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  • Lucia2015

    4 years ago

    Hi everyone! I'm Lucia, Im 17 and I'm from Argentina.

    When I was 13 doctors find me gallstones and a couple of years after they extracted me the gallbladder, I started suffering Chronicle Gastritis, reflux and duodenitis. I'm really tired of this, because with the time, this becomes worst. Now, I can't eat almost anything, Doctors forbidden me a lot of things, and gave me a lot of medicines, but with the time my body got used to them and any pill make me effect now.

    Honestly I'm sick of this, because it doesn't matter what I eat, everything makes me feel sick, my stomach swells and it's really painful. I really wanna try with this method, because it would be nice lost some pounds too and relieve the symptoms.

  • Reciradio

    4 years ago

    Watched both movies. Glad I did, because they are powerful motivators.

    Anyway, I'm starting a reboot today. I'm very excited about this journey back to optimal health not to mention normal BP and Cholesterol levels.

  • JustAnotherJuicer

    4 years ago

    If you haven't, make sure you watch Super Juice Me by Jason Vale (The Joe Cross of the UK). Between Joe's documentaries and Super Juice me I've watched them all more then 5 times each and continue watching them all atleast once every month. They keep me mentally grounded and are still as entertaining as when I saw them all for the first time.

    Cheers to your new found health bud! You won't regret it at all.

  • Reciradio

    4 years ago

    Hi There,

    I see you commented 2 wks ago. I need to view these pages more often.

    Anyway, thanks for mentioning Super Juice Me by Jason Vale. Can't wait to watch it.

    I desperately need to be more mentally grounded in order to stay committed to my Juicing Goals.

  • mikenc49

    4 years ago

    watched both movies on netflix.ive not bought a juicer yet but found one at wal mart i like or would the breville be the better juicer to go with.found several on amazon i could purchase.any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

  • JustAnotherJuicer

    4 years ago

    Mike here is a video by Jason Vale that I watched before I independently started researching which models/type of juicer would be adequate for the lifestyle that I live. Another factor that goes along with it, is what can you afford or are realistically willing to spend on a juicer? Some people have no hardships with finances and go out and by the most state of the art and expensive juicer on the market but that's not always so necessary. I've known people to have great success with low-budge juicers.

    I personally decided upon the Centrifugal line of juicers and chose this "Medium Priced" one: Breville Ikon 5-Speed BJE510 Smart Juicer. I liked that it had more speed options then earlier models of the same type. Plus seeing Joe using Breville in his documentaries made me want to copy him and do the same.

    Oh and here is the video link: I put a few lines in the link "|||" that you need to delete to get the original link to work. It was messing up my comment to you so the "|||" were necessary. Good luck and don't give up!||||

  • jbshore

    4 years ago

    Starting my reboot today. Scared is not my only emotion right now.

  • Linda66

    4 years ago

    Hi I am new to this program and have a question. We presently use a Nutra Bullet to juice so that we get all the fibre thinking with coconut water. Will this work as well as pure juice for health and weight loss?

  • Celia

    4 years ago


    I just watched the Reboot 2 and saw my latest post listed in the movie!!!!!! I was so surprised! And it was featured because the person who replied to my post was so supportive and encouraging and showing why community is so important in these endeavors! I take it as a sign to return, and to share and move ahead into my intention of a healthier life. I am just so touched! It was a year ago, and I stopped my healing journey, then fell back into my busy life in a manner that hasn't been supportive or loving to myself, and mostly living from a place of survival, rather than thriving! Here is a a return to health and intention to evolve in a year of health and wellness! Maybe this group is over? I don't see much recent action.

  • JustAnotherJuicer

    4 years ago

    Wow Celia congrats! As Joe stated in FS&ND 2 our weight can definitely fluctuate with the struggles and stresses of everyday life. I can't speak for everyone else in this group and the lack of activity in the past year. But I hope I can be an encourager to you and an example that there is still at least one active person here who is willing to help given my experiences on Juicing. Don't give up, Don't give in, Don't beat yourself up over short comings. Every new day brings hope for better changes and re-invigoration. Cheers to Health. -Andrew

  • PapaVader

    5 years ago

    Slow Juicers?? I thought I would share my experience .....enjoy!

    Anybody with slow juicers in this group? I recently switched and I am really loving it. I thought it was all hype but I really taste a difference in the juice and they really do stay fresher longer. I am most impressed with the fact that juice doesn't separate like it does with centrifugal ejection juicers, even after an hour today the juice didn't separate. The only con I've found is time ... it takes a lot longer to prepare and juice the fruits & vegetables and being a stay at home dad of twins this has posed a difficult problem. So I returning my omega VRT 400HD for the brand new kuvings whole slow juicer that has a 3" inch wide feed chute. I've heard to cuts the time of juicing drastically but keep all the benefits of a slow juicer. The only problem is it isn't available in Canada yet ... but I've been told its coming soon, luckily I have cousin in the states who is coming to visit so I got him to pick one up for me.

    Hope this helps anyone thinking of switching

    Juice on!

  • Gabriel277

    5 years ago

    hi everyone! I'm new to the website and on day 5 of juicing and regular exercise. I'm glad to see so many people with goals and support from all over the globe! I'm a professional Chef and I am constantly surrounded by tempting foods. I am on a personal 90 day transformation with 50 pound loss in my cross hairs. I look forward to see everyones progress!

  • Batch8888

    5 years ago

    Hi everyone

    Im starting a 7 day reboot today as a trial. This is my first juice fast.

    If it goes well then I will probably extend it to 30 or 60 days depending upon my progress.

    My 90 day goal is to lose 30kg (88lbs).

    Im currently 129kg (284lbs).

    My short term goal is to lose 5-9kg (11-20lbs) by Xmas. Thats a wide range as Ive no idea how well juicing will go.

    I plan to eat food Christmas Day and Boxing Day with my family and then revert to juicing.

    I have a Breville Juicer and have made a few juices leading up to today. Still very much a newbie.

    I have also decided to take up two new forms of exercise:

    * Tai Chi - something Ive always fancied trying.

    * P90X2 - the Tony Horton exercise program.

    Im also a fan of Tony Robbins and have done a few of his live events.

    Best of luck on your own personal journeys.

    Im off out to comparison shop for vege's!



  • zendawg

    5 years ago

    Watched the movie some time back; I managed a 14 day fast before, but failed in maintaining a healthy life style, but I don't give up! I get up! I dust off and try again! I have this diabetic albatross around my neck and a hypertensive monkey on my back and I'm absolutely sick of it!I would welcome any suggestions to get started and finish strong!

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