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  • Peter

    1 year ago

    Hello. I am a newbie to Reboot. Watched Joe's first 2010 movie on Netflix, 2 months ago. Now I have started the 30 day Guided Reboot. It has been 2 weeks. Going well, feeling good, loosing weight.

    I would love to buy and try Joe's Plant Protein product. But P&H to Australia is U$40 - $80

    I have found a local product, that looks good, at U$20. Arrived yersterday. Tried spoon full in glass of water, which readily mixed with just a spoon, ( but a fork or wisk would have been quicker to mix the drink ). Raw / Unflavoured is good, but tasteless. Perfect for mixing into juices.

    There is also a version called 'Earth Protein', which is a combination of their Rice / Pea products. It comes only in Chocolate, Vanilla and Salted Caramel. My reboot Dietitian has recommended unflavoured, which is ideal for our juices.

    I am not an employee of Bulk Nutrients, and NO kick-backs to me. Apologies, hope this advertising is acceptable. Just wanting to help other Australians, looking for protein powders.

  • Soose

    1 year ago

    Suggestions for my first Papaya?

  • DiAnn

    1 year ago

    A big spoon!

  • Freddie

    1 year ago

    Hope you all are well. Been a while for me since I’ve been here. But figured it was a good time to stop back in on some old friends. Good to see a few familiar names... :D

  • Elias Fenn

    1 year ago

    Staying on my good food plan now for 8 days. I'll check in again soon!

  • Hazel

    1 year ago

    Hi everyone I'm a juicing newbie and have decided to do a 30 day reboot! I have gotten my juicer and am ready to start my journey tomorrow! My main goal is to adapt a healthy lifestyle physically and mentally with this reboot and I'm looking forward to share my journey with everyone apart of this group. :)

  • Soose

    1 year ago

    Hey, Hazel, welcome! 3 days ago! How is your reboot going? Are you on day 3 or 4 now?

    My browser was stuck on a previous page and I kept updating that page, did not get any new posts. MISSED YOU! Sorry!

  • RM

    1 year ago

    Hello Sunshine Rebooters: I got a question about the 80/20 volume rule again so wanted to provide additional information. Some of you are following an article written by Dr. Claire called the 80/20 Golden Reboot Rule. Unfortunately, this is not the way Joe intended, and not what he followed to lose weight. I love Claire Georgiou, the Reboot nutritionist, but I have noticed over the last year or two that the Reboot articles in general are lowering their requirements or recommendations while on the Reboot program. I do not see the quantity of Reboot participants that I experienced when I did my 100 Day reboot 2 years ago. And some of those that start do not continue. I do not know if it is a marketing strategy to encourage new juicers to try a reboot, because quite frankly most people can not fathom drinking juice only for one day much less a week. Also, some people have trouble drinking primarily vegetable juice so add alot of fruit juice in order to just swallow it without gagging. However if you go back to the articles written by Joe Cross himself, or one of the other nutritionist like Stacy Kennedy, MPH, RD, CSO, LDN, the articles say 80/20 BY VOLUME for weight loss. I have copied and pasted one if Joe's paragraphs and also limked you to the entire article if you need more information. .

    Quoting from Joe Answers your Questions About Anything:

    What is the 80/20 rule Joe? Can you explain further and give an example of a juice that fits the rule? An 80/20 rule is you want to have 80% of our juice coming from veggies, and 20% from fruit. I find that you don’t need it all from fruit or 50/50 because it’s sweet enough if just 20% comes from fruit. A good example is the Mean Green. It’s got celery, cucumber, kale, lemon and ginger and apple for our sweetener.

    Like I said, I love Claire Georgious but I have noticed that over the last year or two they are encouraging rebooters to do anything they can to stick with a juice only reboot. Most people do not like 80% veggies juice and 20% fruit juice by volume, so they just tell the new rebooters to do what you can and over time your taste buds will change to accept more veggies than fruits. Two years ago, I followed the 80/20 rule by volume and effortlessly lost 60 pounds in 100 consecutive days on juice only. If someone is wondering why they are not losing weight and they are following an 80/20 rule by measuring produce before it is juiced by weight instead of by volume, you will not lose weight as fast and most likely will get discouraged. Also, drinking a substantial amount of fruit juice can lead to rapid sugar absorption, and energy crash, and a spike in insulin, which is an inflammation promoting hormone we need to metabolize as sugar. If your insulin is even slightly elevated, you will not burn fat but burn carbs from your liver. Again, this is medically proven and discussed in depth in each of Dr. Fung's books especially THE OBESITY CODE. If someone is insulin resistant, having any amount of fruit will prevent that process from healing. Again in any of Dr. Fung's book. If you want to lose weight and heal or prevent an insulin problem, I highly recommend you reduce or eliminate fruit from your juices. I hope this information helps.

  • Vladimir

    1 year ago

    Interesting! I was so far only roughly estimating the fruits by their default volume, but if I'm reading this correctly, then it's by actual juice volume, correct ?

    Meaning, if I drink 24 oz of juice, only 4.8 oz of it should be from fruits, and remaining 19.2 oz from veggies.

    I will definitely measure it for my next meal. I will first juice all the fruits, and see how much volume it takes, then blend in all veggies...

    Thanks for the info !

  • Robin

    1 year ago

    Excellent information RM, and you are right on with the 80/20 by volume guideline. I have also found that by following that rule, I quickly was able to use less fruit and currently follow more of a 90/10 ratio. Juice on!!

