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  • Jan

    5 years ago

    Welcome! Thank you for joining! Please find others to invite as well.

  • Nlpisobel

    5 years ago

    I have done several juice programs where I've juiced in the morning - the key for me is to take enough juices/fruit and veg so that you don't get tempted by unhealthy office snacks.

    I'm planning on the 15 day reboot, taking it in 5 day blocks (15 days seems a very long time at the moment - the most I've done before is 7). This is the first time I've had to cook before work so I will probably be taking the easy way out some of the time and cooking when I have a free evening, freezing what I'm not eating the next day.

  • Jan

    5 years ago

    Welcome Nlpisobel! Sounds like you've got some good practice under your belt! Are you starting your 15 day reboot with just juice or are you using the 15 day plan that starts with transitioning to basically a plant-based diet then juice only on day 6? Thanks for being here!

  • Hallea

    5 years ago

    Needed a group - and your title suggested this should be the one!

    Not sure how long I will do. See how I am feeling at the end of the week and go from there.

    Doing this for a few reasons:

    1 - to lose a few kilos

    2 - to get off those blood pressure tablets

    3 - to improve my sleep

    Working full time makes this a little tricky. Does everyone else juice in the morning and take it to work?

  • janegray

    5 years ago

    Hello Hallea, Be encouraged. I was on two blood pressure medications and got off them quickly. I now lost 50 lbs and feel great. You can do it!

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