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  • Diana

    2 years ago

    I was using an old Juiceman 2 and was using Joes recipes and none of them were producing the right amount of juice. Tonight I bought the Breville Juice fountain. What a difference. I made a green drink and used half the produce. This will pay for itself in the savings on produce cost. Made it through day 2. yeaaaaa -

  • daltonjsmom

    2 years ago

    When you buy a high-speed juicer like a Breville or Jack Lelaine, you don't get nearly as much juice from your produce as you do with a more expensive juice like an Omega juicer. I invested in mine from Bed Bath and Beyond, who will price-match other stores, including Amazon. They also offer 20% coupons. I saved the purchase price of the juicer in produce in 1 year. The juicer has a 10-year warranty and will last a lifetime. I understand it might be out of range for some people to buy, but I saved for 6 months to make the investment, which will save me money for a lifetime by getting more juice out of my organic fruits and veggies.

  • Suz Lee

    2 years ago

    My two cents worth on saving money. I raised 4 adults on $50 a week. We forage for wild foods and sprout. I spent an hour yesterday gathering thistles and dandelions that yeilded 4 cups of juice. I can get about a quart of produce from a couple tablespoons of seeds just by rinsing every 8-12 hours for 3 to 10 days. There are no poison grass that I have run across, so I generally harvest grasses, cattails, pigweed, etc. I grow cucumbers and tomatoes, as well as cilantro, jalapeno, etc.

  • morry

    2 years ago

    Hello everyone! I am on an insanely low budget of $20 a week. I bought my 'only used once' Lalanne juicer in a garage sale for $5, so check around or put an add up on a free site. Juicers usually get used once or twice and then head to the back of the cupboard.

    I have found a grocery store that reduces produce on a regular basis so I am able to buy organic apples and whatever else is there for very little.

    Also if you have a garden, plant some mint. My parents garden is becoming overrun with mint they planted a few years back it grows like a weed! so I am drinking a lot of minty juice for free!!

  • WhosUrMommy

    2 years ago

    I just started juicing and am on day 5. I also work at Tuesday Morning and we just started getting new juicers in! There's an Oster for $30 and a Cuisinart for $60. Alternatively, I was fortunate and was able to borrow one. At least two different people offered to let us borrow their juicers, so ask around, you never know!

    Also, I utilize the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen lists so I know which fruits and veggies to spend extra for organic and which ones I can save and purchase conventional.

    Farmer's markets are a must! I just picked up a 5lb bag of ginger for $3!

    That tip about the kale is great! You can do the same thing with other leafy greens, asparagus, and celery!

    We are growing a garden as well. We have poor growing conditions even though we do have a yard. So, in containers, we are growing strawberries, an herb tower garden, tomatoes, five kinds of beans and three kinds of leafy greens! My husband is building us a greenhouse and an aquaponics setup too, so more to come plus fish!

  • Patty

    2 years ago

    Some great ideas here. Thanks!

  • chrissy

    2 years ago

    Hello everyone! Im new to the group but wanted to share my tips on saving money while still being healthy;

    1) of course your juicer is key! Get the best you can afford so it extracts as much as possible.

    2) shop straight from farms/farmers markets and limit grocery store produce as they jack up the price so much.

    3) grow your own garden! You'd be surprised what you can gro in containers if space is an issue.

    4) check to see if your store has a clearance section. Items that are ripe or imperfect end up there and they are perfect for juicing.

    5) juice in season. Get creative with your recipes.

    6) take advantage of high water content items like celery and cucs. They will boost up your juice quantity big time.

    Happy juicing!

  • Itsheeree

    2 years ago

    Just went shopping today for days 1-5 of the 15 day reboot, MAN! i spent a lot, and it was only a shopping list for one person. My husband and kids will just had to starve this week!

    I have space in my yard for a garden, but living in MI. where mother nature tends to be a little bipolar, doesnt make for very sustainable produce :/

  • RebootLovey

    3 years ago

    Hi. Your group headliner looked encouraging. I'm on the first day of a 60-day reboot experiment. My hope is to connect with optimistic rebooters over the next few weeks and learn something new about you courageous few in this journey. Cheers!

  • Leslie

    3 years ago

    Hi my name is Leslie, I would love to join this group and learn from you all! Dick, I don't buy Kale, I grow it is so easy to grow and 9 plants have gotten me through the 15 day reboot. Most of the Kale I find in bags has all of the stem removed and this is where the most juice comes from. I have bought kale in a bunch and I place the stems in a glass and stand them on the counter they don't go limp this way. I do the same with stems of chard and beet tops they last longer that way and actually look attractive on the counter top.

  • motherconfessor

    3 years ago

    Don't Toss the Juicer Pulp (Amazon)

    Here is a link to make it quick and easy to get to!

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