  • Vladimir

    1 year ago

    2 days ago, after I came back from the long cross-country driving trip, I decided to reward myself for the 30 pounds lost in first 13 days, so I changed the fruit ratio from 20 to 33%.

    - the taste, as expected, has changed drastically :)

    - certain citrus juices (orange+banana+lemon+lime+carrot+tomato+green salad leaves thing) are actually phenomenal, and absolutely incomparable to the puky 3-day old substance from the cooler I was drinking while driving for 6 days

    - This might be the first signs of me finally going crazy, but I am actually looking forward to that citrus juice now in the morning !

    - I don't care it will slow down my progress, I'm already 35 pounds down, more than primed to hit the plateu anyway

    - I am thinking of raising my juice intake by 50% from 2 juices (48 oz each) to 3 juices, now that I hit the 35 milestone - it should drastically reduce the portion of day when I'm starving (currently over 50% of waking hours, I'm really, really hungry)

    - This will most certainly reduce the weight loss, but I think I starved enough and got results too :)

    I'm 260 now, at 6'3". This is getting very close to 250. I wasn't crazy enough to consider that a viable target, 2 weeks ago, but it's not super-hypothetical anymore, and potentially reachable.

    The 2-XL t-shirt I wore this morning looked really funny on me :-)))))

    I think I can actually consider 1XL, which I couldn't wear for over quarter century!!!!

    What's the size below 1-XL ? That might be a good target to see progress on...

    I actually don't know, as I didn't need it for majority of my life. Is it S, M or XS or what ?

  • Vladimir

    1 year ago

    I just looked up the size chart in destinationxl shop and there's still 2 sizes below 2XL:

    - XL: 42"-44"

    - 1XL: 46"-48"

    - 2XL: 50"-52"

    So, probably still XL. Oh, well. 260 is 260, eh ? I think some shops have also just L sizing, before going to M,S,...

  • KarenWasHere

    1 year ago

    XL. L M S XS you dont need to look back... :-) You are doing amazingly well!!!!! I have been juicing for 3 full days and have not lost 1 pound yet. I have only been able to drink two juices a day. Not hungry at all and I have been drinking water. Also my hot water with lemon and ginger... Now diarrhea has moved in, so a bit tired and queasy. I guess different bodies react different ways... Looking forward to things getting "normal"...

  • Vladimir

    1 year ago

    How are you not hungry ? Are you too busy and stressed, perhaps ?

    I had +3 more days when I was combining fruits+veggies and juices (which is why I don't count those as juice-only) and at that time, I also don't recall loosing any weight. I think it started to move around 3-5 days of juice-only.

    If you ever watched the "Biggest Looser" show, where they have a weightloss bootcamp for about dozen or more people, it was always shocking to me, how much different each person's metabolism is, even though they were all subjected to the exact same exercise and diet regimen and were roughly in the same weight territory.

    Some people hit plateu at 10 pounds lost, some 17, some at 35. And they all ate and did the same thing! It was insanely informative for me.

    This is why I understand I am merely lucky to have lost that much so far, it doesn't really have anything to do with me or my "efforts" or "strong will" or any other bullshit like that.

    It's just the genetics lottery, which as of now, is still illegal to tamper with...

  • Green sonja

    1 year ago

    That's amazing! Very fast weight loss. I agree you don't need to worry about the extra fruit. Especially as your body is obviously metabolising well. A lot of fruits are low GI anyway. Anything below 10 is considered LOW. oranges are 4, Apples and pineapples are 6. So any of these fruit which great in juice will not elevate your glucose level as long as they are freshly juiced. I know for me my weightloss on my last 14day juice fast was very slow. So I've decided not to weigh myself this time and focus on my feeling of health. I know the weight will fall off eventually and every body is different. I just have to be patient. But I love hearing stories like yours. It's inspiring!

  • Vladimir

    1 year ago

    @Karen: As for "things getting to normal", it really took me 14 days, and since I was basically hungry 80% of the day, it was quite brutal. I should have gone for 3 juices, just 1 additional 24oz juice (that I added last 2 days) makes soooooo much difference in the hunger, it's crazy. But, at least I lost 35 pounds, so it wasn't useless suffering...

    @Sonja: Thank you ! I totally forgot about the GI factor. This is why forums are so great, we all know little bits of this and that, an sharing that experience helps others !

    I kinda feel guilty (like I am cheating) about the 66:33 fruit ratio that I switched to recently, but then I step up on the scale, and have to tell myself to shut up.

    If I last till day 21, then we'll have statistical data, how that ratio (and 50% more juice intake) affected my weight loss. But the taste difference (I always combine raspberries, banana and some other fruit), oh my god - no gagging, actually enjoying most juices...

  • Vladimir

    1 year ago

    I'm 35 pounds off after 15 days of juicing! Today I started day 16.

    - That is way, way, waaaay beyond my most naïve (read:stupid) fantasies

    - I was expecting , maybe 15 pounds, but certainly expected to plateu before 20-25 (if, I even got that far)

    - I probably will hit plateu in next 5 pounds, but I don't really care now

    - I am definitely motivated to keep going for 20 days!!!

  • Squirrel67

    1 year ago

    i’m going to be starting my reboot tomorrow morning and I’m excited as well as scared. I’m afraid I’m going to get too hungry and eat food while trying to do the reboot. So this is the first time I’ve ever joined a group to help me find encouragement, support, while also encouraging others. I don’t want this to be another “diet”, rather a new life style. It’s great to be doing this along with others!

  • Freddie

    1 year ago

    Good the see the SC is still surviving :)

    Hope you are all doing well.

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