

    No physio

    Back to sleeping in his chair

    The driving ban which we thought would be lifted in a week or two has been extended until the end of feb.

    24 hour sling use for the next two weeks (thank goodness it is Summer and he can get round in singlets)

    I've been keeping up with limited juicing, cost has been the crunch factor. Thank Goodness payday is Wednesday. Going to have to ease back into the juice routine. Going to do yoghurt based smoothies for a week or so until his gut starts to work, the massive doses of intravenous antibiotics has really done a number on him. Plus I want to get him eating fresh foods for a while instead of the dead hospital foods he has eaten for the past week.

    My carnivore of a husband is craving salad and fresh fruit. To misquote SnaggellPuss "Wanted green veggies and salad, Enter from stage Left"

    I was taking up Bone broths and green salads, Probiotic yogurt based fresh fruit smoothies, enhanced ANZAC biscuits, healthy fruit nibbles.

    Still its good to have him home, Hospital for further bloods on Wednesday, stitches out on Friday and back to clinic for more blood tests and reviews on Tuesday next week.

    We should be back to daily juicing end of January.

  • Izzi

    5 years ago

    Hi WendyR---Sorry to hear about Colin. Have been missing your posts. You certainly have been busy. You say he is isn't a good passenger; let him ride in the back seat and he can be the 'back seat driver'. LOL

    Seriously now, you are doing an excellent job in keeping proper nutrients for him. I think hospital food and public school menus are definetly in need of review. (just my opinion)

    I can't help with any specific healing recipes . Sorry; but confident someone with rally soon.

    Take care of yourself too. --izzi

  • WendyR

    5 years ago

    We are now currently on hiatus for juicing. Colin was admitted back into hospital with an infected shoulder and has had his shoulder reconstruction reopened and drained. We find out this morning if the wound has to be reopened and a third op undertaken.

    We were doing so well until between Christmas and new year and the money ran low and we had to stop juicing.

    I am wondering if there is a correlation between the two. Colin is facing 2 to 3 months on antibiotics and no physio for at least 2 months plus a delay to him returning to work. I have also just realised no driving for at least another 2 months ( he not a good passenger).

    Anyone have any good infection fighting juice recipes? I have been doing simple juices at home and taking them up to him in the hospital. Doing the same with extra food like fresh salads and deep Bone Broth Soups. Public hospital food is not designed for healing, yesterdays hospital menu contained NO fresh products what so ever. I took up a large fresh green salad (dressing contained a good shot of flaxseed oil) and fresh strawberries from the garden along with a Carrot, Celery, Cucumber, Apple and Orange Juice, (it wasn't much but it was all I had in the fridge).

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